Love the Second Time Around Chapter 139 by NovelsYou

Chapter 139 If He Bought It For Me

“Dominic, Liliana… are you two back together?”

I was genuinely surprised when I saw Vicky and her shocked expression. I never expected to see her there.

My first instinct was to break free of Dominic’s hold, but he refused to let go of my hand.

What the hell? Does he not know that we should avoid causing misunderstandings?

Everyone saw that he and Camille were together when we were at the class reunion. Heck, we even got into a fight at the time.

Given our past, everyone would make terrible assumptions!

I grinned awkwardly and scanned around before replying, “What a coincidence. Are you here to buy some stuff too?”

Everyone was an adult who had worked a couple of years, so we were all political and adhered to the social rules. I could tell that Vicky was still curious, but she was quick to hide it away. She even rolled along and continued the conversation and topic I started.

We were all busy, so we didn’t chat for long.

Vicky later waved at me and claimed, “Let’s hang out and have a meal together some time. Oh, and if you two ever get married, remember to inform me of the wedding date beforehand. We can get all our classmates over and make it a grand party.”

I wasn’t sure if Vicky was being genuine, so I didn’t give her a clear response. After that, I dragged Dominic away.

I turned to Dominic when Vicky was no longer within our line of sight. Frustrated, I complained, “Why didn’t you let go of my hand earlier? What will you do if she bulls*ts to others?”

“You might think that it was timely, but she saw us holding hands ages ago,” replied Dominic nonchalantly.

Okay, you’re right about that, but we should’ve still let go!

“Okay, so you’re a brave dude with zero fears, but I am warning you right now! Deal with your mom and Camille accordingly and don’t let them come after me.”

The mere mention of Milena got me caressing my face instinctively. At that point, I was practically traumatized.

Dominic suddenly stopped walking. He crouched down and gave me a soft peck on my lips. That stiffened me immediately.

What the f*ck? We’re in the mall, and everyone is watching!

Dominic draped his arms over my shoulders and as he led me ahead, he promised, “I told you. I am the only one who will ever bully you.”

When I came around, I ignored everything and dragged Dominic out of the place.

Ah, that is so embarrassing! How is he staying so calm?

When we met up with everyone else, Lou asked curiously, “Lili, what’s up with your face? Is that an allergic reaction?”

As he spoke, he reached out to touch and check my cheek. I pushed my brother aside and complained, “Ah, go away. I’m not allergic. I’m j-just a little hot.”

This is all Dominic’s fault, but he’s standing there all calm like nothing had happened.

“Enough, you two. You’re both adults, so stop making a scene,” scolded my dad sternly to stop us both.

I stopped talking, and Louis became quiet after he stuck his tongue out at me.

After shopping for quite some time, my dad bought two boxes of luxurious tea. Huh, what a coincidence. That would match the teapot set I got grandpa.

Two boxes of tea didn’t seem enough, so my dad added a monetary gift to it.

“Oy, aren’t you supposed to prepare a present for my grandpa’s birthday? You’re coming along, after all,” I deliberately teased as I nudged Dominic.

He hadn’t even replied before my mom scolded, “What is there to prepare? Dom is there as our guest, so there is no need for him to get anything. Don’t listen to her, Dom.”

I pouted a little. What is she so nervous about? It’s not like Dominic is broke or anything. Besides, who would go to a birthday party empty-handed?

Dominic grinned brightly at me and replied, “Don’t worry. It’s the first time I’m meeting your grandfather, and it’s his birthday, so there is no way I’d go empty-handed. I won’t embarrass you or your parents.”

After he said his piece, I noticed, from the corner of my eye, that my dad was nodding in approval.

I wasn’t bothered by that. Instead, I was curious. I wanted to know what Dominic prepared, but he didn’t tell me. He simply gave me a mysterious grin.

We left after we bought everything we need.

When we walked out of the mall, I caught sight of the branded store on the other side of the road. It was a Cardill store.

Cardill… their products were crazy expensive, and I’ve seen a few photos of their products in the magazines before. The actual item itself, however, was beyond my reach.

Most women liked pretty and shiny objects and tended to fantasize about things. I was one of them.

As I stared at the poster in the shop, I fantasized. If Dominic were to buy me a gift from that store…

I was still lost in my own world when I heard Dominic asking my parents and Louis to wait for a while.

After saying his piece, Dominic led me across the road while I was still in a daze.

He was going to lead me into the Cardill store when I finally came around.

I stopped him and tugged at him before demanding, “Dominic, why did you take me over?”

“Why do you think? We’re here to buy some stuff. Hurry. Your parents are waiting.”

Yeah, I figured we’re here to buy some stuff, but… is he buying me a ring?

I suddenly panicked and did everything I could to drag Dominic away.

“What the hell are we buying? I don’t even like rings. Come on, Dominic. Let’s go home.”

I wanted one, but I couldn’t afford it, nor could I get myself to ask for it. More than anything, I worried that I wouldn’t be able to resist asking for even more as time passed.

“When have I ever said that I’m heading in to buy you a ring?” refuted Dominic while wearing a strange expression on his face. He dragged me into the store with ease.

Hearing his response got me lost. I asked, “Didn’t you say that you’re going to buy some stuff? Cardill is famous for its rings, right?”

Dominic stared for a while before he grinned meaningfully and replied, “Cardill specializes in rings, but that is not the only thing they offer. Do you want a ring from me? Are you that eager to marry me?”

I was instantly speechless. Gah, this is so embarrassing!

“I-I’m not a rich woman, so how would I know what the store actually sells? The posters can be misleading sometimes. Whatever the case, I don’t want anything from there.”

Dominic pulled me along and replied, “You can forget about the ring. It’s a gift meant for wives, so there is no way I’d buy it on a whim. Still, I can get you a small gift since you’ve been treating me so well lately.”

A gift meant for wives… Hearing those words stung my heart, and I felt terrible.

I am such an idiot. How many times have I warned myself against having stupid fantasies? Why won’t I listen to my own advice?

Camille is Dominic’s future wife, so she is the one he will buy a ring for.

As for me… Well, I am not allowed to have any fantasies about him.


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