Love the Second Time Around Chapter 4 by NovelsYou

Chapter 4 Confrontation

  • I was so mad that I took a glass from the table and threw it at the computer screen. Smash! Smoke billowed out of the broken computer. I had never felt more alone in my life.
  • I must have come across as such a naïve fool earlier when I declared righteously to Dominic about my intent to remain faithful to my spouse and my family when he had been holding on to footage of my husband’s philandering ways all along. God, he must have been trying so hard not to burst into laughter.
  • Shakily, I pulled my phone out to dial my husband. I had to retype the number several times when my fingers slipped from anger. At one point, I even had to close my eyes and breathe deeply to subdue my fury.
  • The line connected quickly, and I heard Julius’ greeting over the phone. “What’s up?” He sounded like he always did, indifferent and a bit distant.
  • What’s up? Are you for real now?
  • I couldn’t believe he still had the audacity to ask me that when I was about to explode from my anger.
  • “Oh, I just wanted to know where you were two days ago.”
  • The date of the incriminating video was from two days ago.
  • I remembered that I had prepared dinner that night. At about seven, Julius had yet to return, so I called to check on him.
  • The phone rang on and on for a long time. Just when I thought my call would go unanswered, Julius picked up.
  • He said he had some business engagements and told me to have dinner alone. Before I could even mutter a reply, he had hung up.
  • According to the timestamp, the video started at half-past seven. He was with that b*tch when I called! Some business engagement, eh? And to think I was that gullible to believe him! They were probably about to get down and dirty around that time.
  • “Two days ago? I must’ve been entertaining some clients. Look, I’ve been working overtime or entertaining clients every day. Where else could I be?”
  • On the other end of the phone, Julius did not sound guilty or worried at all as he parroted his usual reply. Right then, I could not help but wonder if he had been cheating on me for every “overtime” and “client entertainment” he had claimed.
  • “Oh, is that so? I didn’t know that a sales director had to sleep with his clients for entertainment. The company must’ve saved a lot on entertainment funds if the director could do the deed in his car. Going by your willingness to offer your body, I’m sure you must be the darling of your company!”
  • I had never been an impulsive person, though I was an ugly sight when I lost control.
  • If Julius were here, I would’ve thrown that glass to his face and not the monitor!
  • My outburst caused Julius to fall radio silent. A few seconds later, he spoke calmly. “I have no idea what you’re talking about, Liliana. You’re delusional.”
  • “Oh, puh-lease! I have the footage of you banging that woman, so you can drop your act right now.”
  • I was doubly infuriated because Dominic had been the one who shared the video with me. My clueless naivety had been stripped bare as an object for his ridicule.
  • Julius paused for a while before replying, “I’m in the office right now, and I don’t want to argue with you. We can talk about this at home.”
  • Click!
  • What the heck? That b*stard actually hung up on me! I stared at my phone in shock, not knowing if his nonchalance was proof of his innocence or his utter ignorance of my anger.
  • The only thing I knew with certainty was that my marriage was on the precipice of ruin despite my best efforts to maintain it.
  • It’s been barely six months! What should I tell my parents and friends if I divorce him now? How would I appear to them?
  • Exhausted, I collapsed onto the couch. My eyes roved over the mess in the house, gradually welling with tears. No amount of emotional strength could save me from my sorrow.
  • After that, I pretty much spent the entire day in a near-comatose state on the couch, with no mood to eat or drink. My calm appearance was a jarring contrast to the frantic emotions in my heart as I awaited Julius’ return.
  • Perhaps I had exhausted my last reserves of energy on my tears, and I unknowingly fell asleep on the couch.
  • Much later, I jerked awake at a noise in the house. Dazed, I got up and realized that the lights in the bedroom were on. Julius is back.
  • With that, I hopped off the sofa in a rush and dashed toward the bedroom. I wanted to ask him why he ignored me when he got home. Yet when I pushed open the door, the words caught in my throat at the scene in the bedroom.


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