Love the Second Time Around Chapter 19 by NovelsYou

Love the Second Time Around Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Battling It Out

Excuse me, but do I look as though I’m the kind of person who’d pamper someone else? At that, I slammed the glass of water onto the table with a thud. “You can either drink it or leave it! It’s your legs that are immobile. Are your hands crippled as well?”

After saying that, regret swamped me for having mentioned his legs. Fortunately, Dominic didn’t seem bothered. The corners of his lips lifted casually. “It looks like I’ve still got to elaborate on the meaning of a caregiver and a creditor.”

“Here! Drink!”

When his words fell, I picked up the glass of water while gritting my teeth and placed it beside his lips.

Arching a brow, he lowered his head and took a few gulps of water. “Although your attitude isn’t great, it’s passable since I’m not such a particular person anyway.”

Argh! Can I smash the glass against his irritable face?

“Oh, and don’t think about splashing me with the water. Otherwise, don’t blame me if you’ve got to bathe me.”

Someone just shoot me now…

“By the way, when are you planning to go back and pack your things?”

Switching from one topic to the next, Dominic continued asking me questions. I initially wanted to ignore him, but it seemed rather strange to have no conversation between us.

Hence, I pursed my lips and answered impatiently, “I don’t know. We’ll see.”

“It doesn’t matter. Anyway, you can just wear my clothes if you don’t have a change of clothes tonight.” After saying that, he contemplated for a moment before suggesting, “How about trying them on now? I’ll see how they fit you.”

What the hell? Dream on!

Striding straight up to him, I bent down and leaned forward. Then, I flashed him a wicked smile. “Have you ever played bumper car?”

Dominic was taken aback for a moment. “Huh?”

Before he had gathered his wits, I turned the wheelchair handles and pushed him toward the wall.

When he was about to hit the wall, Dominic finally shouted, “You’re f*cking insane!”

All of a sudden, I turned the wheelchair handles again and pushed him toward the coffee table at the side. I was initially planning to bring it to a screeching halt before it truly hit the coffee table, but Dominic was so impatient that he was already bracing himself for impact.

And so, when I brought it to a stop, he flew right out of the wheelchair.

Oh sh*t, this wasn’t what I intended to do!

“Liliana Zanetti!” Although I couldn’t see his expression, I could tell that he was seething in anger from his voice alone.

“Haha… I was just demonstrating how the bumper car works in detail. It seems that your intellect is lacking, and you really can’t grasp the intricacies of it. I’ll teach you again next time.”

After saying that, I beat a hasty retreat, leaving him roaring behind me. When I saw Calvin with a cold expression at the door, fear struck me, and my knees shook. But out of worry for Dominic, I still mustered the courage to approach Calvin and ask him to check on Dominic.

No sooner had I stepped out of the mansion than my cell phone started ringing. When I saw that it was a call from my mother, I promptly answered it.

It was very noisy on the other end of the phone, the racket sounding as though someone was having a row.

“Lili, tell me honestly whether you cheated on Julius.” That was the first thing she said to me as soon as I picked up the phone.

At once, understanding dawned upon me. Good grief! Julius and Coraline truly went to seek my parents out! How despicable!

“Don’t believe their nonsense, Mom! They’re both shameless scoundrels who are trying to blackmail our family! You should quickly lodge a police report and kick them out of our house!”

Nonetheless, my mother didn’t pay my words any mind. She merely hissed repeatedly, “That’s out of my control. Anyway, your father is livid, so hurry home!”

When I heard that my father’s temper had flared, I immediately hung up and raced out.

I finally got a taxi and rushed home. When I reached the stairwell, I could already hear the pandemonium from my house despite the distance.

“Look, it was your daughter who wronged me first. She wasn’t a virgin when she married me, and she’s still fooling around with another man even after marriage. And look at this… She even injured my eye so badly. So, you all should at least compensate me, no?”

That was Julius’ voice.

That b*stard!

I was so enraged that I kicked the door open. “Julius, just come at me if you’re so high and mighty! What good is there in taking it out on my family?”

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