Love the Second Time Around Chapter 142 by NovelsYou

Chapter 142 Childhood Memory

I felt that Nicholas was now a taboo to Dominic. The man became irritated whenever someone mentioned Nicholas, even if it wasn’t me.

I didn’t know about others, but I could sense the tension building up around him.

Unwilling to get into trouble, I quickly explained, “Rachelle, that news can’t be trusted. I’ve even brought him home to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday. Isn’t this obvious enough?”

“Haha! No wonder you don’t want me to introduce some men to you. You’ve found a boyfriend. Lili, since everyone is around, why don’t you introduce him to us?”

I let out a laugh. “There’s nothing much to say. His name is Dominic Hartnell, and he’s a businessman.”

My words piqued Aunt Gianna’s interest right away. “A businessman? Does he own a company? That’s great. He’s much better than the useless Julius, who only works for others. What kind of business is Mr. Hartnell doing? Maybe we can collaborate in the future. Honey, please get our business card,” Aunt Gianna asked while calling her husband to come over.

The first time I brought Julius home, she asked the same questions as well. After knowing he was only an average sales director, she treated him with disdain.

Despite knowing that they wouldn’t look down on Dominic if I revealed his family background, I refused to let the couple know more about him.

Like all businessmen, they often carried a guileful and materialistic aura. If they ever found out about Dominic’s prominent identity, they might do something outrageous.

My relationship with Dominic was complicated enough. I wanted nothing else to meddle in our affairs.

Aunt Gianna’s husband handed his business card to Dominic with a flattering grin. Before he could open his mouth or make his next move, I interrupted them. “Uncle, Dominic owns only a small business, so he doesn’t have any business card. If you and Aunt Gianna are interested, he can tell you more about his company after dinner.”

Sure enough, my words wiped the smiles off Aunt Gianna’s and her husband’s faces. After mumbling a few words, they brushed me off and stopped bothering me.

“Okay, okay, you two have asked too many questions. Why do you keep talking about that rascal? You’re rubbing salt into the wound.” My grandfather wasn’t happy that Aunt Gianna brought Julius up.

Even my parents’ expressions seemed a little surly.

Dominic didn’t show any unusual response, but the atmosphere was slightly awkward.

Immediately, Aunt Vivienne tried to lighten the mood. “Dad, why are you angry? Gianna is only concerned about Lili.”

I couldn’t bear to see my grandfather being upset, so I rushed over to him and changed the subject. Then, no one else brought the matter up again.

The birthday celebration would start tomorrow for three successive days so everyone in the suburbs could attend it.

All we needed to do was to buy the groceries and ingredients. Several chefs would be here to prepare the food tomorrow.

However, everyone would lend a helping hand, as this was the custom of how we organized a birthday celebration.

The younger ones had nothing much to do, but our parents still had to get a lot of things ready.

Other than my five-year-old cousin, Dominic, Louis, Rachelle, Aunt Vivienne’s son, Richard, and I left the house after eating lunch.

My parents did not want us to be at home too, lest we cause them any trouble.

There was not much entertainment in the suburbs. When I was young, my favorite activity when I returned to my hometown was following my grandfather to the market. He usually bought me various mouth-watering food and fun toys, but that was a long time ago.

Coincidentally, it was a market day today.

“Hey, let’s walk over there. It’s so crowded,” I urged the others.

Without waiting for their replies, I pulled Dominic toward the crowd.

“Dominic, I guess you have never seen this before. Let me show you around.” I appeared more enthusiastic than usual because I was in good spirits today.

“It’s only a market day. What’s the big deal?” Dominic sounded a little exasperated.

Turning around, I glanced at him and asked in surprise, “How did a city slicker like you know about a market day? How strange!”

Dominic ignored my comment. Never mind, since I’m in a good mood, so I’ll let him off.

Afterward, I ambled around the market for half a day, dragging Dominic along. Despite the ordinary products sold in the market, I found them interesting.

I purchased countless knick-knacks while Dominic watched me with contempt.

“You weren’t as happy when I asked you to choose diamond and gold jewelry, but now you’re so thrilled about these useless knick-knacks.”

Holding a plastic bag while enjoying cotton candy, I spoke with a slur, “It’s not the same at all. This is my childhood memory. It’s very dear to my heart, alright?”

Seeing that he remained silent, I waved my hands. “Fine. Rich kids like you won’t get it.”

“Do you want some cotton candy? I’m too full to take another bite.”

This was a bad habit of mine. Every time I saw cotton candy, I couldn’t help buying it, but I wouldn’t be able to finish eating it.

Dominic gave me a sniff of disapproval. “Do you think I’ll eat your leftover? It’s so dirty.”

“Don’t be so picky. How is it dirty? I picked the cotton candy with a stick before eating it. It’s so yummy. Try it!”

I did not care whether he was willing to eat it, picking some cotton candy with a stick and placing it in front of his lips.

“Liliana… Mmm…”

Right when he opened his mouth, I stuffed the candy in and chortled. “How’s it? Is it sweet? Does it taste good?”

“You’re really childish.” The man shot daggers at me with a grim face.

His reaction amused me, and I broke out into a fit of giggles. I lifted the remaining cotton candy in my hand. “Here you go. Don’t waste it. It has cost me some money.”

“One of my hands is occupied, so I can’t eat it.”

With a broad grin, I gazed at him. “No problem, I’ll feed you then. Finish it.”

He didn’t utter a word. His silence meant consent.

Along the way, I glanced around keenly while feeding him cotton candy.

Suddenly, someone bumped into me, and I staggered forward. Fortunately, Dominic reacted swiftly and held me up.

Before I found out what had happened, a hostile voice yelled, “Hey, watch where you walk! Are you blind? You knocked my wife!”


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