Love the Second Time Around Chapter 145 by NovelsYou

Chapter 145 Not Good Enough

“Hi! I’m sorry, but the owner of this phone is not here right now. If you can wait for a while, I will get the phone to him.”

I had always felt that it was a bad idea to answer others’ phone calls. That was why I clarified my identity upfront.

However, once I had finished speaking, there was no response from the other end. I thought that the caller had already hung up.

Just as I was about to speak again, I heard a familiar female voice.

She said coldly, “Liliana? Is Dom with you? Looks like you didn’t get my message during our last conversation.”

Oh my gosh! Is this woman Dominic’s mom?

“Why are you keeping quiet? Where have you taken Dom to this time? Don’t you know that he hasn’t recovered from his injury yet? Liliana, have you ever spared a thought for him before?”

Why am I so unlucky? One mistake, and I end up answering his mom’s call.

After hearing Milena’s bombardment on the phone, I dared not utter a single word.

In the end, after hesitating for about three seconds, I hung up the call.

She was not somebody that I could afford to offend. I would rather keep away from her.

It was my fault. I should not have answered his phone. When he checked his phone later, he would certainly return the missed call.

It’s all my fault!

I kept berating myself silently over and over again.

Unfortunately, his mom refused to give up. After a while, she called again.

Seeing that it was the same number, I declined the call without answering.

Dominic should have saved his mother’s number so that I would not have made a boo-boo like that.

Then again, I recalled that I did not save my parents’ phone numbers as well.

Nonetheless, Dominic’s mom was too persistent. After I had rejected the call, she phoned again.

That was too much for my poor heart to take it.

Once again, I declined the call. As a last resort, I decided to turn off the phone.

I needed to look for Dominic quickly so that he could pacify his mother.

My mom should have arranged for Dominic’s room to be adjacent to mine. True enough, as I walked out, I saw the door of that room open.

“What are you doing here? Doesn’t your leg hurt anymore? Go back. I’ll get Dom to bring some medicine for you, and you can rub it in yourself.”

The moment my mom saw me, she chased me back into my house. Before I left, I signaled to Dominic and waved the phone in my hand.

After waiting for a while in the house, Dominic came in with the ointment.

I handed him his phone. When he saw that it had been turned off, he looked at me.

“Now, listen to me. I didn’t intend to answer your phone. It’s just that you dropped it earlier on, and a call came in. I accidentally touched it, so I had no choice but to answer the call. Y-Your mom called three times. You better return her call immediately. I’m afraid she’s going crazy.”

I had thought that Dominic would rush to return the call. Instead, he said, “All right. There’s no hurry.”

“Aren’t you going to return the call?” I was feeling a little faint. His mom was already fuming, and if he was not going to do something to placate her soon, I might get into big trouble.

“Lift up your leg.” He completely ignored my question.

I removed my shoes and placed my leg on his. “Your mom didn’t sound too pleased just now. Didn’t you inform her that we are coming back to my hometown?”

Dominic looked at me as if I was a moron.

Come to think of it, it was a stupid question. I should have known that he would not have told her about it.

Dominic passed me the ointment and said, “Open it.”

I obediently did as I was told and handed the medication back to him. “You really don’t plan to return her call?”

He ignored me once again and started to rub the medicine on my leg with his left hand.

“Okay. I don’t care if you want to return her call or not, but please don’t let her take it out on me,” I pleaded helplessly.

The room became quiet after that. After watching him massage my leg for a while, I noticed something was amiss.

His left hand was working perfectly fine. Furthermore, he was also using his left hand to eat during dinnertime.

Before that, he needed me to feed him.

“Dominic, how dare you take me for a fool? Your left hand is obviously working fine, and yet you were ordering me around.”

“I like it,” he replied casually.

I nearly died of frustration. Before I could give him a piece of my mind, I was taken aback by a sudden burst of pain.

I tried to retract my leg, but alas, Dominic refused to let go.

“Don’t move.”

I pouted and complained, “It hurts. Can you please be gentler?”

“If I’m being too gentle, how are you going to recover?”

I had no idea if he was doing it on purpose. His massage was causing me much pain, and if he had not pinned my leg between his knees, I would have surely kicked him away.

“All right, it’s almost done.” In truth, I really could not take it anymore. Standing up with one leg, I felt like pushing him away.

However, I lost my balance and fell into his arms.

Before I could get up, I heard my mom’s voice rang out, “Oh my! The two of you better behave yourselves. It’s only for a couple of days. It will be over soon.”

Turning to Dominic, she continued, “Dom, chat with her for a while more and then return to your house. Tomorrow, you need to be up early.”

I was stunned momentarily, and the next thing I knew, I could hear the door closing.

“Haha!” Dominic laughed.

I regained my senses and immediately stood up in a panic. Before I could get away from him, he grabbed hold of my hands and locked them behind my back.

I kept twisting my body to get away from him.

When I recalled what my mom had said earlier on, my body started to feel hot.

“If you move again, I cannot promise you I won’t do anything.”

His voice sounded husky, but there was something else that did not feel right.

D**n Dominic! He’s having an e******n!

I dared not move anymore and had no choice but to use my mom as my shield. “Well, you heard my mom just now. You are not allowed to do anything. You know what she meant.”

“If you want me to listen to Helen…”

I cut him off. “What do you want again? You want a kiss, isn’t it? Come, come, come. Come over a little more, and I will give you that kiss.”

I puckered up and leaned in to kiss him on his lips.

Thinking of the time when he commented that I was a lousy kisser, I thought I might as well go all the way and show him what I was capable of.

Instead, he pulled me away.

I did not understand what he was trying to do and so, I eyed him with caution. What? Is this not good enough for him?


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