Love the Second Time Around Chapter 24 by NovelsYou

Love the Second Time Around Chapter 24

Chapter 24 An Embarrassing Dance Party

I quickly stood up, but he held me down again. To prevent me from getting away again, he used both of his hands to hold me.

“Dominic, what’s wrong with you. Won’t your thighs hurt?”

“I’d like to feel the pain, but I can’t feel anything.”

Those words made me stop struggling immediately. I felt an inexplicable sense of sadness.

“Tell me. When you suddenly kicked me, was it because you were jealous?”

As Dominic came closer and closer, I suddenly let out a laugh.

“Why would I be jealous? You’re not my husband. You can be with whoever you want and marry whoever you want. What has it got to do with me?”

Dominic squinted his eyes and inched in even closer. He looked at me for a long time, and then he slowly loosened his grip.

“It seems like you do know your place after all. Based on your current condition, I would be disgusted if you were to be my girlfriend, let alone getting married.”

Those words were quite hurtful. Regardless, our relationship was only limited to the contract. Moving forward, I would only be his caregiver, so I wouldn’t let him drag me into something else ever again.

Without saying another word, I got up and left with my bag.

“Where are you going?”

Dominic refused to let go of my hand, which made me extremely annoyed. For a moment, I actually thought of smashing his head into smithereens with my bag.

“I’m going home.”

I dropped those words on him expressionlessly and planned to leave. However, he didn’t loosen his grip.

“Which home?”

I was stunned when I heard that. He’s right—I’m his personal caregiver, so where else could I go back to?

Despite that, I was still angry. I looked at him coldly and said, “Even if I am a caregiver, I should have time off work! But right now, I don’t even have any of my own time, or would you like me to report you what you eat and what you expel every day?”

“If you dare to do it, then I’d read it.”

As always, he had a headstrong attitude. His tone was cold and aloof when he spoke.

“Come with me to the dance party downstairs. There are a lot of acquaintances today, so it’s not polite to leave early.”

Hearing that, I dropped my head and sighed. Fine. It’s inconvenient for him to go about by himself anyway.

After leaving the room, someone came over to talk with Dominic. I stood still beside him and saw an elegant-looking woman walking toward him.

“Dom, would like a dance?”

So she came to hit on him? But she must have terrible vision. Not to be mean, but have you ever seen someone in a wheelchair dance?

I examined the woman thoroughly. Although she didn’t look overwhelmingly beautiful, she was still gorgeous. She had big doey eyes that no one could say no to.

“Are you taunting me?”

As expected, Dominic’s expressions were as cold as ice.

The woman’s face tightened and showed a look of confusion. “Your legs, are they not…”

Before she had the chance to finish, Dominic’s arm latched on me and pulled me over to him. “Don’t you see that I already have a partner?”

I was dumfounded, but I still forced a smile to her.

The woman probably felt insulted. She looked at me with a heartbroken expression and ran to one side to cry.


While I was stunned, Dominic pulled me toward him and handed me a drink. “Do you remember the campus sorority meeting in freshman year?”

His deep voice reverberated in my ear, his eyes exceptionally sensual. At that, my thoughts went back to exactly nine years ago.

It was an event organized by our school and several other schools. Everyone had to wear a mask to participate. I was just in my freshman year, and without my usual curfew back home, I naturally wouldn’t give up the opportunity to participate.

I remembered that I painted a mask of a little prince on a whim. That night, I found a tall and thin figure in the crowd.

The man was dressed in white and wearing a fox mask. However, his eyes were as clear as the night skies.

Perhaps it was those eyes that drew me to him. Because after that, I was literally h****d. Thus, I initiated this friendship, and fortunately for me, he didn’t refuse.

It wasn’t until we removed the masks later that I found out that the person was Dominic, whom I owed some pancakes. It was so awkward that I wanted to bury myself in a hole.

However, that was also the reason we were here today.

Upon that thought, I raised my head and looked at Dominic. His profile shone divinely under the lights of the dance floor. It looked so beautiful as if it was a moving oil painting.

His eyes were euphoric; he must be thinking of what happened that night. But immediately after, his eyes fell straight on me.

I could hear myself gulping right at that moment.

Slowly, his face inched closer. Together with his warm breath, he got closer and closer toward me. When he was so close that I could see his long eyelashes clearly, I closed my eyes in anticipation.

Out of nowhere, I heard his voice, full of disgust and contempt. “Your makeup is wearing off, and there’s a lump of mucus in the corner of your eyes.”


D**n it. I will definitely get back at him for this. I should’ve just “accidentally” kick his wheelchair right now.

With that, I manifested the energy from my entire being to my foot, calculating how much force I should exert for him to get out of my face. However, he turned the handle on his wheelchair and dodged my kick as if he had long anticipated my intentions.

Just like that, I missed my footing and slipped. What followed was a sharp pain radiating from my ankle. I looked down toward my foot and realized that not only did I break those beautiful heels, but I also twisted my ankle.

F*ck! That’s just my luck.

I raised my head again, and I saw Dominic looking all suspicious.

“What happened?”

That man still had the audacity to ask me in this nonchalant manner. I wanted to lash out at him, but there were too many guests around. Though I wasn’t that famous, I was still a cartoonist, so I needed to leave a good impression on the rest.

Hence, I had no choice but to grit my teeth and say, “It’s nothing. I just twisted my ankle.”

He lowered his head and glanced at my ankle. “Oh, I guess that’s karma?”

You b*stard.

I cursed secretly. Why didn’t I realize that he was this cunning before? Nine years ago, he resembled a harmless rabbit—a man full of compassion for others. But now… he was like a big bully wolf.

Fortunately, Dominic stopped and did not continue to fan the flames. He hugged my waist and brought me down on his lap. We then went between the bustling crowd on the dance floor and pushed the wheelchair out of the lobby toward the hotel entrance.

As soon as we approached the entrance, Calvin arrived.

Immediately, I buried my face in Dominic’s arms, feeling embarrassed. A fully-abled person is sitting on the lap of a disabled person. Ugh… how embarrassing.

“Hey, you’re already an embarrassment since the beginning. Get down quickly. How can I get in the car if you’re sitting on me?”

Gah! This b*stard never fails to humiliate me. Though I was grumbling inwardly, I still smiled at Calvin while limping toward the car.

The entire ride was silent as soon as we departed. Halfway through the journey, I thought of Dominic’s drastic changes over the years and asked, “Dominic, where were you all these years?”

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