Love the Second Time Around Chapter 136 by NovelsYou

Chapter 136 Twisted Arm

Dominic gestured to his right arm, which was in a cast, and pointed out, “How am I supposed to eat with my arm like this?”

I challenged, “Then shall I get you a bigger spoon?”

He refuted with a straight face, “It doesn’t matter what you get me. The injury is on my right hand.”

“What is that supposed to mean? Do you expect me to feed you?”

He stopped talking, but the way he looked at me showed me that was exactly what he was expecting.

This freaking idiot of a man. Must he behave like a two-year-old? Would it kill him to make-do and eat with his left hand?

“Mr. Hartnell, can I ask you a question?”

Dominic was especially proud when he replied, “Go ahead.”

“I can feed you for the day, but it’ll take some time before you fully recover. You don’t expect me to feed you forever, do you?”

Dominic’s gaze brushed against me calmly before he replied, “You don’t want to? If you refuse to do so, I will call Helen and tell her that you are mistreating me. I’m already injured. Yet, you refuse to take care of me.”

Helen? As in my mom?

I glared at him. I could see, from the look of his eyes that he was genuine about calling my mom.

He is such a shameless oaf! I felt a sudden urge to smack his head with a tray at that moment.

In the end, I caved under his threat and fed him unwillingly but without complaining aloud.

I was especially annoyed as I fed him that last serving of soup.

Both women are mothers, yet my mom treats Dominic like a treasure while Milena saw me as trash. This is so unfair!

I glared at Dominic for quite some time and prayed that he could detect the hostility and the murderous intent in my eyes.

It didn’t work. He didn’t let me off the h**k even when it was time to take a shower. His excuse was that it was inconvenient for him to shower with only one hand since he could not let the other get wet.

There was absolutely no way I could help him shower, though. In the end, we compromised, and I cleaned him up with a wet towel.

Even that level of intimacy was enough to get me so embarrassed that I almost died of shame.

Despite all that, he complained about how the place I rented was too small and claimed that he wouldn’t need my help if the place could fit a tub.

Only the angels in heaven would know that, but I had to spend a f*cking lot of effort to stop myself from shoving his head into the bucket of water and drown his sorry a*s!

After busying away for an hour, Dominic was finally all satisfied and relaxed. Me? I was so exhausted that I didn’t even want to talk.

The only comfort I had was that he couldn’t do the dirty to me since his hand was injured. That meant that I could sleep well and without worries.

Unfortunately, I fell sick the following morning. How did I suddenly catch a cold?

D*rn it! Now one of us is injured while the other is sick. It’s practically a hospital here.

I was rather strong physically, so I rarely fell sick. Unfortunately, when I did become ill, it would take me forever to recover.

Dominic complained about how I was being coquettish and dumb. I so wanted to kick his a*s when I heard that.

At night, I saw that he had returned, so I complained in slight distaste, “Oy, Dominic. I think it’s better if you go home. Your place is so spacious, and there are people there who will c**k and care for you. You even have a tub there, so you can bathe well. Things aren’t so good for you here.”

What I truly wanted to say was that my life would be so much easier if he would just f*ck off.

Dominic looked like he has seen through me. He sat down on the sofa and relaxed before he replied lazily, “It’s true that my place is better in every way, but I’d enjoy life more if I make you serve me. Maybe you should go to my place with me. That will be pretty awesome.”

F*ck him! Why would I want to go to his place? Milena is still there, so I’d just be walking into a death trap. I’d have to be a r****d to do that!

Dominic smiled in amusement when he saw how I wasn’t replying to him. That annoying smile made me feel like knocking his d*mned teeth off.

After we had our dinner, Dominic told me that I should start packing because we would be moving soon.

I was slightly taken aback, but I regained my footing soon enough. I demanded, “Why are we moving all of a sudden? And where are we moving to? I’m not going to your place!”

“I’m not asking you to move to my place. Gosh, why are you asking so many questions? Just pack up.”

You’re asking me to move all of a sudden, so it’s only natural that I ask for details, you idiot!

I ignored Dominic’s requests and continued interrogating, “What about the rent? I prepaid the rent for a year. It’d be such a waste if I leave now. Also, just so we’re clear, I’m not going to pay for the rent for the new place!”

Dominic replied generously, “Just get rid of this place. If the owner refuses to refund you, I will pay you the money you spent. As for everything else… Well, you don’t need to care about them at all.”

Hearing his words got me delighted. Wow, the rich really are something else.

I spent the next couple of days packing my things, and when the weekend rolled by, Dominic and I moved to a new place.

We went to a condo in the city center.

Holy freaking hell! Even the tiniest place here costs a fortune. The rich really behave differently. He spent a fortune on a whim!

As for the place I was renting… Well, I actually thought about it, but in the end, I didn’t cancel my lease agreement.

Dominic and I are interacting well now, but who knows how long this would last? If we fall apart, I would need a place to stay.

Time zipped by fast. My grandpa’s seventieth birthday was right around the corner before I even knew it. I had already planned ahead but had no intention of sharing that information with Dominic.

I spent quite some time trying to figure out what to get grandpa for his birthday, though. In the end, I went a little over my budget and bought him an exquisite teapot set.

Grandpa enjoyed drinking tea, and I thought that he might like a nice teapot set.

My plan was to stay at my parents’ place on the following day then head back to my family home with my parents on the day after. The party would be held near the family home.

That night, I told Dominic that I’d be busy and had to stay at the family home for two days. His gaze seemed a little strange when he looked at me, and I worried that he might’ve realized that I was lying. Fortunately, he didn’t comment on anything in the end.

I got up earlier than usual the following morning, and Dominic woke up soon after I did.

It was ahead of his schedule, but I assumed that he got up early for work, so I didn’t say anything.

Just as I was about to leave the house, Dominic stopped me. His expression was grouchy as he did so.

“Is there anything you’d like to share with me?”

I didn’t quite catch what he meant at the time, so I asked, “What do you mean?”

Dominic sneered a little and complained, “I guess that means you truly are planning on heading home all on your own.”

I was stunned for a moment there. That was when I realize that he knew it was my grandpa’s birthday.

What the hell? How did he learn about this?

There was no way I’d tell him the truth, so I lied, “I only kept it a secret because I noticed how busy you have been at work. Besides, your hand is injured, and the party is in the village, so I worried that you’d be uncomfortable.”

Dominic hummed in displeasure. He sounded a little annoyed and evil when he grumbled, “Stop making excuses. Have I been too nice to you lately? I’ve only been civil for three days and already you’re causing a scene.”

His words made me feel trapped. For a moment there, I felt like a wife who had just been stripped of her basic human rights.

I chuckled dryly and was strategizing about what to say next when my mom called.

After picking her call up, I discovered how Dominic knew about grandpa’s birthday. D*mn it. When did she call him and let him know about this?

Things became more frustrating after I picked up the call. Turned out, my mom wasn’t concerned about when I’d be home. Instead, the first thing she asked about was whether Dominic would be joining us.

Playing favorites at that level? It truly was annoying.

In the end, Calvin drove us to my parent’s place, then left on his own.

I never had the chance to speak up after I get inside because Louis came running. He said, “Dom, there’s my brother-in-law! You’re finally here. I’ve been waiting forever for you.”

What the hell? It’s bad enough that this idiot doesn’t call out to me, his big sister, first, but referring to the guy as his brother-in-law?


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