Love the Second Time Around Chapter 13 by NovelsYou

Chapter 13 Personal Caregiver

  • Do I regret it? That’s a question I’ve asked myself countless times back then. Yet, I never had an answer, for there is no turning back regardless of my sentiments. I took his manuscript, but he…
  • Thus, I lowered my eyes and forced a faint smile. “There’s nothing to regret. Few women are so lucky to never meet a scumbag in their lives.”
  • At that, Dominic arched a brow. “Am I included in the list scumbags in your life?”
  • I was taken aback for a moment, having never expected him to toss me such an incendiary question. Pursing my lips, I chuckled. “Take a guess.”
  • “Well, you take a guess on whether I’ll do so.”
  • After saying that, Dominic shifted the wheel of his wheelchair. Seeing that, Calvin promptly stepped forward and wheeled him. Meanwhile, I rolled my eyes in exasperation and trailed behind them.
  • I was going to bid Dominic farewell after exiting the hospital, but Calvin blocked my path. I had seen him send Julius flying with a single move, so I cowardly shouted at Dominic.
  • “Hey! What else do you want from me?”
  • I knew without a shadow of a doubt that Calvin wouldn’t block my path without Dominic’s instructions, so I naturally had to confront the real culprit instead.
  • By then, Dominic was already seated in the car. Winding down the car window, he blasely cast a glance at me. “Don’t you want to know why I came to the hospital today?”
  • For a moment, I was stunned before asking, “Why?”
  • “Why do you think a cripple came to the hospital?”
  • Upon hearing his slightly melancholic tone, my heart clenched. Gah! Why on earth did I mention that? He must have come to the hospital to seek treatment, considering the condition of his legs. Yet, I still asked him such an idiotic question!
  • “Get in. I’ll give you a lift, and also… let’s discuss how you’ll be paying your debt.”
  • Um… I guess I can’t decline that since I owe him.
  • Dourly opening the car door, I slipped in. After I had gotten into the car, Calvin settled into the driver’s seat and started the car.
  • I tried my best to wedge myself against the window and maintain a distance from Dominic. Regardless of my circumstances with Julius right then, I was a married woman before the divorce, so I didn’t want a whiff of a rumor.
  • “My proposal yesterday is still valid. Have you changed your mind?”
  • Dominic finally spoke after a long silence. The subject, however, had my face instantly flushing bright red. What kind of rotten proposal was that? He has an interest in my body and is waiting for me in bed? Would I possibly consider that for real? Besides, Calvin is here, yet he’s not at all bothered. His boldness has truly grown by leaps and bounds in the few years we’ve been apart.
  • “In your dreams! I’ll never agree to that!” I rebuffed without turning to look at him.
  • “Really? Don’t forget that your husband currently has dirt on you. Say, if he tracks me down, should I agree to testify or feign amnesia?”
  • “What the heck?”
  • My head snapped to the side, and I gaped at him in shock. Wasn’t he helping me earlier? Why did he suddenly do a one-eighty?
  • “Don’t stare at me with widened eyes as though I’m picking on you. Ah, all creditors nowadays are always the jerks, while debtors are the big bosses… I don’t even know how life will be for a disabled person like me, so how would I dare hope that someone would repay me a debt?”
  • The misery behind his words almost had my teeth chattering. I knew full well that it was deliberate on his part, but at the thought of his legs, anguish and dejection suffused me.
  • “Ask for anything else besides that, and I’ll do my best to accommodate you,” I murmured.
  • “Deal! I’m not a difficult person, and you can see my current state for yourself. While Calvin is my executive assistant, he’s still a man, so he doesn’t know how to take care of me most of the time. Hence, you can move into my place and be my personal caregiver.”
  • At that, I lifted my head blankly with bafflement etched on my face.
  • Huh? His personal caregiver?

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