Love the Second Time Around Chapter 29 by NovelsYou

Love the Second Time Around Chapter 29

Chapter 29 A Death Wish

I knocked on the door, but no one answered.

Thus, I hesitated for a while before I yelled through the door, “Mr. Hartnell? Dominic, it’s time to have some food.”

However, only silence greeted me.

Could it be that he died in his sleep? Worrying that something untoward would happen, I said, “I’m coming in.”

With that, I turned the k**b and realized that the door wasn’t locked.

Once I entered the room, I saw Dominic lying on the bed without a blanket.

Given his eyes were closed, I guessed he was sleeping.

I came up to him, unsure if I ought to wake him up.

After all, I was worried that he would reprimand me if I disturbed his sweet dream.

However, I also remembered that he wanted me to inform him when the food was ready.

I felt conflicted, thinking that he would scold me regardless of what I did.

As I observed him up close, I couldn’t help but think that God was unfair.

I wondered why he didn’t have any wrinkles on his face at his age. Besides, he had even become a wealthy bachelor, as if God had given him all the good qualities a man could have.

As I bent over and lowered my gaze, I gradually realized that something was wrong with Dominic.

At that moment, he looked pale-faced with sweat all over his forehead.

Is he sick?

I then lifted my hand to touch his face, and it was cold as ice.

Anxious, I kneeled beside the bed to give Dominic a nudge while yelling, “Dominic, wake up. How do you feel?”

Fortunately, he was awake after I shouted a few times. I immediately asked if he was feeling unwell.

A few seconds later, he croaked, “Gastric… pain… Pills. I need my pills.”

I jumped up and hastily flipped through the dresser to look for his pills.

I’m sure he has gastric pain because he had breakfast late. Why didn’t he eat the food that Calvin bought for him?

Ugh… And now, he’s suffering because of it.

While I was scolding him quietly, I got increasingly nervous because I couldn’t find any pills.

“Wait for me. I’m going to the living room to find the pills. If there are no pills at home, I’ll go out to buy some.”

Knowing that gastric pain could get serious at times, I swiftly returned to the living room to see if I had any luck. Yet, I still couldn’t find any pills.

Meanwhile, Dominic’s face and lips were drained of all color.

Why didn’t he tell me earlier? I mean, it would’ve gotten worse if I didn’t go into his room.

“Dominic, let me get you to the hospital now.” Judging from how he looked, I reckoned he would still feel the pain even after taking pills.

However, I tried helping him up a few times but to no avail.

“Stop it. Are you trying to kill me now that I’m sick?” Dominic was still harsh to me even though his voice was hoarse.

He still dares to treat me so harshly even when I’m the only one here to help him?

Doesn’t he know that if I leave him here, he will die and rot, and no one will ever know about it!

Nonetheless, I could only curse silently but never execute it. After all, I was already a bundle of nerves.

“Stay here. I’m going to call an ambulance.”

“Call Calvin.” Once he said so, I dialed Calvin’s number instead.

Calvin arrived quickly. Once I heard the doorbell rang, I dashed toward the door as fast as lightning.

I was worried that his situation would worsen, for Dominic’s face looked increasingly paler. Besides, he refused to go to the hospital no matter how hard I persuaded him.

Calvin and a gorgeous woman, who had a box in her hand, rushed toward Dominic’s room.

I was shocked once I realized that she was a doctor. She professionally checked Dominic’s pulse and put him on an IV drip.

Miraculously, Dominic seemed to feel better after only a minute or so. It all felt so surreal to me.

I stood at the door and asked nervously, “How is he now? Should we take him to the hospital? I mean, his face contorted in a grimace of pain just now.”

While packing up her stuff, the doctor said patiently, “Don’t worry about it. He’s not going to die anytime soon.”

Her reply stunned me instantly. Is this the latest trend of how doctors speak?

“Ms. Zanetti, let’s go outside so that Mr. Hartnell can get some rest. He will be fine.”

I felt relieved after hearing it from Calvin.

After all, Dominic trusted Calvin, and thus he definitely wouldn’t look for an unreliable doctor to treat Dominic.

The three of us exited the room and gently closed the door.

“Thank you, Calvin. Also… thank you, doctor. Please have a seat. I’ll get you some water.”

“Ms. Zanetti, you don’t have to. Taking care of Mr. Hartnell is my responsibility,” Calvin said from behind.

Regardless of his responsibility, I had to thank Calvin for coming all the way here to help Dominic. Besides, I was way more generous than the stingy Dominic.

After putting two glasses of water before them, I gazed at Calvin and said, “You can go ahead if you’re busy. I’ll stay here to take care of him.”

Since Dominic asked Calvin to head back to the office this morning, I reckoned he would be rather busy.

Before Calvin could reply, the female doctor who sat beside him said something that bewildered me. “Whoa, whoa! So, you’re the one?”

I looked at her, baffled. “Huh?”

However, she didn’t dwell on it but began to introduce herself. “I’m Yvonne Baker from People’s Hospital.”

For some reason, I could feel a very strong aura coming from her as I scanned her from head to toe.

Calvin and Yvonne stayed for a little longer and chatted with me. Before they left, Yvonne asked me to prepare some light meals for Dominic when he woke up.

I nodded in agreement.

After they left, I went back into Dominic’s room to check up on him.

Since he was sleeping soundly, I left to attend to my own matters.

Later that night around eight, Dominic woke up and came out of the room. However, I was working on something on my laptop and didn’t see him as he came out.

“Is this how you look after a patient?” I was shocked, and my hands shivered the moment he yelled.

With that, I hastily put down my laptop and stood up from the couch.

“Why did you get up? Wait for me. I’ll get you some chicken soup. Yvonne said you should have some light meals since your stomach is quite sensitive now.”

Even though he ignored me, I didn’t want to be that petty to pick a fight with a patient.

Besides, I guessed he was almost overwhelmed by the pain. Although he looked better now than he was in the morning, he was still not spirited and didn’t argue with me like usual. Instead, he returned to his bedroom after having his meal.

As such, the night was tranquil and peaceful.

Before going to bed, I purposely set the alarm to wake up early so that he wouldn’t have breakfast late.

The next morning, Dominic woke up shortly after I finished preparing breakfast.

After sitting in front of me, he asked, “Were you worried about me yesterday?”

I stopped stirring the pot upon hearing it. A few seconds later, I purposely said, “Yes. After all, there were only two of us here yesterday. I can’t bear the responsibility if something terrible happens to you. Besides, others might even frame me for killing you. So, I’ve to prevent it from happening at all costs.”

The moment I finished, I heard him slamming the table loudly.

I looked up at him, clearly perplexed. What’s going on?

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