Love the Second Time Around Chapter 37 by NovelsYou

Love the Second Time Around Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Line

Oh, how his resting b*tch face irritated me. What, he thought I’d be scared just because he was staring at me quietly? Well, he’s wrong. I’m going all out now.

I hastily wiped my tears away and glared at him. “What are you looking at? I told you to p**s off!” I roared in despair. But the moment I did, the temperature seemed to take a dip, and I felt everything turning to ice.

Dominic was glaring at me coldly, then he whispered, “What did you say?”

Remember when I said I wasn’t afraid of him? Well, I lied. He was looking pretty scary at the moment. “W-Well, if you’re not leaving, I will!”

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