Love the Second Time Around Chapter 137 by NovelsYou

Chapter 137 Kiss Me

I glared evilly at Louis before I walked up to him and slapped his arm.

“Oy, Louis Zanneti, what the hell is wrong with you? Why did you greet him before you come to me? And why were you waiting for him? When did the two of you become so close? Also, do not refer to him as your brother-in-law! He is not my husband as of now.”

Louis pushed me aside and complained, “Lili, why are you being so violent? Geez, we’ve known each other for decades, so it’s only normal that we’ve had enough of seeing each other’s faces. It’s different with Dom. The two of you are finally back together, and it’s the first time I’ve seen him in forever.

“While we’re on the topic, what’s wrong with me calling him my brother-in-law? You two may not be married yet, but it’ll happen eventually. It’s just a timing matter.”

The way Louis spoke made it sound like I would only ever be with Dominic. Things change! It’s not like every other guy on Earth suddenly dropped dead.

“Louis Zanetti!”

I was both embarrassed and angry when I reached out to pinch that idiot’s ear. He was agile, though, so he slipped away and right to Dominic’s side.

That stupid baby brother of mine even winked at Dominic to elevate the problem and ask for help.

“Dom, you agree with me, don’t you?”

Dominic chuckled and replied, “You’re right. You’ll have to regard me as your brother-in-law sooner or later, so just speak as you like. Don’t listen to your sister, Lou. She’s just being shy.”

I glared over from the corner of my eye. Shy, my a*s!

And what the hell does he mean when he said that he will be the brother-in-law, eventually? Everything we have now is an illusion. It’s entirely possible that we will split again when he gets married!

A sting suddenly gripped my heart as that thought run past me.

Things had changed since I agreed to play along with Dominic. He had been mindlessly… or perhaps deliberately saying romantic things that got me feeling all warm and fuzzy. Unfortunately, those promises often left me broken-hearted.

There were times when I would find myself fantasizing about an impossible future as I relaxed.

I swayed a little, but I was quick to slap my face lightly to remind myself to return to reality.

When I turned toward Dominic, I saw that he was smiling warmly and sweetly. That got me so upset that I was tempted to head over and bite him.

Why the hell is he smiling so happily? He’s that delighted, huh?

Louis never listened to me. He just went around treating Dominic like a brother-in-law and seemed completely at ease about it.

“What happened to your arm, Dom? Has Lili turned that violent?”

I gritted my teeth and growled at Louis, “What the hell, Lou? Is that how you think of your big sister?”

“He’s right. Dom, how did you get injured? Oh, and you even had a cast on. Lili, why didn’t you tell me about this when I called earlier?”

My mom was exiting the kitchen with a plate of fruits at the time. When she saw that Dominic was bandaged, her smile turned upside down, and she seemed heartbroken. If a stranger was around, they would probably assume that Dominic was her biological son.

I instantly became speechless. Seriously? He’s just injured. Was I supposed to make an official announcement or some sh*t?

Dominic grinned and spoke up to comfort my mom. He said, “I’m fine, Helen. It’s just a minor injury.”

His words probably broke my mom’s heart even more because she reacted by leading him to the sofa to have him take a seat. She even called my dad and had him buy some supplements.

They sat there and had Dominic surrounded as they asked endless questions. I ended up being ignored at the side…

What the f*ck? I’m the biological daughter and sister here!

“Mom,” I called out, but no one responded.

I called out again, but still, no one replied to me. That got me so infuriated that I got up from the couch. I avoided Dominic’s injured arm and pulled at his other arm to get him up.

“Ah, Lili! What are you doing? Dom is injured, so you have to be gentler.”

“Lili, watch it. You don’t want Dom’s injury to exacerbate.”

My mom and brother were in unison and acted as if I was going to torture Dominic or something.

“Enough, both of you. I have something to tell him.”

My mom had a disapproving look on her face when she pointed out, “Then talk nicely. Why are you pulling him like that? The way you’re acting now means that you must not routinely take good care of him.”


What the actual f*ck? Back then, I was reprimanded and banned from bulling Lou, and now I am to treat Dominic like a fragile baby? Is that it, then? Am I just a pitiful child that no one loves?

I turned around and saw how Dominic was grinning brightly. That worsened the anger in me and prompted me to drag him right into the bedroom.

Click! I locked the door and pushed him onto the bed before growling angrily, “Dominic Hartnell, you are not to brainwash my parents and baby brother anymore!”

Pfft! Dominic chuckled aloud and asked, “What’s wrong? Are you jealous to see how Helen and Lou are treating me so well? There’s really nothing I can do with it, though. I am born with the charisma that makes everyone love me.”

“Can you stop being so narcissistic?” I demanded and harrumphed.

Dominic put on an exasperated expression, but his tone revealed that he was bragging when he said, “The truth that they like me more remains.”

I instantly got so angry that I could feel the words stuck in my throat. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the right words to refute him.

That was the day I learned that the old wives’ tale was true. Narcissistic a*sholes really were unbeatable.

It felt like my anger only served to make Dominic happier because he grinned at me after that. He even reached out and held my hand as he did so.

“Don’t touch me, or I might just break your other arm!”

Dominic ignored me. He pulled me over and got me to fall onto his lap. Everything felt natural, and it was like it was our routine.

I worried that I would hurt his arm, so I didn’t dare to resist too aggressively.

“Behave!” I warned evilly while glaring over.

He circled his arm around my waist. His beautiful eyes shone with warmth as his gaze focused on me. A hint of seduction was in his voice when he asked, “Or perhaps you’re not jealous of them being nice to me? Maybe you’re mad at me because I neglected you.”

I didn’t even think about it before I reached out to push his stupid face away and said, “Puh-lease! Like I would ever care about you? You know what? Forget about it. I’m too tired to argue with you. Let’s head out.”

After saying my piece, I stood up to leave, but Dominic’s hold on my waist tightened.

“What are you doing? Let go!”

He had me pinned and shoved his face closer to mine as his lips curved into a small grin. His voice was soft when he asked, “You dragged me all the way over, and now you want to leave just like this?”

I was slightly taken aback. I learned what he was really saying, so I turned my face around and demanded, “Don’t make a scene!”

He forced me to turn my face back to him. His thumb caressed my lips before he offered, “You can leave if you want. All you have to do is kiss me, and I will let you go… for now.”

I stared at him and thought that he might be a lunatic. Is this guy alright? He’s already injured and in a cast, but still, he won’t behave. All he can think about is doing the dirty.

“Not even in your dreams! Why would I kiss you?”

Dominic’s eyes shone with a hint of glee when he threatened, “If you don’t, I will initiate the kiss myself. Just don’t blame me if I lose control later.”

I could feel my face burning red. Lose control… he might actually make good on his threat.

I had no choice but to compromise. Fine, it’s just a kiss.

“Okay, but keep your word. We’ll leave once I kiss you, and you won’t do anything else!”

Dominic didn’t reply, but his expression showed that he was waiting, so I closed my eyes and kissed him.


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