Love the Second Time Around Chapter 157 by NovelsYou

Chapter 157 Pulled Some Strings

I took a step back and asked with a trembling voice, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

He bent forward and pinched my chin with his left hand. Narrowing his eyes, he said coldly, “Looks like you need to be taught a lesson, Liliana.”

“What are you talking about? I’m telling the truth, but you refused to listen. We… Hey! Are you crazy, Dominic?”

Catching me off guard, he suddenly pulled on my collar and bit my shoulder.

“Ouch! Dominic, it hurts! Let go of me!”

I no longer wanted to wear knitted sweaters like this anymore. It just made things simpler for Dominic.

Finally, he released me. My right shoulder was in so much pain that it felt numb.

Tears welled up in my eyes. “You jerk, Dominic! Are you a dog? Why did you bite me for no reason? You even bit me so forcefully! You’re crazy!”

Dominic laughed wildly. “I’m giving you a lesson. Try saying that you want to leave me one more time.”

I pursed my lips and remained silent. Instead, I cursed him madly in my mind.

He raised his hands and wiped the tears away from my face in a rather rough manner. “You look so ugly like this. Let’s go.”

I wanted to pounce onto him and bite him back. He’s the one who made me cry! How dare he call me ugly? What a jerk!

“Why aren’t you leaving? Do you want me to bite you again?”

When I heard that, I did not dare to remain in my daze and quickly followed him.

Dominic walked in front and led us out of the car park.

Only then did I realize something: Dominic mentioned that he had taken a cab here. So he was lying when he said he wanted to take something from the car. He didn’t even buy anything!

He just wanted to trick me into coming here and bullying me.

We went to a shopping mall and bought a lot of things before returning to the hospital.

When we arrived at Grandpa’s ward, Mom spotted the shopping bags in our hands and frowned.

“Dom, didn’t you say that you left to get something? You just bought them, right? You even left for such a long time.”

I remained silent. Yeah, he just bought it. I hope that he gets exposed, that liar!

On the other hand, Dominic remained calm and replied guiltily, “I rushed here early in the morning, so I didn’t have time to prepare anything. Still, I can’t possibly visit Grandpa without bringing anything, right? I had no choice but to drag Lian with me to buy something. Please don’t be angry, Helen.”

I almost choked on my water. This jerk! Why is he so good with words? He can make anything sound true.

Mom was beaming brightly again, showing no hints of annoyance.

“You’re too polite, Dom. You aren’t an outsider, so there’s no need for you to buy so many things. I’ll let this pass, but you’re not allowed to buy anything in the future, okay?”

Her words did not sit well with me. Remembering how he bit me earlier, I felt nothing but anger.

“Mom! How is he not an outsider? Stop trying to get all chummy with him. Who knows if he thinks the way you do?”

Mom spun around and glared at me; she was upset. “What nonsense are you talking about, Lili? He came all the way here to visit your grandfather and even bought so many gifts. Why are you picking on him?”

I pouted. Before I could rebuke her, Dominic chimed in, “Helen, don’t scold Lian. I’ve been too busy to accompany her, so she’s not very happy with me. I’ll coax her later.”

Coax me? Are you going to bite me again?

I grunted in dismay, not wanting to say anything else.

Mom instructed me, “Lili, follow me to fill up some water. Dom, stay with her grandfather for a while.”

I followed Mom out unwillingly, knowing that she was definitely planning to chide me. Before I could refuse, she had dragged me out.

While we walked along the corridor, Mom stared at me for a long time before saying, “Did you argue with Dom? When I bumped into both of you this morning, things looked weird between you two.”

My heart skipped a beat when I heard that. Did Mom overhear something?

“We weren’t arguing. It’s just some banter! Stop making wild guesses, Mom.”

Mom glared at me in annoyance. “I’m not guessing. I just want to remind you that although it’s normal for couples to argue, you mustn’t let it harm your relationship. What would Dom would think after hearing what you said just now?”

I was speechless. So, at the end of the day, she’s still trying to scold me.

“Mom, what if Dom and I break up one day? What will you and Dad do?”

Mom sighed. “What else can we do? Although we hope that both of you can be together, this is your relationship. What’s important is that you’ve thought it through and that you don’t regret your decision.”

I sighed, too, and gave no reply.

After filling up the bottle with water, I returned to the ward with Mom to see Grandpa chatting with Dominic.

Although Grandpa was not as affectionate toward Dominic as Mom, it seemed like their relationship had improved.

What’s up with Dominic? How did he manage to impress everyone around me?

At noon, Dad came to the hospital and we had a meal outside. While my parents returned to the hospital, Dominic and I went to the police station.

The police had called to inform us that the burglar had been caught.

Although my parents did not plan to visit the police station, I wanted to go there and give that burglar a harsh scolding.

Yesterday, Dad was even speculating whether the police could capture the burglar. Since they managed to do so today, it proved that they were quite efficient.

However, I was confused. Why is the burglar detained in a police station in Dellmoor?

When I saw the burglar at the police station, I was surprised. Isn’t he that man who tried to frame us when we were in the countryside?

When the man spotted me and Dominic, he started hurling insults at us. The policeman beside him had to shut him up.

Only then did I realize that the man had probably targeted our house on purpose to take revenge.

However, not only did he fail to seek revenge, but he also shot himself in the foot.

After leaving the police station, Dominic made a call. It was then that I realized he had pulled some strings and ordered an investigation on the man. If not for Dominic, the culprit might have gone scot-free.

Furthermore, Dominic had already instructed his men to check the man’s background before. It was through tracking him that they managed to find the culprit.

Dominic sent the man to Dellmoor because he wanted him to be locked up for a period of time and suffer a harsher punishment.

I was thankful for Dominic’s help, but a deep sense of helplessness surfaced within me simultaneously.


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