Love the Second Time Around Chapter 32 by NovelsYou

Chapter 32 Cannot Lose Out

The bespectacled man scrutinized me in disbelief. Moments later, he asked, “Are you with Dominic?”

I hurriedly denied, “No, no, I’ve got nothing to do with him.”

At that moment, James chimed in, “Just go ahead and resolve her problem. You won’t lose out.”

It’s the same remark again. If everyone is afraid of losing out, will Dominic be taken advantage of? Will he hit me in a rage?

At that, I wanted to back out.

“Thank you, Mr. Dalton. I…”

He had probably figured out my intention. Pointing at the bespectacled man, he said, “He is Benjamin Chance. Whatever the case is, he can definitely tackle it. Are you sure you don’t want to discuss with him?”

What a tempting offer! I must win this divorce case with Julius. Otherwise, God knows what excessive demands will that jerk make.

After contemplating, I decided to heed James’ advice. I could not be bothered about Dominic at the moment. Worse comes to worst, I’ll just do a little extra to please him.

Having made up my mind, I requested, “Mr. Chance, do you have time for a chat?”

Instantly, Benjamin agreed and ushered me into his office. “My room is over here. This way, please.”

I then trailed behind him.

As soon as the door was shut, we sat opposite each other, and Benjamin asked right away, “How should I address you? What’s the case about?”

I briefly introduced myself and shared about Julius.

After hearing me out, he pondered for a moment. “This isn’t a difficult situation. According to what you’ve told me, your husband is at fault. As long as there’s evidence, I’ll be able to help you divorce him and ensure that he doesn’t get a single cent. Also, I can help you claim an amount from him to make up for your mental distress.”

Instantly, his words and placid demeanor gave me confidence. I do have proof. Does that video count?

“Mr. Chance, I have a video of him and another woman,” I reported honestly.

“That’s great! Did you bring it along?”

Suddenly, it dawned on me that I left Julius’ house without taking anything with me. When I said everything, I meant everything—including the video.

“I’m here for an inquiry today, so I didn’t bring it with me. Can I show it to you the next time we meet?” I must return to the house to obtain that video and pack some of my personal belongings.

Benjamin nodded in response.

Since I was determined to let him take charge of my divorce case, I had to pop the question.

“Mr. Chance, may I know about your attorney fees?” I had three hundred thousand with me. It should be sufficient… right?

Unexpectedly, Benjamin waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry about money. I’ll ask it from Dominic.”

I was perplexed. Why Dominic? Are Benjamin and James friends of Dominic, or are they enemies?

No, that’s not the main point. It’s my personal matter, so why should Dominic foot the bill for me?

“Mr. Chance, my divorce case, as well as my request to have you file a lawsuit on my behalf, are all my private affairs. It’s got nothing to do with Dominic, so I’ll pay for all the legal fees myself. If you refuse to take it, I’ll take my leave now and find someone else to do it.

“I just wanted to emphasize that I’m not related to Dominic in any way. Please don’t equate me with him. Mr. Dalton just had a misunderstanding that’s all.”

I was afraid that there would be no end to this had I not made it crystal clear at this point.

Benjamin was taken aback by my response. To be honest, I wouldn’t blame him as he probably did not expect such a big reaction from me. Anyhow, he recollected himself a few seconds later.

“Sure, I’ll explain more about the fees when you bring the video here at your next visit.”

I smiled at his reply.

After thanking him, I was about to leave the firm but ran into Dominic outside of Benjamin’s office.

Why is he here?

Subconsciously, I gazed at James for an answer. He shrugged his shoulders and let out an innocent smile.

D**n it, why did he tattletale? Did Dominic give him any benefits?

Meanwhile, Dominic was staring daggers at me in his wheelchair.

All of a sudden, I felt a cold chill down my spine as if I had committed something very wrong.

Bracing myself, I grinned awkwardly. “Hi, Mr. Hartnell, what brings you here?”

“Mind your own business,” he retorted.

As if I care? Scr*w it, I’m happy to leave anyway.

“I’ll take my leave now. Have a good one.”

“Did I say you can go?”

What the hell does he want? I almost could not control my anger. He doesn’t want me to speak, so why can’t I just leave?

Holding back my frustration, I asked through gritted teeth, “May I ask if you have any further instructions for me, Mr. Hartnell?”

“Come over here and push the wheelchair. We shall leave together,” he commanded nonchalantly while narrowing his eyes at me.

Why can’t he just cut to the chase and indicate his intention right from the start?

Rolling my eyes, I walked toward him and took over the handle.

The stares from James and Benjamin reminded me of my words to them earlier, that I had nothing to do with Dominic. Well, look at me now…

Loss for words, I quickly pushed Dominic out of the law firm.

Upon entering the elevator, Dominic requested to get to the parking lot in the basement.

I could easily locate his car under his instructions. Calvin was already there, waiting for us, so I greeted him with a nod.

After driving us home, Calvin left.

Seeing that it was almost time for dinner, I asked, “Mr. Hartnell, I’m going to c**k. What would you like to have tonight?”

“Why did you go to James for help when you needed a lawyer?” Coldly, he threw a question at me.

Stunned, I tried to explain myself, “I didn’t purposely look for him; I just bumped into him in the lobby. Mr. Dalton was kind enough to offer to help.”

C**p. Did I say something wrong? Why do I feel that the tension in the air has thickened?

“Liliana, do you always regard a man as ‘kind’ as long as he’s slightly nice to you? Just like how you were so eager to marry your scumbag husband because you’ve tasted something good?”

What gives? Why did he make such a comment when I didn’t offend him? As soon as he said that, I could feel my blood boiling and the heat in my ears.

“Are you done talking? Why are you meddling in my choice in men or from whom I asked for help? What rights do you have to judge me?”

I went ballistic as I could not believe that that was how he perceived me.

Those words were a hundred times more hurtful than those he said to me on a regular basis.

At that moment, we were glaring at each other with a fiery temper blazing within us.

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