Love the Second Time Around Chapter 160 by NovelsYou

Chapter 160 Try To Please Him

After knocking lightly on the door, I entered right away and placed the glass on his desk. “Take this glass of milk so you will have a good sleep later.”

Dominic lifted the glass and scrutinized it for quite a while before he looked at me and smirked. “Am I seeing things? Has the sun risen from the west instead? Or perhaps you have doped the milk?”

I rolled my eyes in an instant. Hmph! He certainly has a wild imagination! Apparently, he looks too highly of me. I won’t have the audacity to do anything against the law!

Refraining my mind from wandering, I put on a fawning smile and replied, “Of course not. As a good citizen, I won’t do anything against the law. I’m just concerned about you. My mom has told me to take good care of you. As you have been occupied with work lately, I’m worried you can’t sleep well at night, so I got you a glass of warm milk. Just drink it.”

Hearing that, Dominic scanned me from head to toe subtly and scoffed, “Ah! Since when have you taken your mom’s words seriously? I bet you must be having some ploys in your mind.”

What? Having some ploys? I’m just thinking of asking him a few questions.

Before I could open my mouth to refute, he sneered at me and continued, “Anyway, you are overconfident. Do you think you can bribe me with just a glass of milk?”

He then whined deliberately, “Ugh! I’m stressed and exhausted. There seem to be endless meetings for me to attend. I’ve got a stiff neck because of that!”

It struck me right away that he was hinting something at me. Even though he was taking advantage of me, I talked myself into tolerating him.

I leaned closer to him and started massaging his shoulders. “Let me help you get rid of the soreness of your neck. I used to give my dad massages as well.”

I was rather confident with my massaging skills. At the sight of the look on his face, I was convinced that he was satisfied with my skills as well.

“Ah! Mr. Hartnell, I—” I was about to bring up the topic of his comic, but he cut me off by saying, “I’m a bit hungry and feel like eating fruits.”

D**n it! I’m sure he is doing this on purpose. Is his stomach a bottomless pit? It’s barely two hours after dinner, but he’s already hungry, huh?

Even so, I only dared to grumble inwardly. I’d better not go against his will. If not, he will surely give me a hard time again!

“Wait for a while. I go and cut some fruits now.” I turned and walked out of the study at once.

I took out all kinds of fruits available at home and cut them into slices. After arranging the fruit slices nicely on the plate, I even placed a small fork above the fruits.

Pfft! I’m serving him perfectly well with this fruit platter. Let’s see what else he can say then!

Scoffing inwardly, I carried the fruit platter to the study to serve him. “There are apples, pears, bananas, and dragon fruits here. Enjoy yourself.”

Dominic’s eyes glued to the screen of his laptop. He replied nonchalantly, “Just put it aside. I’m busy now and have no time to eat.”

I rolled my eyes again at the sight of the drama series playing on the laptop. Busy? So this is what keeps him occupied at the moment! Am I seeing things? I never know that he loves to watch this kind of drama series!

Gritting my teeth, I tried my best to hold myself back. I need to calm down. I mustn’t unleash my wrath on him!

I pulled a chair and sat next to him. Recalling that he liked dragon fruits, I picked up a piece with the small fork and brought it near his mouth. “Try this. I have just tried. It’s sweet.”

He turned to look at me with a smirk and swallowed the piece of fruit. I heaved a sigh of relief at once, glad that he was willing to eat it.

While he shifted his gaze back to the drama series, I grabbed the opportunity to feed him a few more pieces.

Coincidentally, I had been watching the drama series as well. When I was seated next to him to serve him the fruits, I tended to fix my eyes on the screen unknowingly.

As time elapsed, the current episode ended, and the ending music sounded. Only then did I remember my mission.

During the advertisement slot, I continued to serve him a piece of banana and asked warily, “Dominic, what inspired you to draw the comic I Only Want to Be With You?”

Dominic was majoring in finance. Undeniably, he drew comics because of me.

At that time, my major was Ustranasion, which was not the slightest bit related to comics. Even so, I loved to read various types of comics since young. Subsequently, it piqued my interest to draw comics myself.

Nevertheless, it was a different case for Dominic. Initially, he was never interested in comics. When he first knew I had this interest, I almost argued with him when he criticized me as childish.

Later, he had changed his mindset and demeanor gradually to please me. There were even times whereby he would volunteer to look for information for my reference.

Even though I could not explain the sudden change in him, I was more than happy with that. Undoubtedly, it was a blessing, as I could discuss something I liked with the person I loved. Thus, the moment I discovered that he was drawing comics secretively, my jaw dropped in surprise.

Out of curiosity, I kept persuading him to let me have a look at what he had drawn, but he was not willing. If not because he had emphasized that he would give me a surprise later, I would surely continue to pester him until he gave in.

Nevertheless, things had happened to turn the other way around. Instead of giving me a lovely surprise, he had cheated on me with Camille.

Then I had accidentally taken his comic manuscript and submitted it to the magazine company.

I was unaware of that till the magazine company requested to sign a contract with me one day. Only then did I realize that I had taken the wrong manuscript.

I had hesitated for quite a while, thinking if I should reveal the truth to the magazine company.

However, I was young and had a different mindset at that time. Not to mention, I was feeling dejected after Dominic cheated on me. Thus, I ended up getting a grip on myself and just let it be.

By the time I cooled my head off and thought of explaining to the magazine company, it was too late, as everything had been finalized.

It sent me into a tizzy when James asked me about my feelings when I drew the comic. Nonetheless, I was gradually prevailed over by my curiosity about what Dominic was thinking when he drew the comic.

Upon hearing my question, Dominic only threw me a glance and replied placidly, “I didn’t think of anything. I was just scribbling for fun.”

I pouted my lips and was not surprised that he would not reply to me properly. Scribbling for fun? Apparently, he is bluffing me, huh!

“How was it possible that you were not thinking about anything at that time? More or less, you had to spend some time planning on the characters and plot. Come on, just share with me.” I continued pestering him with my sweet smile as I served him another piece of fruit.

I was convinced that sooner or later, Dominic would be willing to open up his heart to me. Anyway, I have expressed my sincerity by serving him well with the fruits and putting on my brightest smile. He should at least give me some tips, shouldn’t he?

Even so, Dominic continued to button his lip regardless of how he enjoyed the fruit feeding session.

“Unlike you, I won’t treat comics as a priceless treasure, and I won’t invest all my time working on the thing. I drew that just to pass time,” he mocked me with a smirk.

Boiling up with anger, I retorted with my cheeks puffed up. “Is there anything wrong with that? I love to draw comics. Do you have a problem with that?”

D**n it! I have spent such a long time trying to please him, but he spoils my mood with his mockery instead!


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