Love the Second Time Around Chapter 153 by NovelsYou

Chapter 153 Birthday Celebration

In all honesty, I was worried about running into the paparazzi if I brought the ravioli to Nicholas. However, how could I possibly turn down a kind, old lady who was only eager to celebrate her grandson’s birthday?

As such, I eventually acceded to Monica’s request. It’s fine. I’ll just be extra careful when I get there.

After dinner, I had planned on staying to chat with Monica, only to have her insist that I leave early so the ravioli wouldn’t turn cold.

Soon, I bade my goodbye and left for Nicholas’ place.

Along the way, I chanced upon a cake shop, which gave me an idea. Since it’s his birthday, it wouldn’t be right to show up without a cake, would it?

Having made up my mind, I went ahead and bought a chocolate mousse cake, not even knowing if Nicholas would like it or not.

With ravioli and a cake in tow, I realized it would be better to ask Nicholas for his whereabouts lest I made a trip in vain.

“Hey, Nicholas, it’s me. Are you still on set?”

“No, I’m not feeling too well, so I’m staying home today,” Nicholas replied while coughing. “What’s the matter?”

He was coughing so much that I could not help but worry about his condition. “What’s wrong with you? Down with a cold?”

“Yes, but it’s not serious.”

Given how badly he was coughing, there was no way I would have believed him.

“So you’re at home in South Hill? Have you taken medicine?”

Nicholas once again went into a coughing fit before croaking, “I’ve run out of cold medicine at home. I fell asleep in the afternoon and haven’t gone out to buy more.”

Well, that’s not right. I can’t let a patient head out to get his own medicine.

“All right. Just stay home and rest. I’ll get your medicine. Anyway, your grandmother has also asked me to bring something to you. Let the security guards know I’ll be popping by soon. I don’t want to be stuck outside.”

“Okay. I’ll wait for you.”

As soon as I ended the call, I popped into the nearest pharmacy and ended up with a few types of medicines since I was not sure about Nicholas’ exact symptoms.

With all the necessary items finally in hand, I hailed a cab and made my way to his villa in South Hill.

My worries about running into paparazzi also gradually dissipated as I realized how much tighter the security at Nicholas’ villa was, compared to that on sets.

The moment the cab pulled in front of the villa, I immediately got out and walked toward the guardhouse.

“You must be Ms. Zanetti,” the security guard greeted politely. “Mr. Scott has already informed me of your visit. Please come in; I’ll send you to Mr. Scott’s villa.”

My head was reeling and it took a moment for me to regain composure. “Ahh… T-Thank you so much. Sorry to trouble you.”

This villa sure is different! Not only are the security guards more professional, but they even send you right to the doorstep!

Before long, the guard had dropped me off at the villa entrance where Nicholas was already patiently waiting.

“How did you know I’ve arrived?” I asked curiously.

Nicholas gave a little chuckle. “The guard notified me as soon as you stepped out of the cab. That was why when I heard the sounds outside, I knew it had to be you.”

“Oh, I see… Hey, I don’t need your help with these! They aren’t heavy at all. You’re the patient, for goodness’ sake. I’ve got this!” I exclaimed and hastily turned away when Nicholas tried to reach for my shopping bags.

Once I entered the living room, my gaze immediately fell onto the pile of blankets on the couch. “Have you been sleeping on the couch the whole afternoon? You’re quite the stubborn patient, aren’t you?”

“Oh, give me a break. I was too tired and ended up here in my daze.”

“Well, I’m glad you still remembered to fetch a blanket in your daze,” I chided. “Nicholas, you have to take better care of yourself. If Mrs. Scott finds out about this, she’s going to give you an earful!”

“Haha, why else do you think I kept it from her? Now you have to help me keep it a secret too. By the way, you said Grandma had something for me. What is it?”

I smacked my forehead as I suddenly recalled the food that Monica wanted me to deliver.

Without hesitation, I handed the lunchbox to Nicholas before pointing at the cake I had bought. “It’s your birthday, so Mrs. Scott made your favorite ravioli and asked me to bring them to you. I even bought a cake on the way here. I hope you like chocolate.”

Nicholas gave me a quizzical look. “My birthday?”

“Oh, my. Don’t tell me you forgot about it? Mrs. Scott said she has always celebrated your birthday early instead of on the exact day.”

Still somewhat perplexed, Nicholas had to check the date on his phone before everything finally became clear to him.

“Argh! I did forget about it. In the past, Grandma would always remind me, but I’ve just been too busy this year.”

I pushed the ravioli toward him and broke into a wide grin. “It’s still not too late to remember it. Go on, eat your food before it turns cold. I’ve had it earlier and it was delicious. Mrs. Scott said you love her homemade ravioli the most.”

Nicholas nodded with a smile and happily tucked into his dinner, scoffing down everything in just a blink of an eye.

From the looks of it, he did indeed love his grandmother’s ravioli. I also wouldn’t be surprised if that was his first meal of the day.

“All right, give your grandmother a call,” I reminded. “I’ll get the cake ready and you can take your medicine after.”

Nicholas nodded and promptly did as instructed.

I went ahead and got everything ready for Nicholas’ birthday celebration, placing the cake on the coffee table and topping it with candles.

After a while, Nicholas passed his phone to me, “Here, Grandma wants to talk to you.”

“Hi, Mrs. Scott,” I said cheerily. “I’m proud to say that the ravioli has been safely delivered and consumed by Nicholas.”

Monica burst out laughing on the other end of the phone before replying, “Good! Nothing makes me happier than that. Lili, spend more time with him tonight, will you? When the two of you are free, do visit me together.”

“No problem. Rest early, Mrs. Scott. Bye!”

As I handed the phone back to Nicholas, I remarked, “Your grandmother really misses you a lot.”

“I know. Once I’ve finished filming, I’ll take a break and spend time with Grandma.”

I nodded in approval before getting him to turn off the lights for the celebration.

Soon, we were both gazing at the lit candles in the dark room.

“Time to blow out the candles,” I said after serenading Nicholas with the mandatory birthday song. “Oh, don’t forget to make your wish!”

Nicholas closed his eyes for almost three seconds before blowing the candles out and turning the lights back on.

“Okay, birthday boy, go ahead and cut the cake.”

With that, Nicholas deftly cut his cake and handed me a slice. “Liliana, thank you so much for celebrating my birthday with me.”

I waved a dismissive hand at him and chortled. “You’re welcome. Your grandmother entrusted me with this task so I’m determined not to fail her. Besides, we’re friends.”

After taking a glance around the living room, I added, “By the way, why are you on your own? Where’s Jake? Shouldn’t he be helping to take care of you?”

“Well, Jake-”

Before Nicholas could finish his sentence, his phone rang.


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