Love the Second Time Around Chapter 155 by NovelsYou

Chapter 155 Pure Luck

After I received Dad’s call, I hurried back to Dellmoor. On the way there, I called Dominic. However, as no one picked up, I stopped calling

When I reached Dellmoor, I rushed straight to Dellmoor Hospital instantly, not daring to waste even a single second.

Tears streamed down my cheeks the moment I saw Grandpa lying on the bed with his eyes closed. Blood had seeped through the bandage that was wrapped around his head.

Sobbing, I asked Dad what happened. It’s only been a few days after Grandpa’s birthday. How did he get injured?

My dad replied that a burglar had snuck into the house at night, waking Grandpa up. When he tried to catch the burglar red-handed, he accidentally fell.

Luckily, not only was Grandpa was awakened but Sam, our neighbor, also woke up due to the noise.

After realizing that Grandpa had fainted, Sam immediately sent him to the clinic in the village for emergency treatment. Then, he contacted Dad, who sent Grandpa to Dellmoor Hospital.

If Sam had not done that, the consequences would have been dire.

Grandpa was fine now. However, as he was already quite old, he still had not woken up.

I was fuming with rage. What’s wrong with those burglars? Why did they choose to rob our house? There’s nothing valuable inside!

“Dad, did you manage to catch the burglar? Have you called the police? If it’s the burglar who injured Grandpa, we can sue him for causing harm. How despicable of him!”

Dad shook his head. “We called the police, but they said that it’ll be challenging catching the burglar. Let’s ask your grandfather after he wakes up. What matters now is that he’s safe and sound.”

After thinking about it, I agreed. The most important thing was for Grandpa to be all right.

“Lili, where’s Dom? Didn’t he come back with you?” Only then did Dad remember to ask about Dominic.

I explained, “I called him, but he didn’t pick up. He’s been busy recently. By the way, why isn’t Mom here?”

“I told her to go home and prepare some chicken noodle soup for your grandfather after he wakes up. The food served by the hospital tastes horrible.”

I nodded.

Grandpa woke up once in the afternoon but soon fell asleep again. When we summoned a doctor over, he said that Grandpa was fine.

However, the doctors still needed to observe him for a few days. After ensuring that he did not have a concussion and that his vitals were stable, he would be discharged. He only had to return periodically to redress his wound.

Later on, my aunts and uncles arrived as well.

Dad discussed with them for a while and decided that after Grandpa was discharged, he would stay with us at Dellmoor so that Dad, Mom, and I could take care of him together.

The rest agreed and even offered to pay a sum of money each month. Although Grandpa would stay at my parents’ place, everyone pitched in to take care of him.

Initially, Dad refused. However, the relatives said that they were too busy with work to take care of Grandpa.

Since Dad and Mom were teachers and had more time on their hands, they could take better care of Grandpa. The rest could not do that personally, so they felt obligated to fork out some money as a gesture of their goodwill.

Only then did Dad finally agree, though he insisted that the contribution should not be too much. After all, he and Mom could afford to take care of Grandpa.

I was touched listening to their conversation. Although everyone in the family had their own flaws, it was still very heartwarming to witness their willingness to help.

As Grandpa still had not woken up, the rest left after a short stay. They had driven over in a hurry and needed to rush back at night as they had to work the next day.

At night, Mom arrived with the chicken noodle soup she had made for Grandpa. Coincidentally, he woke up at that moment.

I was relieved that he was awake and conscious.

Yet, when I remembered how he had to catch a burglar himself despite his old age, my heart ached. I could not help but remind him, “Grandpa, you mustn’t do this anymore. You scared us so much!”

Although Grandpa was injured, he still protested loudly, “Why not? Burglars are targeting our house! If I don’t catch him, do I just watch him steal our belongings?”

Unable to hold herself back, Mom interrupted, “Just watch, then. Your health is the most important. Furthermore, there’s nothing valuable at home. Dad, you’re not young anymore, okay?”

Grandpa’s expression turned grim as he said coldly, “Nonsense! Even a broken bowl is our belonging. How can someone else steal it? This burglar is lucky enough to escape. If I have gotten my hands on him, I would have broken his leg! How dare he steal from our house?”

When I heard that, I quickly coaxed him. “Don’t do that, Grandpa. You shouldn’t do something like this anymore. Don’t you know how worried I was when Dad told me that you’ve been admitted to the hospital? I want you to live till a hundred years old and watch me get married and have kids!”

Mom chimed in, “Yeah! You’ve always doted on Lili, so you’ve got to listen to her. Don’t you want to stay healthy and play with your great-grandchildren?”

Only then did Grandpa calm down. He patted my hand and said, “Fine, I’ll listen to you. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely live long enough to watch you get married and have kids.”

Our persuasion proved effective. When Dad told Grandpa that he would stay with us after getting discharged, Grandpa hesitated for a while. In the end, he agreed. He no longer refused so adamantly as before.

When we were accompanying Grandpa in the hospital and chatting with him, Dominic called.

After explaining the situation to him, I told him that he did not need to trouble himself and rush over if he was busy with work.

That was my parents’ intention, too. After all, Grandpa was fine now.

Dominic replied that he would visit tomorrow after he had settled everything.

Dad initially wanted to stay overnight in the hospital to keep Grandpa company. However, since they were tired, I told them to go home and offered to stay behind instead.

When Dominic said that he would visit tomorrow, I assumed that he would come in the afternoon or at night. Surprisingly, it was barely seven in the morning when he called me and asked me where I was.

I was shocked when I saw him appear at the hospital with breakfast in his hands.

“Why did you come here so early? Didn’t you say that you had to finish your work first?”

He passed the breakfast to me. “Yeah, I came after finishing everything.”

Stunned, I stared at him without saying anything. What is he talking about? Did he burn the midnight oil to finish his work?

“I know I’m handsome, but you don’t have to stare at me like that, do you?”

I rolled my eyes in disgust when I heard that. I’ve never seen anyone as narcissistic as he is!

However, I was still a bit suspicious. Did he work overnight just to rush here in time?

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