Love the Second Time Around Chapter 135 by NovelsYou

Chapter 135 Only I Can Bully You

“I only said a few words, and you’re being so pissy. What’s with you?”

Hearing this made me even angrier.

I was angry at your poor attitude. How did this turn into my fault?

“Dominic, do you have split personalities? You were the one that started this first! Be honest and answer me with your conscience!”

Dominic glanced at me casually before saying slowly, “I am the sick one here. Why are you arguing with a patient? Can you be more patient and tolerant toward me?”

I clenched my fists tightly before letting go.

“Hmph!” I decided not to make a big fuss about it.

“Come over here.”

I walked over with a scowl. “What do you want now?”

Dominic did not answer but stared at me for some time. Then, he used his uninjured left hand to pinch my face, pulling it left and right.

I pulled away from his hand and asked exasperatingly, “What are you doing? Let go of me. You have only one hand left and still want to fool around.”

Dominic was not using any strength, so after I said that, he released his hand.

“I do not see any marks on your face. Which side did my mom hit?”

I realized that he was staring at me to check whether there was a slap mark on my face.

As I recalled the unwarranted slap, I felt upset. I puffed out her cheeks and answered, “Why are you asking which side she hit? She already slapped me. Asking which side she slapped would not change anything. Dominic, if there is a next time, I will not take it like this. She’s nobody to me, so why would I just let her slap me? Also, I do not know what you think of Camille, but I really dislike her. Can you promise me one thing? Don’t ever let her appear in my sight. I won’t bother her, so she better not come and cause me any trouble.”

The room grew silent for a while before Dominic replied, “There won’t be a second time. No one can bully you except me. I am the only one that can pick on you.”

My heart skipped a few beats listening to the first part of his reply. However, I immediately became unhappy after hearing the rest of his words.

I gritted my teeth. “If only you retracted the last few words you just said, I will be very satisfied.”

Dominic raised his eyebrows. There was a hint of warning in his tone. “It’s not a good habit to push your luck.”

Tch! He is not a good person. He did not even mention the matter about Camille.

I felt a little helpless as my heart sank. He is probably like his mother, who thought the best of Camille. Maybe he thought I did this purposely because I do not like her. Forget it. They have known her longer than the time Dominic and I are together. Although Camille is a pretentious hypocrite in front of me, it might not be the case when she is with them. I have already told them so much. It is up to them to choose whether to believe me or not.

But after this incident, I decided that as long as Camille was present in the future, I would not come close or say another word to her again.

After a while, Calvin finally settled the discharge procedures. We assisted Dominic in changing his clothes and then left the hospital.

Dominic’s car crashed yesterday, so driving back was not a choice. Even if the car could be driven, I did not intend to let them drive. I wanted to take the high-speed rail, as it was fast and convenient.

After considering Dominic’s arm injury, I requested Calvin to buy train tickets with seats at the back instead of finding the earliest timings.

Calvin did not take the train with us as he needed to stay to settle matters.

It was already mid-afternoon when Dominic and I returned to Lightspring.

When we left the station, Dominic asked me to return first as he wanted to go back home first.

After thinking for some time, I asked, “Are you coming back in the evening?”

He smiled arrogantly. “Liliana, could you not stand being away from me?”

I immediately rolled my eyes and felt I had talked too much.

“You don’t need to come back. Take care of your mother, or she might cause trouble for me.”

He looked at me for a while before reaching out a hand to pinch my face. “C**k dinner and wait for me at home.”

I pushed away his hand and took a side glance at him. I replied curtly, “Who is going to c**k and wait for you? Return after you have eaten. Your mother would not starve you.”

“You can try and not c**k.”

At this moment, the taxi came, and I got into the car without replying to him.

When I got off in front of the supermarket, I felt exasperated that I had become someone with no backbone.

Although I had told myself to buy some ingredients to patronize Dominic, I ended up buying a bunch of ingredients, including a fish.

Fish is slimy. Just like that b*stard Dominic.

Back at home, I started making soup and got ready the ingredients required for dinner before waiting for Dominic to return so that I could c**k them later.

I slumped on the couch, as I was tired from not sleeping the night before.

As I was able to fall asleep, my phone rang. It was my mom.

“Lili, how are you doing with Dom recently?”

“It’s been good. Mom, I haven’t slept for one whole night. If you don’t have anything else to say, I will hang up and sleep for a while.”

Upon hearing I had not slept, my mom started to nag about the same things that I had heard many times.

After a while, I could not hold it any longer and interrupted her, “Mom, I know. I will not pull all-nighters in the future.”

“I just said a few words, and you are annoyed. Let me tell you. The third of next month is your grandfather’s seventieth birthday. Remember to bring Dom here a day earlier so that we can go together.”

That’s right. I almost forgot about Grandpa’s birthday. However, I don’t feel like bringing Dominic.

However, I could not say this to my mom as she would definitely ask more questions.

I decided to agree but thought otherwise. I will just go by myself on that day and say that Dominic was busy and couldn’t make it.

After hanging up on Mom’s call, I lay on the couch as I felt sleepy. I dozed off after a while.

Dominic woke me up after he returned. He said crossly, “I asked you to c**k and wait for me to return. But you were here sleeping so soundly.”

I rolled my eyes and did not respond to him, as I felt saying anything to a person without conscience was useless.

Does he not know the reason why I was so sleepy?

Luckily, I had prepared the ingredients earlier and just needed to c**k them. The soup was also ready.

After I finished cooking, I called Dominic over. However, he sat at the table and stared at the food without eating.

“Why are you not eating? Do you get full from looking?”


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