Love the Second Time Around Chapter 138 by NovelsYou

Chapter 138 Prayed They Would Be Nice To Me

That was not the first time we kissed. Even if we ignored the countless times we kissed when we were dating, there were also the infinite times we kissed after we got reunited.

When we were dating, I would take the initiative to kiss him too, but he had always been the one to make the first move after we reunited.

Hence, I felt a little shy about kissing him, and I could feel my face turning red. What truly worried me, though, was the way my heart was thumping wildly as I kissed him.

At first, I planned on simply brushing my lips against his, but Dominic pinned the back of my head and locked me in place.

I leaned in his arms and panted after the intense kiss. It took me some time before I catch my breath.

His tone was ever so ambiguous when he whispered into my ear, “That is how a kiss is supposed to be. How many times do I have to teach you before you learn that lesson?”

I was already panicking, so his tease messed me up even more. I lost control and pushed him away without paying attention.

I stumbled out of his arms and was some distance away when I saw him holding his injured arm like he was in a lot of pain.

“Ah, how are you? Did I hit you? Does it hurt? Should we head to the hospital?”

It was likely I actually hurt him because sweat was flowing out of his forehead.

He was supposed to take it slow for a hundred days, and it was crucial that he recuperate. I genuinely worried that he wouldn’t recover if he got injured again.

Dominic gritted his teeth and grumbled, “Liliana, if you’re going to kill me, then at least give me a quick death!”

I was worried, but I was also angry. I also refused to admit defeat, so I refuted, “I-I didn’t do it on purpose. Besides, you can’t put all the blame on me. You’re the one who can’t control yourself and keeps thinking the dirty.”

Dominic stared calmly at me without saying a word.

I walked over and carefully helped him up. After that, I asked, “How are you feeling now? Maybe we should head over to the hospital to have your hand examined. You better stay here instead of following us along to the village tomorrow. I’ll ask Calvin to come to pick you up.”

“I’m fine for now,” replied Dominic as he reached out and pinched my face. He spoke slowly and clearly when he threatened, “I will keep a mental note of what happened today and will get back at you in the future.”

After saying his piece, he let me go and opened the bedroom door.

F*ck! He’s going to make a mental note of something so small? What the hell did I even do?

I chased after him to demand an explanation, but Dominic was already sitting on the couch with my dad when I left the room.

My dad looked worried and was pointing at Dominic’s injured arm while asking some questions.

D*mn that Dominic! He’s trying to make himself look good in front of my dad.

I walked over and greeted, “Hey dad. You’re back.”

My dad turned around and replied, “Yeah. Lili, go help your mom get the supplements ready and ask her to use the new blender. That way, Dom can drink the supplement quicker and recover soon.”

Dominic took advantage of the situation and timed it perfectly. He sounded ever so sweet when he said, “Thank you, David. My arm is actually fine. Besides, I’m still a young fellow, so I’ll recover soon.”

Hearing that got my dad to shake his head and replied, “That won’t do. You know, if I had known that you’re injured, I would’ve asked Helen to prepare everything beforehand. Lili never really cooked at home, so she must not have taken good care of you.

“Drink up tonight. The supplements will help heal you up.”

The way my dad was acting so worried and asking endless questions… D*mn, Dad is just as bad as Mom.

Why is everyone being so nice to Dominic? I hate this.

I was fuming a little as I marched into the kitchen. There, I saw my mom washing the vegetable, so I got a small stool and sat down beside her.

“Mom, why are you and Dad being so nice to Dominic? He’s an adult, so he can take care of himself. You didn’t need to do all this extra stuff for him. Also, neither you nor Dad are paying attention to me, even though I am right here.”

My mom shot an amused look at me and grinned. She commented, “Sweetie, why are you acting like this? Dom is injured, but he is still making the effort to celebrate your grandpa’s birthday with everyone. Under those circumstances, it’s only right that I c**k for him.”

“Yeah, but everybody is going overboard.” I was still extremely annoyed at the time.

My mom giggled aloud and teased, “Are you jealous?”

I knew that I was being immature, but still, I replied, “Yes, I am! Everyone has been circling around him since this morning. No one even asked about how I’m doing. Mom, I caught a cold!”

“My gosh, you really are…” said my mom before she trailed off. She looked a little exasperated at that moment.

That upset me even more, so I complained, “What? It’s not like my description is inaccurate. It’s true that everyone is circling around him. Everyone is so worried about him that it is ridiculous.”

“He is your boyfriend and your future husband, so shouldn’t we be nice to him?”

I muttered, “But no one was as nice to Julius. What is it about Dominic that got everyone so into him?”

My mom paused suddenly and dropped the vegetable she was washing. She sighed a little.

“I’m sorry, Mom. Let’s not think about that guy.”

I regretted being that immature and straightforward after hearing my mom sigh.

Julius was a bit of a taboo with my family at the time.

“Your dad and I sometimes talk about Julius after the two of you got divorced. We wondered if it was our fault. Perhaps we weren’t kind enough to him and his mother. Maybe that is what prompted him to do something so vile to you.

“Your dad and I really like Dom, and we are delighted to see the two of you together. We genuinely think that he is someone who will take care of you for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, the truth at the end of the day is that you are a divorcee. Dom doesn’t seem to mind, but there’s no saying what his family actually thinks about that.

“That is why we are all being nice to him. Yes, we genuinely care about him, but we also wish that his family will learn about this. That way, they would be discouraged from treating you badly.”

I was completely stunned because I never imagined that my parents had considered the issues that far into the future.

“Mom, I…”

I suddenly lost control and teared up a little. I was also tempted to tell her the truth.

However, I knew that my family wouldn’t be able to handle it if I reveal the truth at that moment.

That was why I swallowed the words at the tip of my tongue.

My mom wiped my tears away for me and grinned while teasing, “Why are you crying suddenly? You’re like a kid. So embarrassing.”

“I will always be a kid to you, and it doesn’t matter how old I actually am. No one should think that it’s embarrassing.”

“Seriously? Are you going to say that you’re just chubby if I had said that you’ve gained weight?” challenged my mom as she rolled her eyes at me.

We talked a lot after that, but she was mostly worried about what Dominic and I had planned for the future. She even reminded me to tell her right away if we accidentally got pregnant. She would rush to help us with the wedding.

Unfortunately, my mom was being too straightforward, so I felt embarrassed.

That afternoon, we went to the shopping mall.

Dominic and I held hands as we browsed around. That was when we bumped into someone we knew.


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