Love the Second Time Around Chapter 34 by NovelsYou

Love the Second Time Around Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Lifesaver

Immediately, my hand came to a halt as I panicked. Why would someone return at this hour? Wait a moment, why does it matter if someone is here? After all, this place used to be my home. I’m just here to take my own belongings. There’s nothing to be afraid of!

Right at that moment, the bedroom door was pushed open, and Coraline’s shrill voice echoed behind me. “Why are you here? Liliana, you thief! I can’t believe that you have the guts to return!”

At that, I immediately zipped the bag shut and slung it over my shoulder before turning around to give her a cold glare. “Shut up. Who are you calling a thief? Shouldn’t it be you or your son?”

In a fit of rage, Coraline slammed the door where it connected against the wall with a loud thud.

She strode toward me and raised her hand to strike me. “You b*tch, I’ll make you eat your words!” she yelled furiously.

However, I anticipated her movements and dodged her hand when she attempted to hit me.

At that, Coraline nearly lost her footing when I moved away from her.

“I can’t be bothered to talk to scum like you anymore.” Now that I’ve taken what I needed, I don’t have to waste my time here anymore.

With that, I tightened my grip on my bag and made a move to leave. Yet, Coraline hindered my exit by clinging onto my bag stubbornly.

“Liliana, you should just spill the beans! Were you here to steal something? You aren’t allowed to leave until I check your bag!” Coraline insisted.

Due to Coraline’s meddlesome nature, I wasn’t surprised when she mentioned that she wanted to go through my bag.

I grasped onto my bad without any intentions of letting go. “Who do you think you are to check my bag? Your son hasn’t signed our divorce yet. Therefore, this is still my home! Don’t you dare forget that!” I snapped back.

Thus, we were both locked in a struggle over the bed.

“You b*tch, you h****d up with another man despite being engaged to my son! What happened to the other man? Did he abandon you too? Did you finally realize that this is your home?” Coraline sneered and said, “I wonder how your mom managed to raise such a b*tch. The two of you must be cut from the same cloth. Did she cheat on your dad too? Your entire family must be—”

“That’s enough! I’ll make you regret it if you say another word!” Rage swelled in my heart when I heard Coraline’s insults.

I didn’t mind it when she berated me. However, I couldn’t believe she crossed the line by insulting my parents. I wish I could seal her mouth shut!

A flash of shock crossed Coraline’s face when she saw my outburst. However, her astonished expression was quickly replaced by an arrogant laugh. “What’s the matter? Were my words true? You and your mom must be shameless sl*ts! Your dad must be a b*stard too!”

The filthy words that spewed out of Coraline’s mouth drove me to the brink of insanity. Unable to hold back my anger anymore, I lashed out and kicked her in the stomach with full force.

Coraline let out a scream of pain when my leg hit her stomach.

At the same time, she let go of my bag and covered her stomach.

The sudden movement caused Coraline to lose momentum as she stumbled backward and collapsed to the ground. Her head collided against the table when she fell.

Despite witnessing her fall, I had no intentions to offer my help. Instead, I remained rooted in the spot as I glared at her. With a cold voice, I said to her, “I don’t mind it if you talk about me. However, you’ve crossed the line by mentioning my parents!”

If she uttered another word about my parents, I swore that I would kick her to death.

However, Coraline was silent. She remained on the floor and did not react to my words.

I looked at her suspiciously before nudging her body with my foot. Yet, Coraline did not even stir.

Then, I shifted my gaze to the table. To my horror, there was crimson blood dripping off the corner of it.

My heart skipped a beat when I noticed that blood had begun to pool across the floor.

Immediately, all of my anger vanished into thin air. I tossed my bag aside and knelt before Coraline. “Coraline, wake up! Don’t play dead!”

I reached forward to cradle her in my arms as I cried out in panic. All of a sudden, I felt something wet coat my palms. Crimson red blood filled my gaze when I looked down.

The frightening image of my hands covered in blood drained my body of any energy as I sank to the floor in disbelief. I murdered someone…

Abruptly, the loud ringtone of my phone startled me out of my daze.

Shakily, I rummaged for my phone. The notification on my screen was like a lifesaver.

Due to my trembling, it took me several tries before I could click on the button to answer the call.

“Liliana, did you—”

“Dominic, I—” Dominic’s voice caused me to burst into tears as I lost control of my emotions.

“What happened? Where are you?”

His questions caused me to realize the severity of the situation. “I-I killed someone. Dominic, what do I do? There’s blood everywhere!” I stuttered in between my s**s.

The heady stench and the feeling of blood all over my hands amplified my terror even more.

Over the phone, I could hear Dominic’s loud yell. Subconsciously, it caused me to stop sobbing profusely. However, my tears continued to stream down my cheeks.

“Calm down. Are you in Julius’ home? Who is the one bleeding?” Dominic asked.

Although Dominic spoke in a very rough tone, the sound of his voice seemed to quell my fear.

“Yeah. I came to collect something, and Coraline knocked her head. She…” I stammered hesitantly.

“Alright, don’t do anything right now. Don’t touch Coraline too. Wait there.” Dominic hung up the call after he finished speaking.

The moment Dominic’s voice vanished, I started to panic again.

Yet, I recalled his words. Don’t touch Coraline too. His warning caused me to freeze up as I sat motionless on the floor.

Doesn’t her death mean that I’m the murderer? Am I going to jail? What about my parents? They will hate me for eternity! I won’t be able to face them at all.

Fear began to fill my body the more I dwelled on these thoughts. It felt like the terror was going to consume me.

All of a sudden, there was a loud bang accompanied by the sound of hurried footsteps that snapped me out of my dismal thoughts.

“Ms. Zanetti.”

James’ voice sounded like a hallucination.

Yet, I realized that he was actually standing by the entrance of the bedroom.

My face was covered in tears and snot. Additionally, the blood splattered all over my shirt must have given me a very disheveled appearance.

Nonetheless, James made his way toward me and yanked me to a standing position.

My legs were utterly numb because I had sat down for such a long duration. I stumbled and nearly lost my balance when James hauled me upwards.

However, he supported my body and guided me aside. A group of people adorned in white coats filed into the room with a first-aid kit and a stretcher in tow. Amongst the crowd, I noticed Yvonne.

Her presence left me stunned. Why are James and Yvonne here?

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