Love the Second Time Around Chapter 134 by NovelsYou

Chapter 134 What A Thankless Task

I was really lucky, for I managed to get a ticket. Before boarding the train, I sent the estimated arrival time and the train information to Calvin.

Upon arriving at Ludshire, Calvin picked me up, and we headed straight to Ludshire General Hospital.

To my relief, Dominic wasn’t badly injured. Only his right arm was fractured, and it would be right as rain after a few months.

He must be extremely tired, for he had long since fallen asleep when I arrived at the hospital to visit him.

As I sat beside the hospital bed, I stared at his sleeping countenance. My emotions right then were a chaotic mess that I couldn’t quite put into words.

On my way there, I kept pondering why exactly he was in such a hurry to rush back.

Was it because I told him that his mother slapped me, or was it because he knew that I was waiting for him? No matter which reason it was, it was ultimately because of me, no? But that doesn’t quite fit his usual attitude and sentiments toward me. Nevertheless, he seems adamant about keeping me by his side. Why is that? I really don’t understand him or his motivations.

Perhaps I had pondered too much that I found it exceedingly convoluted, but I simply couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

Logically speaking, I should be dead tired after having bustled around for half the day, rushing over to Ludshire from Lightspring. But for some reason, I wasn’t sleepy at all right then.

I sat by the bed and stared at Dominic with a hand propped against my head until the sky gradually lightened outside.

After having sat there for the entire day, my hands and feet were numb.

Yet, Dominic hadn’t awakened. I glanced at the time, only to see that it was already past seven.

I had no inkling when he was going to rouse, but I decided to go out and buy some breakfast back, in case he was hungry upon waking up.

When I stepped out of the hospital room, I saw Calvin dozing on the chair outside. Nevertheless, I didn’t wake him.

The moment I exited the hospital, I couldn’t help shivering. Even the air I breathed in felt icy cold.

It didn’t rain last night, but it was currently drizzling. Without an umbrella, the rain dripped into the collar of my shirt, making me so cold that my legs felt frozen.

I swiftly sprinted out of the hospital and randomly bought a bunch of food from a stall by the street.

When I returned to the hospital room laden with breakfast, Dominic was already awake.

Yesterday, Calvin told me that he fell asleep right after the doctor had treated his injury, so I insisted that he should just let Dominic sleep instead of informing him.

Thus, he was exceedingly surprised when he caught sight of me then.

“You’re awake? Where does it hurt? The doctor is probably going to make the rounds soon, so remember to tell him if you’re not feeling well.”

I placed the food in my hand on the bedside table. Then, I rubbed my hands and brought them to my mouth, exhaling into them in a bid to warm them.

“I bought breakfast. Are you hungry? Even if you’re not, do eat some while it’s still hot now. Otherwise, it’ll definitely be cold in a while,” I chattered as I rummaged through the contents in the plastic bag. “There are grilled sandwiches, pancakes, and hash browns. I even bought chicken soup and hot chocolate. What would you like?”

I had finished speaking yet received no response even after a long time had passed. At that, I lifted my head and looked at him. “Cat got your tongue, Dominic? I asked you a question.”

“Why are you here? And when did you come over? Didn’t I tell you to wait for me at home and not to run around?”

All at once, I felt like ignoring him. Hey! I’ve never seen someone who starts lecturing the moment he opens his eyes, let alone a patient!

“Do you know the principle of first come, first served? I asked you what you wanted to eat first, so I’ll only answer you after you’ve answered me.”

Dominic locked eyes with me for several seconds before he replied, “Anything. You decide.”

Picking up the chicken soup, I sat down by the bed.

“Here, I think chicken soup will do you some good. Open your mouth.”

Never before had Dominic been so obedient to me, opening his mouth at my command.

After he had finished the chicken soup, I took the hash browns over. Taking one with a fork, I brought it to his mouth. “Have more since I bought plenty. You get hungry very quickly with just chicken soup.”

He opened his mouth and ate it without a single word. In no time, he finished the hash browns as well.

I was rather happy and satisfied. Taking out the slightly cold grilled sandwich and hot chocolate, I started eating my breakfast.

“Did you come over in the morning?”

“Nope. I came over yesterday. You told me to wait for you, but you didn’t come back even when I waited until it was past midnight. So, I gave you a call. Calvin told me that you were in an accident, so I came over.”

Dominic was startled for a moment before his face darkened ominously. “Have you lost your mind, Liliana? Did you come all the way to Ludshire from Lightspring in the middle of the night? What if something happened to you?”

I took a sip of hot chocolate to wash down the grilled sandwich before glaring at him. “Right back at you. Who’s the one lying on the hospital bed now, huh?” I shot back. “Say, why can’t you just speak nicely? Since you know that I rushed over in the middle of the night, can’t you say something else? For instance, you can thank me or even apologize for the inconvenience. Just say something nice for a change.”

Ugh! I’ve seen anyone as ungrateful as him! Isn’t it because of him that I came running over in the middle of the night? What a thankless task!

However, he wasn’t the least bit remorseful. The next words out of his mouth almost had me bursting a blood vessel.

“Did I ask you to come? You simply like to cause trouble, and you never behave. If something had happened to you, it’d have been more work for me, no?”

Slamming the hot chocolate in my hand onto the table with a thud, I shot up from the chair.

“Fine, just pretend that I’ve never been here then, Dominic Hartnell! You can stay here alone. Meanwhile, I’m now heading back to Lightspring!”

I pivoted and stormed toward the door. Argh! I’m so angry that I feel like I’m on the verge of exploding! Truly, I’ve never met anyone like him!

“Stop right there! Did I tell you to leave?”

Jeez, what a lunatic! Am I supposed to stop just because you said so? I’ve got a temper, too!

Ignoring him, I quickened my pace.

When I swung open the door upon reaching it, I was greeted by a group of people outside. The doctors were here to make their rounds, and Calvin trailed after them.

As the doctors were here, I changed my mind about leaving since I wanted to listen to their prognosis.

Anyway, Dominic was declared fine and could be discharged after another day. In fact, it would be fine even if he wanted to do so that day itself.

Therefore, Dominic had Calvin settle the discharge procedures. Recalling his horrible attitude earlier, I made to leave, but he called me back.

Glowering at him, I huffily snarled, “I’m not welcomed here, am I, Mr. Hartnell? In that case, why did you call me back? I know how to buy a ticket back, so rest assured that I won’t be shamelessly clinging to you.”


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