Love the Second Time Around Chapter 38 by NovelsYou

Love the Second Time Around Chapter 38

Chapter 38 Stop Fooling Around

Shannon told me the company which had asked me to draw the movie posters had prepared me some materials and resources in case I lacked inspiration and could not draw well.

They wanted me to collect the materials from them tomorrow, and then I would have to finish the draft within two days after that.

I could not believe that they were so thoughtful and had such a humane side to them.

As I was feeling impressed, I remembered how I still did not know which company that was, and Shannon did not tell me either.

I put my phone beside the pillow and turned on the speaker. “Did they state a specific time to meet? If not, we shall go in the afternoon, yeah? I have something on in the morning. Also, which company exactly is that? You should at least tell me about it.”

“It’s Flash Media; you know them, right? They will finish filming the movie within the month, so they’re a little anxious. They’ve said that we can head over any time tomorrow, so let’s have lunch together tomorrow and head over after that.”

Of course, I did not have any objections to Shannon’s words. We continued with a short casual chat before hanging up, and only then did I have time to be in complete shock.

Never could I believe Flash Media would give me the chance to help them draw the posters.

This is indeed a pleasant surprise!

Flash Media was a big organization. Being a part of the public, I had watched many of their television series and reality shows every now and then.

Not to forget, their films were also well-performing and lucrative releases.

As I shut my eyes and lay on my bed, I could not resist fantasizing about my bright future as I grinned from ear to ear.

That went on even after I fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning, I found a puddle of drool stain on my pillow.

But there was something more grave—I had overslept.

I was unsure if it was the alarm that did not ring or if I was the one who did not hear it. Either way or so, it was already almost eight o’clock when I woke up.

At this timing, Dominic would have finished breakfast and prepared to head out in normal circumstances.

He had just made a dig at me yesterday, yet it seemed like I had proven him right today.

Thinking of that unforgiving and unreasonable mouth of Dominic’s, I immediately tidied myself up at the fastest speed possible and sprang out of the bedroom.

However, I realized there was no one else after scanning through the house for one whole round.

What was more surprising was, there was a plate of untouched breakfast on the dining table.

Dominic isn’t that kind-hearted. Hmm… he must have spiked the food.

I took the plate up, only to find a post-it note below it pasted on the table, which read: Ms. Zanetti, this is the breakfast that Mr. Hartnell asked to save for you. Please remember to reheat it before consumption when you’re awake.

The note was signed off by Calvin.

I pursed my lips. That was virtually as good as asking the sun to rise from the west. It was so rare that he grew his conscience.

Since that was the case, I decided not to hold back anymore.

I finished breakfast quickly and gave Benjamin a call before heading out. When I found out that he was at the law firm today, I rushed down immediately.

Getting onto the car, I told the driver to head to the commercial district. But before we got to the city center, Julius called to say he wanted to meet me and asked to bring along my ID card and household registry as well.

He has just put on a disgusting show yesterday and even caused me to end up at the police station. What is it with him looking for me today?

I figured there was no need to ask me to bring along my ID card if he wanted to get his revenge.

The confusion in me was growing, but I reckoned it was quite a hassle to ask more over the phone. Besides, I was in the taxi too.

But since he had asked to meet me, I had to go. To prevent him from playing any tricks, I requested to meet at a café opposite Wisteria Building, and I also told him to meet an hour later than the time I wanted to arrive.

After ending the call with Julius, I immediately called Benjamin. I intended to ask him to accompany me and also explained things to him before Julius’ arrival.

I was on the losing side yesterday; thus, I would not give Julius another chance to set me up again.

Since lawyers were busy people with their schedules fully packed, anyone who wanted to meet them would have to make an appointment beforehand. With that in mind, I was unsure if Benjamin would be able to meet me since I called him so last minute.

Yet, who knew he would agree to it readily and even turned up at the café earlier than me.

I had wanted to sit opposite him, but he asked me to sit next to him and leave the spot opposite for Julius.

When I heard that, I thought he made some sense since I should not be sitting with Julius and facing Benjamin directly.

After settling down, I explained to him how Julius had taken the initiative to call me.

What made me puzzled was how Benjamin did not seem to be surprised at all. Instead, he was even very sure that Julius’ motive to meet me was to ask me to sign the divorce agreement.

The truth was, I had already thought of that since he had asked me to bring my ID card along.

But I could not believe that guy would have a sudden change in mind and not mess with me any longer when it had only been one night, and not forgetting I had hurt his mother too.

At this point, I could not resist looking at the calm Benjamin and asked, “Mr. Chance, actually I was in a hassle with Julius’ mom yesterday. I—”

“I know. Julius’ mom knocked her head, right?” Benjamin interrupted me before I could finish my sentence.

I was instantly stunned. How did he know about that? Could it be that James told him about it?

He looked at me, baffled. “What’s with your expression? Did Dominic not tell you that I was the one who bailed you out?”

I shook my head and unwittingly said, “Other than telling me off, scolding me, and ostracizing me, he said nothing else yesterday.”

Out of my expectation, Benjamin burst into laughter. “That idiot. I guess he has gone back to those old school days, huh?”

I did not get what he meant, but that was not the main point nonetheless. To find out what I wanted to know, I continued, “Mr. Chance, since you’re clear about what happened, then I’ll get straight to the point. The police said I had caused intentional injury to another yesterday. So will that leave me a criminal record? Can they really sue me?”

Benjamin took a sip of coffee and calmly replied, “That’s not a problem. Besides, only you two were present at the scene yesterday. We can’t possibly take their words for it. If not, I can also say that you’re kind-hearted and full of virtues.”

I could not wrap my mind around it. So that’s how things work?

“Not to mention…” Hearing that there was more to come, I widened my eyes in curiosity.

Yet Benjamin suddenly held back his words. “Forget it. It’s good enough for you to know that Julius won’t be able to do anything more to you. Just sign the papers later; leave the rest to me.”

That is great. I was pretty satisfied after hearing his reassurance.

Just after we were done with our chat, Julius arrived.

His expression became a little unnatural the moment he saw Benjamin beside me.

“I asked to meet you. Why did you bring someone along?” Julius’ tone sounded hostile.

I had yet to open my mouth when I heard Benjamin say while smiling, “Mr. Keaton, can’t believe we meet again so soon.”

I blinked my eyes, curious. Huh? Have they met each other before?

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