Love the Second Time Around Chapter 159 by NovelsYou

Chapter 159 She Is Not Going

After pondering for a while, I decided to buy some time by replying to James, “Can you give me a little more time on this? I will try to think it through and update you later.”

Deep down, I knew I had to butter Dominic up at night so he would be willing to share with me what was playing on his mind at that time.

James smiled and nodded approvingly but told me not to take too long.

After that, he assigned his secretary to pass me a photo album, telling me that I had the chance to shortlist the candidates for the male and female lead. If my shortlisted candidates turned out to be ideal ones during the audition, they would be able to get the roles fixed.

I was over the moon the moment I knew that I had the right to do so. It never crossed my mind that I would be given the opportunity for the shortlisting. The thought spurred my excitement in an instant.

Shannon was as excited as I was. Our minds were preoccupied with the shortlisting of the candidates for the male lead. We could not wait to flip through the photo album.

My goodness! This photo album is indeed a collection of pictures of trending celebrities. I can’t believe that I get to choose from the various types of good-looking male actors, ranging from energetic young ones, macho ones, and alluring ones. Oh, my god! All of them are simply irresistible for me!

My eyes lit up as I asked James excitedly, “James, if those whom I shortlist attend the audition later, can I come to have a look? Do I have the right to vote for them?”

James nodded and replied, “Of course. We think highly of your selection. After all, this is your artwork. Thus, we believe you are the best person who can shortlist the ideal candidates for the male and female lead.”

“All right. I will go through all one by one and choose properly,” I responded delightedly. Shannon and I prepared to take our leave after that.

She was interested in shortlisting the candidates together with me. Thus, we planned to find a place to sit down and talk it through.

Right then, James called out to us abruptly. It seemed he had something to tell us.

“Since we have talked about the work matter, let’s talk about something more relaxing. Christmas Eve is just around the corner. Let’s meet up for a celebration,” he suggested eagerly.

Christmas Eve? Oh yeah, it’s already nineteenth today. So Christmas will be next week!

I was not keen on celebrating festivals all this while, and I did not really enjoy the boisterous festive atmosphere. However, Shannon seemed to be interested. My gut instinct told me that Dominic did not really enjoy celebrating festivals as well. He did not look like one who would celebrate Christmas.

“Dom, what do you think? Do you have any other plans? If possible, ask both Benjamin and Mitch to join us then. It has been quite a while since we last had a gathering. How about we grab the chance for a short vacation overseas?” James asked Dominic excitedly.

Right that instant, I felt like slapping myself. How can I forget that he had spent five years overseas before this? He must have experienced memorable Christmas celebrations there throughout those years. Did he celebrate it annually with Camille?

In James’ and the others’ eyes, he and Camille were undoubtedly a pair of lovebirds. If I tagged along with them this year, I might end up raining on their parade. Apart from that, I foresaw that I would be feeling down in the dumps along the trip.

No way! I won’t be able to stand their public display of affection!

I forced a smile and uttered casually, “You guys go ahead with your plan. I’m not joining, as I’m going back to accompany my grandpa.”

Shannon turned to look at me in disappointment. “Ah! Aren’t you joining us? Come on, let’s go together. If you are not going, I will be the only lady in the group. How can you have the heart to leave me watching paint dry with them?”

James teased me by chiming in deliberately, “Liliana, if you are not joining us, I will invite a group of gorgeous ladies in bikinis then. Are you sure you won’t mind at all?”

I shot him a penetrating glance and scoffed inwardly. Hmph! Just invite as many beauties as you like. That’s none of my business! After all, there’ll be someone who keeps Dominic company even if you don’t invite those gorgeous women!

Thus, I made up my mind and replied firmly, “It’s up to you. I’m not going with you. Shannon, you can still have fun by joining them.”

I was suddenly not in the mood to go for a meal with Shannon and go through photos of the eye candies.

“Shannon, I have some urgent matters to be resolved. Let’s meet another day to shortlist the candidates. You guys go ahead discussing your Christmas trip. I’m leaving now.” I waved at Shannon and walked away.

“Liliana, what’s the matter with you? Liliana, wait a minute!” Shannon yelled out hastily, trying to stop me.

Turning a deaf ear to her, I quickened my pace and strode out of the meeting room with piles of documents in my hand. Later, I hailed a cab home right after stepping out of Galaxy Corporation.

Not long after I reached home, Dominic was home as well. Somehow, I did not feel like talking to him. Nor did I feel like asking him about his feelings when he drew the comic.

When I was about to stand up from the couch and make my way to the bedroom, Dominic moved swiftly and pinned me on it.

With a grim look, he commanded, “Join us for our Christmas trip. I don’t want to hear you say no!”

I turned my head away and refused to look at him. “I’m not going!”

Grasping my chin, he forced me to look into his eyes and enunciated coldly, “You have no right to say no to me!”

I flipped out instantaneously and gritted my teeth. “Dominic Hartnell, don’t forget that we are supposed to keep mum about our relationship. If so, why are you insisting that I must join the Christmas trip? Isn’t it good enough since Camille is accompanying you? Besides, I have emphasized numerous times about my loathing toward her, haven’t I? I don’t want to get my mood spoiled by running into her. Do you get me?”

“So you don’t feel like going because of her?” Dominic was stunned before he blurted out the words.

My goodness! Why is he still asking such a simple question?

“Yes, it’s because of her! I know well about my role and limitations. I’m not interested in the public display of affection between you and her. Don’t make a fool out of me!” I lashed out at him.

Surprisingly, Dominic did not utter any words. I doubted if he was infuriated by my words. Pfft! Whatever, I have my temper as well. Why should I need to torture myself by bottling up my feelings?

I was feeling uncomfortable as he was pinning me hard on the couch. Mustering up my strength, I tried to shove him away. “Let go of me. It’s time for me to go through my script.”

“Allocate time tomorrow to get your passport done,” he said coldly.

I felt my temples start to throb. I have explained so much to him. Why can’t he get what I mean?

“Dominic Hartnell, don’t you get me? I said I’m not going!” I yelled at him.

He glared at me and snapped coldly, “Camille won’t be joining. It’s just us and the rest. Stop giving me those absurd excuses again.”

Blinking my eyes, I asked him hesitantly, “Are you sure she is not going?”

Nonetheless, he rose with a sullen look and stomped into the bedroom without sparing me a glance.

Seated motionless on the couch for quite a while, I could hardly believe what I had just heard. Did I get him wrong? Christmas is one of the important festivals for couples to spend time together; yet, he said that Camille is not going. Ah! He even reminded me to get my passport done tomorrow. So he is really planning to celebrate Christmas with me overseas?

All of a sudden, I brightened up at the thought.

By the time Dominic stepped out of the bedroom again, he had already changed into casual wear. “Stop daydreaming! Get the dinner ready now!”

His sudden bellow of anger woke me up from my contemplation. I sprang up from the couch and responded instantly, “Ah! Okay!”

Since my mood got better, I wanted to ask him further about how he drew the comic. As I needed a favor from him, I decided to exercise restraint and express my sincerity.

Without hesitation, I poured a glass of warm milk and made my way toward the study.


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