Love the Second Time Around Chapter 23 by NovelsYou

Love the Second Time Around Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Were You Jealous

Camille Madison was a name that haunted me for the longest time.

I thought that I would never meet her again. But alas, who knew she would come back or even intended to marry Dominic.

A bitter smile formed on my lips upon that. But what was I to say? After all, they were together from the very beginning, and it would be weird if they did not end up married.

I lowered my head to hide the sadness in my eyes with my bangs. However, it seemed like it wasn’t enough, so I kept cursing myself in my mind. Liliana, get a hold of yourself, you d***y. You already knew what was going to happen five years ago, so why are you even upset?

But it was easier said than done. My heart throbbed as if it was dripping blood.

“Yes. Our parents are quite agreeable with each other. I guess it won’t be too long before it happens.”

Dominic’s soft voice exploded in my head like a clap of thunder. I was stunned for two seconds, then continued to keep my head low.

All of a sudden, he turned to me and chided, “Hey! Is there money on the floor? Your head is almost stuck to your chest, for Pete’s sake… I’m aware of your insecurities about that area, but even if you’re ashamed about it, there’s no reason to be that upset.”

I felt like a fool being deliberately dragged around and hurt by Dominic with thousands of knives. Although I was quite a heartless person myself, it didn’t mean that I could endure being ridiculed by him all the time.

Upon that thought, my heart clenched in agony.

Hence, I unapologetically kicked his wheelchair out of spite. And because I was not used to wearing heels, I couldn’t control the strength in my legs. Whoosh! In just a split second, that beautiful crystal-embellished heels flew off of my feet.

And it finally landed about five meters away from Dominic, elegantly.

I stood still with one foot bare, but Dominic’s wheelchair went in circles due to the strength of my kick.

“Is your leg itching? Or are you having a seizure?”

Despite that, Dominic’s rant did not quell my vigor. Thus, I lashed back at him without hesitation, “You think it felt good kicking you?”

I lifted my dress while limping toward my other shoe. Many had their eyes on us due to the commotion earlier, so it made the already awkward journey toward the shoe even more punishing.

Although I was embarrassed in front of everyone tonight, they didn’t know who I was. So at least I didn’t have to protect my image.

Yet, who would’ve known, at that moment, a female with a charming voice suddenly spoke, “Hey, aren’t you Liliana Zanetti? It’s an honor to see you here!”

Both my hands were occupied since I was lifting my dress while wearing the shoe. As I looked up, I saw a woman half a head taller than me in a bright red dress standing in front of me.

She had the kind of face that looked beautiful but easily forgettable after a glance—the typical oval face shape with deep-set almond eyes and a high nose bridge.

The only slightly more noticeable point about her was her fair and supple skin. Though strangely enough, the color on her neck was a few tones darker than the color on her face.

That had me guessing about her actual skin tone.

Just as I was scrutinizing her from head to toe, she reached out to me and grabbed my hand.

“Liliana, my name is Molly Flint, and I’m an actress. I really liked reading your comics. Especially your first piece of work, it’s so enjoyable that I couldn’t put it down after I started reading it.”

So there are people among these stars who were actually my readers… I smiled awkwardly, but I truly didn’t recognize the woman in front of me. I guessed she must be a small-time actress with no more than seven to eight lines. She also had a distinct accent that was quite uncommon in this industry.

I forced a polite smile at her. But just as I was about to greet her, she had already released her grasp and extended her hand toward Dominic.

“Are you Mr. Hartnell? Oh my God. You look even better than you were in the photos. I saw your fashion show in Paris, and it was beautiful. You’re so talented…”

I awkwardly retracted my smile right then. This woman must be using me to get close to Dominic.

Ah, I guess it’s yet another one of those women. Just that fashion show in Paris, huh?

I looked at Dominic suspiciously. So he went into fashion design, eh?

The actress was still introducing herself, but Dominic didn’t seem to be the least bit interested and immediately interrupted her.

“Actress? Why haven’t I seen you before?”

And boy, was that an embarrassing moment. Molly just stood there, not knowing how to react.

After that, Dominic propelled his wheelchair toward me and said, “What are you still standing here for? Let’s go talk about the contract.”

He had ordered me around so casually, so I suddenly thought of Camille. Would he order her about as well?

At that, I turned my face away and said, “I don’t want to!”

“So you don’t want the money?


Even though I was a little shaken, I would never back down to someone like him. Therefore, I continued to look away, not willing to look at him.

What’s so great about his face? He’s just a little more good-looking than your Average Joe. But still, he’s about to become someone else’s husband soon, so why do I have to worry about him?

“Liliana, you have three seconds to think about it, or I’ll make sure that you’ll get what you deserve.”

Dominic’s voice was so threatening that it gave me goosebumps all over my body.

Forget it. I need money, and being nice never worked on me anyway. I guess that’s just how it is now…

Silently following behind James into a private room, I then bowed my head and wheeled Dominic ahead while ignoring everyone’s watchful gaze.

There was already a woman in business attire waiting inside. As soon as we got seated, she handed us the contract.

“Ms. Zanetti, Galaxy Corporation sincerely wants to cooperate with you. Please look at the terms of the contract, and see if it is up to your satisfaction. If it’s possible, let’s make it quick so we can start our preparations for the next step.”

I nodded and took a look at the contract. When I glanced under the column for broadcasting rights, an amount of three hundred thousand was written right there. Instantly, my jaw dropped down in surprise.

“Three hundred thousand?”

Isn’t that too much? Despite that, I was overjoyed.

“Why? Is there a problem?”

After making a fuss, Dominic and James stared at me at the same time.

“No… No problem! I’m very satisfied!”

To prevent them from changing their minds, I quickly signed wrote my name on it.

After signing the contract, James left the room. I wanted to stand up and send him off, but Dominic stopped me. He grabbed me and pulled me toward him, but I lost my balance and sat on his lap accidentally.

The smell of cologne he was wearing made me nostalgic. That alone, accompanied by his deep baritone voice, was enough to be the best-tasting poison in the world.

“Lilliana, were you jealous just now?”

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