Love the Second Time Around Chapter 156 by NovelsYou

Chapter 156 Not Allowed To Leave Him

The things Dominic had done for me and my family were starting to confuse me. I came to wonder if his gestures were genuine.

Just because Grandpa had been admitted to the hospital, he worked overnight and rushed over so early the next day.

If he was merely pretending, his act was simply too realistic.

Only real couples or married people would do this.

I wanted to ask him about it. It was also a reminder for both of us to keep to our boundaries without overstepping them.

Dominic, if this is just an act, stop being so nice to me.

I thought about it silently for a while before dragging him out to the corridor outside. After all, I could not possibly ask him in front of Grandpa.

However, as it was too weird to go straight to the point, I tried to ask in an indirect manner. ”Did you not sleep last night? The circles under your eyes are so dark!”

Dominic scoffed, “Why do you ask? Are you concerned about me?”

I nodded honestly. “Yeah, I am. Your health isn’t that great, either. Look, your arm is still bandaged. How did you come here? Did Calvin send you?”

Dominic shot me a weird look before saying, “I hailed a cab here because Calvin’s busy, too. Take off my tie for me.”

When I raised my hand and took off his tie, the nurses passing by tried to hide their giggles.

We must seem really intimate to everyone else.

I thought about it silently and froze halfway. However, I did not dare to raise my head and look at him.

“Dominic, I’d like to ask you a question. Can you answer me honestly?”

He replied impatiently, “Are you trying to put together an encyclopedia? Why do you have so many questions? Does taking off my tie give you some huge revelation about the universe?”

Hmph! The mood was there but he has just ruined it with his words.

“Can’t you just have a normal conversation with me? I don’t keep asking questions every day. Just tell me if you’ll answer truthfully or not!”

He lifted my chin and smirked teasingly. “Your temper’s getting hot recently, huh?”

I slapped his hand away in frustration. “Dominic!”

He laughed; he was not furious at all. “Fine, just for today. Ask ahead!”

I had already thought of my question. However, now that he suddenly agreed, I found myself unable to ask him.

Noticing my silence, Dominic urged, “Ask now. I’m giving you a chance. If you don’t ask, you won’t find another chance to do so.”

I tightened my grip on his tie. Despite the conflicted feeling within me, I decided to ask.


When he did not reply, I glanced at him. “Are we… Are we still pretending?”

His eyes glinted momentarily.

Staring at me intently, he asked solemnly, “What do you think? If it’s not an act, what is it?”

Speechless, I pursed my lips. If it’s not an act, I hope that it’s true.

But could it ever be true?

“Tell me, Liliana. What do you think it is?”

I shook my head silently. A long time passed before I replied, “Dominic, if you still want to be together with Camille and marry her, stop doing this to me. Why don’t we end this strange relationship? Since it has to end when you’re married, let’s end it early. It’d be better for both of us.”

I could not understand the unfathomable and brooding look in Dominic’s eyes. Why is he taking such a long time to reply either yes or no?

“Dominic!” I could not help but call out to him again.

He suddenly laughed. However, it did not seem cheerful at all. When he spoke, his tone was extremely cold.

“We agreed that you have to stay by my side as long as I’m not married. You said that yourself! How can you forget it so quickly?”

I protested anxiously. “I didn’t forget. But you are getting married soon, aren’t you? It’s already December and we…”

“It’s none of your business when I get married. As long as I’m not married, you’re not allowed to leave me!”

When I heard his furious voice, I was at a loss for words.

“Lili, Dom, why are you here so early? Have you had breakfast? I brought some over. Let’s eat together!”

Just when Dominic and I were at a stalemate and unable to say anything to each other, Mom arrived.

I pursed my lips and tried my best to regain my composure. Turning around, I looked at her and asked, “Mom, why didn’t you sleep for a longer while? Where’s Dad?”

“Your Dad went to school to settle some work. He’ll come later. Since I left the house with him, I brought breakfast for you. Dom, why are you here so early? Lili said that you’ve been busy with work recently. And your arm hasn’t healed yet! I hope you won’t fall sick later!”

Dominic had already gone back to his normal self. Smiling gently at Mom, he answered, “I was busy but I’m almost done with work now. When Lili said that her grandfather is in the hospital, I was worried so I rushed over.”

Looking at how casually Dominic was chatting with Mom, I sighed silently.

He doesn’t know how much of an agony it is for me to stay by his side like this every day.

Dominic was still chatting with Mom when he mentioned that he was going to get something with me.

“Helen, I brought some nutritional stuff for Grandpa. I’ll head downstairs with Lili to bring it up. You should go in first and keep him company.”

Although Mom insisted that he did not have to do that, she was beaming happily. She must be silent heaping praises on Dominic now.

Holding my hand, Dominic turned around and walked toward the elevator. The moment we entered, he let go of me.

I glanced at him, wanting to say something. However, I decided against it.

The elevator stopped at the underground car park level. Ignoring me, Dominic strode out while I followed him gloomily.

I did not understand why he insisted on keeping me with him. If he did not love me and did not want to be together with me, I would only be an eyesore to him.

What’s the point of doing something that makes everyone unhappy?

I walked forward with my head lowered. As I did not notice him stopping, my head bumped into his back.

I was about to chide him when I raised my head. My eyes abruptly met his dark, soulful eyes.

Why is he looking at me so scarily?


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