Love the Second Time Around Chapter 131 by NovelsYou

Chapter 131 I Am Not His Girlfriend

The elderly lady’s exclamation stunned me for a moment. I wanted to clarify things, but she had already pulled me into the house with all the enthusiasm in the world.

As she walked, she prattled on. “Why did you only come to visit me now? I’ve been keeping track of news about you and Nicky on the Internet every day. I’d hoped you’d come soon so that I could have a good look at you. Fortunately, you’re finally here today. Liliana… Oh, your name is Liliana, right? That’s a good name. Lily symbolizes purity and innocence. Your parents must be decent people as well.”

She then continued, “Do you mind me calling you Lili, child? Let me tell you, don’t take those comments on the Internet to heart. It doesn’t matter in the slightest whether they like you. It’s fine as long as Nicky likes you. Besides, I like you, too! Are you thirsty, Lili? Do have a seat. I’ll go and get you a glass of fruit juice.”

She led me into the house by the hand, chattering all the way. I wanted to interject, but there was no room for me to do so.

Right then, my mind was already feeling fuzzy, and my temples throbbed faintly.

What did she say just now? She read the news on the Internet and assumed that I was Nicholas’ girlfriend, so she has been waiting for me to visit? She appears to be in her sixties or seventies; yet, she reads the gossip on the Internet?

All at once, I was torn between amusement and exasperation.

Why is Nicholas’ personality the polar opposite of hers?

“Lili, I’ve decided not to give you fruit juice. The weather is chilly now, so it’s not good to drink that. I made you milk tea instead, and it’s strawberry-flavored. Do you like it? This is my favorite!”

Monica was all smiles as she placed the milk tea in front of me. Then, she stared at me earnestly.

Seeing that, I was stunned for a moment. Is she hoping that I’ll drink it right now?

“So, do you like it? If you do, hurry up and take a few sips to warm up.”

Strawberry-flavored milk tea, huh? She’s really young at heart! I’ve never seen anyone of her age drinking milk tea, after all.

Picking it up, I could sense that the cup was warm, so Monica probably made it with warm water.

“Thank you, Mrs. Scott. It’s delicious!”

When Monica heard that, she instantly beamed like a child.

After a moment’s deliberation, I explained, “Mrs. Scott, Nicholas is a tad busy on set this month, so he can’t visit you for now. Yesterday, he phoned me specifically to ask me to visit you. And everything I bought was according to his specifications. They’re all your favorite foods.”

Monica was again over the moon. Grasping my hand, she fervently asserted, “You don’t need to buy anything. Next time, just come empty-handed. Lili, I can tell that your relationship with Nicky is very good. When are you two planning to get married?”

Married? Isn’t she going too fast? I feel as though I can’t quite keep up with her thought processes!

Having no other choice, I clarified, “Mrs. Scott, Nicholas and I are just friends. Our relationship isn’t what the public thinks it is.”

“How could that possibly be the case? It’s all over the news. Besides, Nicky has even asked you to come over and visit me, so he certainly has his heart set on you.”

Huh? That doesn’t make sense at all. Nonplussed, I insisted, “We’re really not a couple.”

At that, Monica put on an understanding expression and waved a dismissive hand. “Alright, I know there are many rules in the entertainment industry, so it’s okay even if you refuse to admit it. It’s enough as long as I know that you two are dating,” she replied. “Lili, stay for lunch, okay? I’ll c**k some delicious food for you!”

I hadn’t seen anyone in the house ever since I came in, so I surmised that she usually lived alone.

Recalling her advanced age, distress washed over me.

“Sure! But I’ll c**k, Mrs. Scott. Just take a rest and watch some television or something.”

Hearing that, Monica patted the back of my hand and grinned from ear to ear.

“I love a woman who can c**k. It looks like Nicky will be in for a treat in the future.”

I was thoroughly amused by her words. After mulling it over for a while, I decided to give up on convincing her about my relationship with Nicholas.

Never mind, I’ll just let her believe that if it makes her happy. Anyway, Nicholas and I both know that we’re only friends.

Monica then led me into the kitchen and told me about where I could find the utensils and ingredients. When I had a rough idea of things, I urged her to go to the living room and watch television.

Just then, Nicholas called. “Have you gone over to visit my grandmother, Liliana? How is she?”

“Yup. Your grandmother is fine, and she seems to be in high spirits. Would you like to speak to her? I’ll hand the phone to her.”


Hence, I temporarily turned down the heat and went in search of Monica with my cell phone in hand.

Monica’s smile brightened further when she heard her grandson’s voice. She even sang my praises to Nicholas, saying, “Nicky, Lili is cooking lunch for me. Do you want to come back and eat before going back?”

Truth be told, I was actually a touch embarrassed, for my culinary skills pale in comparison to Nicholas’.

I had no idea what Nicholas said to Monica, but she chortled in delight.

When Monica returned the cell phone to me, Nicholas murmured, “I’m sorry, Liliana. My grandmother must have talked your ear off. She has a childlike character now, so please don’t take offense at her.”

Chuckling, I replied, “Don’t worry, for I don’t mind as long as she’s happy.”

After that, Nicholas hung up since he was already being called for his scene.

Indeed, I heard it when Monica asked him whether he was coming back to eat, but I didn’t mention it since he didn’t say anything about it. Considering how busy he was, I reckoned that he probably had no time to make a trip back even if he wanted to do so.

Unexpectedly, he truly turned up when lunchtime came about, and I was done cooking.

Monica was elated, and she kept bombarding him with questions.

After having lunch with her, Nicholas and I then left the old house.

When I left, Monica repeatedly urged me to come over and visit her often in the future.

I merely smiled and acquiesced.

The narrow alley right after we exited the old house was rather isolated with few people, so Nicholas and I walked side by side.

“Thank you for everything, Liliana.”

“Don’t be a stranger with me. You’ve helped me so many times, so this trivial matter is nothing. Besides, your grandmother is really adorable and interesting.”

Nicholas’ expression turned exasperated, but his smile remained bright. Thus, it was clear that he definitely had a close relationship with his grandmother.

“Actually, I feel bad that I’m so busy with work, but Grandma said she likes to watch my movies. For that reason, I want to film a few more movies in recent years so that she can enjoy watching them.”

That came as a surprise to me, for I never expected Nicholas to have such a reason behind his acting career.

We chatted as we strolled down the road, so we were already close to the main road before we knew it.

I then asked Nicholas to leave first while I took a taxi home myself.

Just after I had alighted from the taxi outside my residential area, I heard someone calling my name.


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