Love the Second Time Around Chapter 2 by NovelsYou

Chapter 2 A Terrifying Reunion

  • Dominic chuckled when he sensed the tension in my body. “Oh dear, what’s happened to our star writer? You used to respond so well to these intimate gestures. If I didn’t know any better, I might think this was your first time with a man.”
  • His mockery was painfully obvious; after all, he was the one who took my V-card. Upon that, I attempted to escape his embrace, but my efforts were to no avail against the strength of his arms.
  • “Stop it! I’m married!”
  • I had no choice but to pull out my marriage card, thinking that he would release me. What he did next, however, was anything but expected.
  • Dominic seemed to ignore my pleas as his slender fingers crept upward underneath my blouse.
  • “Oh? This doesn’t seem like the body of a woman who’s enjoying her marriage bed. Don’t tell me your husband can’t satisfy your needs?”
  • His words made me blush furiously. I opened and closed my mouth like a fish, unable to find the words to explain my situation. Am I supposed to tell him that my husband has barely touched me since he found out that I wasn’t a virgin? Excuse me, but you’re the one responsible for this whole thing!
  • Meanwhile, Dominic’s smile grew bigger at my silence. In a flash, he had lowered his head to kiss me smack on the lips.
  • What the heck is he doing? How can he kiss me when I’ve already told him that I’m married? He would never have done something like this in the past!
  • I used all my might to shove him away, almost falling to the ground if not for his long arms and sharp reflexes.
  • “What’s wrong? Do you hate it? Or do you hate this version of me now?”
  • I glared at him furiously. “What’s your deal? Did you come back just to humiliate me?”
  • A hint of smugness flitted across his face; he seemed amused by my bristling state. That easy smile almost sent me down memory lane right till he opened his mouth.
  • “I came back to look for my woman. Is there a problem with that?”
  • “Dominic Hartnell!” I shrugged his hand off in embarrassment.
  • I wondered what had happened to him in the past five years to turn him into this insensitive jerk.
  • At the sight of my anger, he lowered his lids and blinked. When he next raised his head, he seemed to pull me into the depths of his gaze.
  • “I thought you might’ve forgotten my name, but you hadn’t. In that case, why is your name on the work instead of mine?”
  • Dominic’s cold tone caused me to take a step back. I always knew this day was coming, but I never thought it would play out like this.
  • “Did you trick me here on the pretense of buying the rights to my work?”
  • “Of course not. I don’t have that much extra cash to buy something that’s rightfully mine. I wanted to see how well a thief would be living, that’s all. I have to say, though, it doesn’t look as glamorous as I thought it would be.”
  • The smirk on his face drained the color from my face, and his words rendered me speechless.
  • “Scared now, eh? You needn’t be. That precious work is nothing in my eyes anyway. I am only interested in your body.”
  • He then wheeled himself toward my motionless figure. Lifting his head, he smiled bewitchingly at me with his eyes boring into mine.
  • Yet I knew clearly of his hatred for me; after all, his work had become mine after that accident. I had not, however, expected him to get back at me in such a manner.
  • I tried to calm down before meeting his gaze. “I’m sorry, but I would never cheat on my husband. I can’t and won’t agree to your request. I won’t sell the rights to my work either. If you’re here because of that, I’ll make a public announcement clarifying that the work belongs entirely to you.”
  • “Hah!”
  • A scoff escaped Dominic’s lips as I glared at him in bewilderment, failing to see the humor in our situation.

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