Love the Second Time Around Chapter 30 by NovelsYou

Love the Second Time Around Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Favor Of God

Dominic pulled a long face and said harshly, “You should be nervous and worried because you owe me.”

I gulped down my food but didn’t respond to it.

Yes, you’re right. So do I have to sell the rest of my life to you?

Just then, someone knocked on the door. Guessing that it was Calvin, I went to open it.

After Dominic left with Calvin, I spat in anger at the door. What an unreasonable man!

I became the punchbag for his escaping fury in these two days.

It was bad enough with what happened with Julius earlier, and now Dominic also joined the party.

As I thought about divorcing Julius, I wondered when Galaxy Corporation would transfer the money to me because we had signed the contract.

Once I got the money, I would return the betrothal gift to him. If he insisted on giving me trouble, I would take legal action against him. After all, I didn’t believe he was that audacious.

I enjoyed the tranquility, given that Dominic would probably come back tomorrow morning.

After a while, I grabbed my laptop and walked toward the balcony. I saw the recliner yesterday and thought I could sit here to enjoy the scenery and the breezy weather.

After making a glass of fruit juice and putting some snacks next to the recliner, I began drawing my new drafts.

I didn’t spend a lot of time finding new ideas. After all, Shannon and I agreed that I just had to draw like usual.

More importantly, I had to work on something else and couldn’t be Dominic’s caregiver for the rest of my life.

Time flew by when I was drawing. It was almost 1 p.m. when I finally paused to get some rest. Just as I expected, Dominic hadn’t come home.

Since I only had some porridge in the morning and overworked myself just now, I was famished.

As I was thinking about what I could eat, my phone on the balcony rang.

As such, I returned to the balcony to answer the call.

Shannon invited me to lunch, saying that she wanted to tell me some good news.

I agreed to it delightedly. After hanging up the phone, I packed my stuff and left the house.

Then, I hailed a taxi to head toward a café.

The café was considered our operation base. Besides, we would always visit it when we were free.

When I arrived, I saw that Shannon was already there while the food was served.

The boss greeted me warmly upon seeing me. After all, I had become a loyal customer after visiting his café many times.

Once I sat down, I couldn’t wait to try the food and picked up a piece of meat. A moment later, Shannon asked, “Liliana, guess what I’m about to tell you?”

She had a secretive smile on her face but still failed to conceal her excitement.

After gulping down a piece of meat, I immediately picked up another piece and said, “Oh, will you just tell me already!”

Shannon pursed her lips and replied, “That’s no fun. Well, someone wishes to ask you to design a poster for a movie. Liliana, I think you’re getting more and more popular now.”

Upon hearing it, my first impression was that Shannon could have met a fraud. Nonetheless, considering that Shannon had already been an editor for many years, she could easily differentiate a conspiracy scheme.

Thus, I figured that the chances of Shannon being scammed were extremely slim.

Still, I stared at her doubtfully and said, “Which movie is that? Did he meet you in person? Is he reliable? Besides, I’ve never designed a poster for a movie before.”

Feeling that I was hesitant, Shannon quickly explained the whole thing.

I grew increasingly excited as I listened to it. Besides the fact that the movie was based on a popular fantasy novel, its male and female leads would be A-list celebrities.

If I accepted the job, I would be moving closer to the pinnacle of my life!

We left the café after enjoying the meal. Before parting ways, Shannon asked me to think about a preliminary idea for the movie poster or, even better, come up with a draft for them.

Deep down inside, I really valued this opportunity. After all, I would have an extra source of income if my work was selected.

After saying goodbye to Shannon, I made up my mind to work hard on it. As I was waiting for a taxi by the roadside, I suddenly received a text message.

It was something that excited me: Transaction complete.

I immediately checked the balance of my bank account using my phone. Shortly afterward, I was delighted to find out that a few digits were added to my balance.

Feeling relieved, I looked up at the sky and thanked God for finally favoring me.

Although it was still working hours, I called Julius right away. I didn’t want to wait any longer since I had received the money.

The earlier I could solve the problem, the more at ease I would feel, after all.

Since Julius wanted money so much, I was sure that he would agree to meet me.

Just as I expected, he agreed to it almost instantly. Then, I purposely asked to meet him at a café near his office.

Given its proximity to his company, Julius dared not do anything to me in the café because he valued reputation above everything else.

Not long after I sat in the corner of the café, I saw Julius coming from outside.

As such, I lifted my hand and gestured for him to come over.

Before he could even sit down, I asked straightforwardly, “Have you brought the divorce agreement along?”

He threw the folder onto the table and gazed at me arrogantly. “Once you transfer me the money, I’ll not only sign on the agreement but also have it processed immediately.”

I laughed mockingly upon hearing it.

Considering that Julius got a high-paying job, I couldn’t understand why he was obsessed with money. In fact, I felt that something was off when I asked him previously.

However, I didn’t ponder over it for long, for we wouldn’t cross each other’s path once we got a divorce.

“Julius, I can transfer one hundred and fifty thousand, which is what the betrothal gift is worth, to you right away on the condition that our relationship ends today,” I said calmly.

However, Julius suddenly got furious and stood up.

“What do you mean? One hundred and fifty thousand? Are you paying a beggar? Well, don’t think about getting a divorce if you can’t pay me five hundred thousand!”

As he talked loudly, many customers in the café turned their gazes toward us.

Shortly afterward, I took a sideways glance at him and replied indifferently, “You’d better speak louder to let everybody know. Let’s see if you can keep your reputation in your company.”

He pulled a long face and sat down upon hearing it.

Knowing that my tactic worked, I continued, “I’m telling you nicely now. One hundred and fifty thousand, take it or leave it. Well, I don’t mind dragging you through the courts if you refuse to accept it. Regardless of your decision, I won’t agree to pay you an extra cent.”

“Don’t you dare threaten me! Find the real author if you’re that great, and we’ll bring this up in court. I can sue you for defamation if you can’t get it!”

Julius’ expression darkened, for he probably didn’t think I would be that firm.

“Are you clinging to a wealthy man now? I mean, it’s the only thing that a b*tch like you can do! Why don’t you ask a favor from your crippled lover? Since he’s so rich, I’m sure you can get five hundred thousand effortlessly by spreading your legs a few more times. Everything is negotiable as long as you agree to pay me.”

My body trembled in anger upon hearing his unpleasant words.

“Julius, you’re nothing but a foul-mouthed bully. Do you think everyone is as cheap as you? Let’s cut it short. I’m paying you one hundred and fifty thousand. Do you accept it or not?”

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