Love the Second Time Around Chapter 150 by NovelsYou

Chapter 150 Release Her Urge

Calvin scanned every corner of the room and shook his head. “Mr. Hartnell, there’s nothing.

Upon hearing that, Dominic let out a smile. “They still know their boundaries.”

Upon recalling some drama I used to watch on TV, I suddenly had a realization. “I know! You’re looking for hidden cameras and eavesdropping devices, right?”

Dominic replied impatiently, “Don’t overthink. Just remember what I’ve just told you.”

Sheesh. What’s the big deal?

Right then, there was a knock on the door. I responsively stood up and went to open the door.

But Dominic immediately pulled me and took a stern glance at me.

I could only sit down obediently as I let Calvin open the door.

I was disappointed to see that neither Shannon nor Quinn came. It was just a waiter sending over some snacks and drinks.

Staring at a table full of food, I had no appetite at all. Who knows if these foods might be poisoned?

After ten minutes, I could not help but ask, “What’s taking it so long? Do you think Quinn is even here?”

“This is his father’s territory. He always comes here for pleasure. And didn’t you say that Shannon texted you the name of this place?”

I pondered for a while and thought that he had a point. But what if Quinn’s pretending he’s not here and refuses to meet us?

“But will he…”

Before I could ask the question, I saw Quinn opening the door and walking in.

He was stunned momentarily upon seeing me but he chose to ignore me as he greeted Dominic delightfully. “Mr. Hartnell, what brings you here today? Are you here for some pleasure?”

Quinn was somehow different from usual. With Shannon’s well-being in mind, I was concerned about the way he ignored me. In that instance, I forgot about what Dominic had instructed me.

I stood right up and ran toward him. “Quinn, where’s Shannon? Where did you bring her to? Hand her over now.”

Quinn stared at me with a baffled look. “Ms. Zanetti, what are you talking about? I’ve been busy the whole day and I did not look for her at all. Did anything happen to her?”

Staring at his pretentious look, I was beyond exasperated. As I was about to burst into rage, Dominic pulled me aside.

“Dominic, he…”

I wanted to tell Dominic that Quinn was lying. But as I saw Dominic’s eyes flash with warnings, I immediately shut my mouth.

After I fell silent, he turn to Quinn. “Where’s Shannon?”

Quinn’s expression became tensed upon hearing that.

After a moment of silence, he responded with a smile. “Mr. Hartnell, I’m not able to answer your question. I didn’t…”

“Quinn,” Dominic interrupted him abruptly, “I don’t care who you want to toy with, but not Shannon. I’m here only to take her with us.”

Quinn fell into deep silence once again. He stared at us with a complicated gaze.

Dominic added again, “Hand her over now and I’ll pretend nothing has happened. Or else, I might need to discuss with your father about the development of that land on the West Side.”

In that instance, Quinn gritted his teeth and changed his tone. “Fine. I’ll listen to you out of respect.”

Upon hearing that, I felt a great relief in my heart. “Where’s she now?”

Dominic did not stop me from speaking this time, supposedly because the problem was solved.

Quinn was still ignoring me when he took out his phone and made a call. After a while, the previous middle-aged man entered the room again.

“Bring Mr. Hartnell there,” Quinn instructed the man with marked displeasure in his tone.

With that, I immediately followed Dominic closely.

Reaching the door, Dominic turned around and said to Quinn, “Don’t ever look for Shannon again.”

“Sure. I won’t touch anyone whom you want to protect, Mr. Hartnell. But…” He let out a sinister smile and he said something strange. “I hope you’ll have fun.”

I could not care less about what he said because my priority was to take Shannon away from this place.

I finally saw Shannon in the last room on the floor.

Her condition seemed odd. Quinn had changed into an extremely s**y outfit.

Upon seeing that, I immediately took off my coat and covered her up.

“Calvin, let’s take her and go back.”

Coming out of the Golden Prince, I sneezed as I had no coat on me.

“Don’t try to act kind next time.”

I was utterly displeased to hear Dominic’s words.

I wasn’t trying to act kind. I just couldn’t bear to see her almost naked.

Just when I became overwhelmed with discontent, something warm surrounded me suddenly.

I lowered my head and realized Dominic had put his coat on me. He was left wearing only a thin shirt.

“Why did you give me your coat? Aren’t you cold? You’re wearing so little. Would you please keep it for yourself? You are still wounded.

Dominic walked forward impatiently. “Just cut the c**p and walk faster.”

I made a funny face at him secretly. I decided not to argue with him for the sake that he helped me to save Shannon today.

Dominic sat in the passenger’s seat of the car, as I wanted him to.

Shannon had been drugged so she was moaning in pain as she struggled incessantly. It took me a lot of strength to hold her down.

“Dominic, what should we do now? Will Shannon be okay? Maybe we should go to the hospital.”

“Even the hospital has no cure for it. The only thing we can do now is to find a man for her to release her urge.”

I could not believe my ears.

“Absolutely not!” I shook my head forcefully.

“But look at her. She’s dying,” Dominic uttered in a composed manner.

“Is there no other way? Let’s go to the hospital anyway. Who knows if the hospital could offer other alternatives?”

There was no way I would find a random man to help Shannon with this.

Who knows what kind of man we might get? What if he has some diseases? What if he’s a pervert?

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