Love the Second Time Around Chapter 41 by NovelsYou

Chapter 41 Humans Are Incomparable

I did not even dare to imagine it. After all, it was Nicholas Scott!

Nevertheless, my guess was proven right in the next second.

A man, who was wearing a cap and holding onto a camera in his hand, walked over and asked, “Nic, should we include this part into the show for broadcast? I bet it’ll trigger a nationwide discussion.”

“That won’t be necessary. It’s just a whim of mine. But those people…” Nicholas lifted his fingers and pointed toward Hayley, who was looking ghastly pale. “Don’t let people like her with questionable morals appear before the public anymore.”

The man with a cap nodded and acknowledged the instructions given without hesitation.

Shannon and I exchanged glances with each other, both of us looking shocked. Nicholas has such capabilities to decide on the fate of someone’s acting career just like that?

Nonetheless, I was overjoyed inside. Someone like Hayley did not deserve such immense popularity and love from the public.

Knowing that her career was on the brink of destruction, Hayley grabbed onto the man’s arm as she cried and admitted her wrongdoings. The attitude she had now was a hundred times more sincere than the attitude she had used to treat Nicholas when he had been disguised earlier.

Sadly, Nicholas pulled her hand off him without sparing her a single glance. He then turned to me and said, “What’s your name? Are you an artiste from Flash too? I don’t think I’ve seen you before.”

The man’s amiableness put me at a loss. I finally understood why those fans would be so agitated and out of control when they saw their idol.

I had never been a fan of any celebrity. But when Nicholas grew incredibly famous, so my attention got drawn to him inadvertently.

However, at that moment, I was unable to say anything further.

Perhaps my nervousness was extremely evident, but Nicholas put on a bright and warm smile, and in a sweet voice, he said, “Relax. It’s fine. You can take your time to tell me. I’m Nicholas Scott. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Oh my gosh! I’m losing my mind! Nicholas is not only talking to me, but he also says he’s happy to meet me!

“I-I… Nice to meet you. I’m Liliana Zanetti. C-Can I ask you for an autograph?” I stumbled on my words, too captivated to see a superstar right in front of me.

“Me too! Me too! Nicholas, I’m such a huge fan!”

Shannon squeezed herself over with a face full of excitement. I could not hold back my laughter upon seeing her that way as I never knew she was a fangirl of Nicholas.

The man was extremely patient with us. In addition to giving us his autograph, he even agreed to Shannon’s request as well and took a photo with us each.

As we continued with our interaction, I sensed someone staring at us, though I was unsure if I was reading too much into things. It was a strangely cold and odd feeling.

Only afterward did I realize it was Hayley. The hatred in her eyes was so intense that I could sense it through her gaze.

But it did not matter to me. There was nothing she could do to me since I was not from the showbiz industry.

Seeing that it was almost time, I hurriedly reminded Shannon, who was deep in the mesmerizing abyss of Nicholas’ charisma.

“You’re here for work?” Nicholas turned to ask me after hearing what I said to Shannon.

In acknowledgment, I explained that I was a comic artist who would subsequently be drawing the movie posters for Flash. I was at the company to collect the resources they had prepared.

While Nicholas and I were conversing, Hayley moved close to us, seemingly trying to plea for leniency.

This round, Nicholas did not hold back and immediately called the security over to drag her out.

Meanwhile, Shannon was still in a lovestruck mode. I was so embarrassed by that look of hers that I forcefully pulled her away after explaining things to Nicholas.

He was understanding and even told me he was looking forward to meeting me again before we left.

I was over the moon upon hearing his remark. However, I knew deep down that it would not be easy to meet him again. He was, after all, a superstar.

At least it’s a win for me today.

On the other hand, Shannon was reluctant to leave. She kept turning behind to look as I dragged her away.

She only stopped her antics when the man was no longer in her line of sight.

Yet within minutes, she started her nonsense again and exploded into a scream so loud that it sent my eardrums shattering.

I quickly covered her mouth to stop her because we would get thrown out of the building for making a racket.

Luckily, she calmed down very quickly, leaving only a smitten smile on her face, which went on and did not disappear from her face when we collected the resources to when we left Flash.

Being so done with that lovestruck fool, I bid goodbye to her after reminding her to join Benjamin and me for dinner on Saturday.

Since we would be going for a barbecue, I reckoned it would be livelier with more people joining. Besides, that meal would be on me, so I did not think there would be a problem with inviting her along.

Before returning to Dominic’s mansion, I specially made my way to the supermarket and bought two days’ worth of ingredients.

I was all prepared to lock myself down at home since I had to finish the drafts within two days.

Back at the mansion, I got ready the ingredients required for dinner that night before heading back to my room to look through those resources I had collected.

Whenever I got too engrossed in drawing, I would forget the time and become unresponsive to my surroundings, so when Dominic returned, I didn’t realize his presence. Neither did I know the moment he entered my room.

If he had not suddenly whispered something into my ears, I would not have sensed anything at all.

As his words rang in my ears, I got a shock and flinched my hand that was holding onto the computer mouse, resulting in a warped line on my otherwise perfect drawing.

More importantly, his words were particularly unpleasant.

“It’s been a few years, but I’ve realized that not only did your skills not improve, it kinda went downhill instead. There’s no difference between your work and that of an elementary school kid.”

I was instantly irked that this guy was looking for trouble the moment he returned. If not for protecting my precious computer mouse, I definitely would have thrown it in his face.

Then, I was reminded of Nicholas again. In comparison to Dominic, I realized how nice and sweet the former was.

I had wanted to work on my drafts alone in my room but decided to get started on dinner preparation since Dominic had returned. I did not want to be blamed by that man for starving him.

“Mr. Hartnell, let me push you out to watch the television as I prepare dinner.” Though I was cursing him so badly on the inside, I still put on a smile on my face as I talked to him.

This time, Dominic did not go against me, so I took his silence as an act of consent.

After dinner and a round of cleaning up, I thought there was a need for me to preempt Dominic about my plans for the following two days. I did not want his nags or pranks to stop me from finishing my drafts.

I came before his room and knocked twice on the door before it got pulled open from inside.

Seeing that Dominic was half-naked while in the wheelchair, I felt my face blushing and my gaze shifting to one side without any reason.

What the heck. It’s not like I’m a virgin or I haven’t seen his naked body before. So why am I shy?

I complained, “Why did you open the door without wearing clothes?”

“That’s funny. I’m inside my room, so why do you have to care whether I’m wearing clothes or not? But you…” Dominic pushed himself toward me and stared at me in amusement.

“Why are you knocking on my door at this late timing? Are you l*****g after my bed and thinking of getting in it?”

Upon hearing his dirty words, I was ready to launch a vicious kick into his face.

He can’t even take care of himself, yet he’s still harboring such a dirty mind? But then again, does he think I’m desperately trying to cling to him?

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