Love the Second Time Around Chapter 158 by NovelsYou

Chapter 158 Past Feelings

If this continued, I was afraid that I could not leave him as nonchalantly as I wanted to.

However, Dominic had no self-awareness. Smirking at me, he gloated, “I helped you this time. How do you plan to repay my favor?”

I glanced at him and said in annoyance, “Um… Thank you?”

He raised his eyebrows, indicating that he was still not satisfied. “How can you dismiss me so easily like this? You’re so socially awkward!”

Whatever. Not everyone can be as shameless as he, after all.

While waiting for the car by the road, I turned around and said to him, “You should go home in the afternoon. Since Grandpa’s fine now, you wouldn’t be able to do anything even if you stay here.”

He replied matter-of-factly, “Then you should go back with me.”

I was annoyed by what he said. It felt like he was monitoring me constantly, afraid that I would escape.

“Why should I go back? I’m staying here to take care of Grandpa. I’ll go back after he’s discharged.”

I thought that he was agreeing when he nodded. However, he continued, “Let’s stay together, then. Anyway, you have no say whether I choose to leave or stay.”

I was rendered speechless by him.

Three days later, Grandpa was discharged from the hospital and went to stay with my parents.

Meanwhile, Dominic and I stayed at home for a night before returning to Lightspring the next day.

While Dominic headed to the office directly, I went home.

Immediately afterward, I received a call from Shannon saying that Galaxy Corporation would like to meet me the day after tomorrow to discuss the comic Lazing Around With You. The filming was about to start soon, so they wanted to go over some questions with me.

To be honest, I had completely forgotten about it.

After agreeing on a time to meet with representatives from Galaxy Corporation, we ended the call.

When Dominic returned at night, I hesitated for a while before telling him about it.

After all, it was his comic. Now that the filming was about to begin, I asked him if he wanted to tag along with me.

Dominic chuckled for a while and teased me. “Since it’s already under your name, why should I still go?”

I was at a loss for words. Looks like I have to live with this for the rest of my life.

“Forget it, then. I just thought I’d ask.”

The truth was that I kept offering to give the comic back to him. He refused my offer, yet he was also the one making such snide remarks now.

On the day of the meeting, Shannon and I had lunch together and wandered around before arriving at Galaxy Corporation at two in the afternoon.

Shannon was still in a good mood, which implied that she was unaffected by what happened previously.

When we arrived at Galaxy Corporation, we told the receptionist of our visit and were subsequently brought to a waiting room. After a while, someone entered.

Upon seeing that it was James, Shannon and I were shocked.

The boss usually did not have to show up personally to discuss matters like this.

Like before, James flashed us a bright grin and greeted us, “Hello! It’s been a long time since I’ve met you beautiful ladies. How have you been?”

My lips twitched. He has never spoken normally every time we met!

Tilting her head, Shannon asked with a smile, “Mr. Dalton, we’re here to discuss some matters with Galaxy Corporation. Are you planning to talk to us personally?”

James smiled and said flippantly, “It’s my honor to talk to you beautiful ladies. How can I give up such a valuable opportunity?”

I was speechless. Can he just talk nicely?

Ahem! I cleared my throat and said seriously, “Let’s start discussing, then. What questions do you have about the shoot?”

Let’s get this over and done with quickly.

However, James was not eager to start discussing. Instead, he kept chatting about irrelevant things with me and Shannon.

Neither of us knew what he was trying to do.

Just as I could not stand it anymore, the door was flung open and Dominic strode in.

I was stunned. Why is he here? Didn’t he say that he’s not going to join us?

When James saw Dominic, he clapped his hands and announced, “Since everyone’s here, let’s go to the meeting room.”

So he’s just waiting for Dominic.

After excusing myself from Shannon, I tugged on Dominic’s arm and asked, “Why are you here?”

He lowered his head and swept his gaze across me. “Because I want to.”

What’s wrong with his man? How can he change his mind so quickly?

While Dominic and James walked in front, Shannon and I followed at the back.

Shannon whispered suspiciously, “Why is Dominic here? He’s got nothing to do with your comic being filmed, does he?”

I shook my head gloomily. “I don’t know what he’s up to. He’s probably crazy. Let’s ignore him!”

We sat down upon arriving at the meeting room. A secretary walked in with a stack of papers and gave each of us a copy.

James said that it was the edited script for the comic and told me to review it carefully. If there was anything that I found odd, I could raise it and they would edit it again.

I flipped through the script. Previously, I had already scanned through Dominic’s comic.

Yet, after realizing I had taken the wrong draft and that Dominic was back with Camille again, I stopped reading it.

Even if I read the script, I probably would not have any opinion about it.

As I could not possibly say that in front of them, I nodded at James to signal that I would review it carefully.

I thought that the meeting was over by now, but James asked me another question which I had no idea how to answer.

“Lilina, I’ve already read your comic. Although it’s just about small events in everyday life, it’s very sweet. What were your feelings when you drew this comic? Were you in a relationship?”

Stunned, I glanced at Dominic subconsciously.

I did not know what he was thinking about. With his head lowered, he stared at the script on the table and gave no response.

He’s the one who drew the comic. How could I possibly know what he was thinking about back then?

As James was waiting for my answer, I had no choice but to steel myself and say, “Well, it’s been ages since I drew it. I was still a student back then and merely doodled when I was bored. This has nothing to do with the show, does it?”

“Of course it’s relevant! We can only grasp the essence of the comic after understanding your feelings. That way, the show will be much more touching to the audience.”

I was stunned. Why is he making it so profound? It’s just a comic!


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