Love the Second Time Around Chapter 146 by NovelsYou

Chapter 146 Birthday Celebration

Dominic laughed and teased me, “Liliana, actually I wanted to say that I will definitely obey Helen. After all, this is your family home, and there are several of your relatives around. But judging from the look of things, you want it very much, don’t you?”

I was dumbfounded for a moment before realizing that I had been fooled again.

“Go to hell! Who wants it? Speak for yourself. You’re the one with an e******n. I can’t believe the audacity of it! Dominic, you are a man who can only think with your d**k! Scumbag! B*stard! Baddie!”

I’m so pissed off right now. He’s obviously the one who isn’t behaving himself, and yet he has the guts to take me for a ride! Evil man!

I felt so good after giving him a good tongue-lashing. However, Dominic’s eyes darkened.

His mouth assaulted me unexpectedly like a thunderstorm, and I was caught off-guard.

I had no idea when he released my hands. By the time I regained my footing, his burning hands were already inside my clothes.

His kisses started to travel from my lips down to my neck.

“S-Stop it.” I tugged at his hair and pulled his head away from my body.

His eyes were filled with burning desire.

“No… You have to go back now…”

He whispered in his hoarse voice, “I can’t. You obviously want it.”

I pursed my lips, not knowing what to say.

It’s true that I want it but not now!

“Dominic, are you trying to get me chased out by my grandpa tomorrow?” I sounded hoarse as well, and my throat felt parched.

Without saying another word, he held the back of my head and slid his tongue into my mouth passionately. It was only after a long time before he let go of me.

Both of us were panting heavily. I stole a glance at his manhood, and a saying crossed my mind. You asked for it.

“Enough. You better leave now and go to bed.” I got off my bed and made sure I chased him out of there no matter what.

Dominic lifted my face up and said, “In the future, I will take my time and reclaim what is owed to me.”

Before I could react, he walked out of the door.

I sat on my bed and felt my ears burning.

After being riled up by Dominic the previous day, it had taken me quite a while before I fell asleep. At six that morning, I nearly could not open my eyes.

However, after a night of sleep and the application of the medication on my leg, it did not hurt as much anymore. At least, walking would not be an issue.

The moment I went out of my room, I saw grandpa sitting on the chair dressed in his best outfit. He looked particularly sprightly.

“Grandpa, you look so handsome today!”

He laughed upon hearing my compliment. “Cheeky girl! You are such a sweet talker. I’m already at this age. How can I still be handsome?”

I patted myself on my chest and said with confidence, “No matter how old you are, you are always the most handsome man in my eyes!”

Grandpa doubled over with laughter the moment I said that.

Not long after, Louis, Rachelle, Richard, and my youngest cousin, Jackson had all arrived.

I looked around for Dominic, but he was nowhere to be found, so I sent Louis to look for him.

Louis returned and told me that he was helping Dad.

I mumbled, “He has only the use of one arm. What can he possibly help Dad with? Lou, Dad didn’t assign him any chore that was too tough, did he?”

“Relax, Lili. The way I see it, Mom and Dad treat him better than they treat the two of us. It was just some minor chore. Don’t worry about it.”

Louis was right. Mom and Dad could not be any more biased.

Forget it. I can’t be bothered. Let him get tortured for a bit. I just wonder if he has returned Milena’s call yet.

Around ten, the custom-made, seven-tier cake had arrived as well.

The kitchen was already getting ready, and several others from the village had come to help out with the cooking. The house was bustling with excitement.

Louis and the rest of us had nothing to do, so we kept Grandpa accompanied. Whenever any guests arrived and offered Grandpa their birthday wishes, we would serve drinks to them.

Dominic only appeared after eleven o’clock. When I asked him what he helped my dad with, he mentioned something about doing the accounts.

I almost died when I heard that. I could not believe that my dad would dare to ask Mr. Hartnell to do such menial chores.

The banquet started at twelve.

In the early days, grandpa used to be a soldier. Later on, he became a teacher. Grandpa’s upright character made him a very prestigious and well-liked man in the village.

It was a pity that my grandma had passed away so early. If not, his seventieth birthday celebration would have been complete.

The three days and nights of celebration had finally come to an end. I could tell that grandpa was very happy.

All of my uncles and aunts had to leave the next day because of work and business.

Since my dad was about to retire and did not have many classes left, and my mom had also made prior arrangements, they would stay for another two more days to be with grandpa.

As for Louis, he had to return to school the next day too. His final exams were approaching, and like it or not, he would need to study for them.

Therefore, my parents and I decided to stay on for a few more days.

My dad asked Dominic where he planned to leave. To my surprise, he said he would leave with us. On the other hand, Calvin had informed me that Dominic would be busy during this period.

When I asked him about it, he said that everything had already been arranged. Since he said so, I let him be.

Our time in the village was not as exciting as city life, but it was relaxing, and I found it particularly enjoyable.

I also took Dominic around, and let him try his hand at everything that I had done when I was younger.

Even though Dominic did not seem to be too enthusiastic about everything, he went along nonetheless.

I was not sure how grandpa felt toward Dominic because he seemed to be finding fault with Dominic at almost everything.

In the end, I felt sorry for him.

To be honest, Dominic’s effort during the past few days had far exceeded my expectation.

The following day, we would be returning to the city. That night after dinner, we were all sitting down and having a chat.

After a short while, grandpa said he was tired and wanted to rest early. Naturally, none of us stopped him, but he took Dominic with him.


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