Love the Second Time Around Chapter 129 by NovelsYou

Chapter 129 A Domineering Order

Upon hearing that, a full-body shudder ran through me at once.

Remind me, my foot! If only I had magical powers or spells for teleportation, I’d just disappear from his sight right now!

Alas, I had nothing at all, so I could only resign myself to my fate and meekly allowed Dominic to drag me out the elevator and into the room.

As soon as I entered the room, he pinned me on the bed.

When he started stripping me deftly, I placed a hand on his and blurted anxiously, “Wait! I need to make a call.”

Propping himself on his arms, he inquired with a half-smile, “What call, and to whom? Are you planning to have someone come and rescue you?”

“I want to call Shannon. I told her that I was going to retrieve something when I left the room, so she’ll worry if I don’t return.”

Pulling me up, the man handed his cell phone to me.

The moment I made the call, Dominic put it on speakerphone. I pressed my lips into a thin line and threw him an angry stare, not daring to complain despite my vexation.

I inwardly prayed fervently, hoping that Shannon wouldn’t start with her antics and spout nonsense.

In no time, she answered the call. Since it was on speakerphone, I wanted to quickly hang up after telling her I wasn’t coming back that night.

Unexpectedly, she promptly blurted out something that had me seized by the urge to strangle her right after hearing that.

“Where are you spending the night if you’re not coming back? Liliana, don’t tell me you went to look for Royce?”

I sneaked a peek at Dominic, but he was wearing a faint smile that rendered his emotions unfathomable.

However, he then pushed me onto the bed and took the cell phone from my hand, placing it on the pillow instead.

While trying to fend him off with my hands, I turned my head and urgently shouted a denial toward the cell phone. “What nonsense are you spouting? How could I possibly go and look for Royce?”

Nonetheless, Shannon started acting up and continued pressing for an answer. “If so, tell me where you’re spending the night. Who else could it be other than Royce? It can’t be Dominic since he’s a scumb*g. Liliana, you really shouldn’t go back to a jerk like him.”

My head started throbbing as regret swamped me. D**n it! I shouldn’t have made this call. She’s really signing my death warrant!

Meanwhile, Dominic muttered into my ear, “You’ll only look for Royce? And I’m a scumb*g, huh?”

I shook my head frantically. “No!”

In the next moment, Shannon’s voice rang out again. “Liliana, you urged me to take things slow with Quinn, yet you yourself couldn’t hold back anymore as passions ignited, huh?”

In that instance, I glimpsed a nightmare unfurling in my mind.

Oh my God, she’s sounding increasingly outrageous!

Once again, Dominic brought his lips to my ear and whispered, “Passions ignited? Well, well… Liliana, I’m really curious as to how you got acquainted with Royce.”

In a trice, he divested most of the clothes on the upper half of my body, leaving me in a baggy long-sleeved T-shirt.

Then, he started roaming his hands all over me.

I bit my lip hard, not daring to allow the slightest gap.

After all, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from moaning once I opened my mouth, and that would be utterly mortifying.

“Liliana? Why aren’t you saying anything? Liliana?” Shannon called out to me in puzzlement from the cell phone on the pillow.

Smirking wickedly, Dominic slowly slipped a hand into my pants.

I hastily grabbed his hand, my eyes almost popping out of my head.

Good heavens! He might be so shameless that he doesn’t mind someone hearing him in bed, but I do! Besides, I still want my dignity!

Fortunately, he didn’t seem truly serious in messing around and did nothing excessive. The good thing was, he had also stopped his assault on my upper body.

Instantly relaxing, I panted, “I’m hanging up, Shannon. Anyway, I’m not coming back tonight. As for tomorrow… Well, just wait for my call.”

After saying that, I swiftly hung up the phone.

Surprisingly, Dominic was no longer in any hurry to obtain gratification. Propping himself up, he looked down at me and declared, “Now, let’s talk about how you got acquainted with Royce.”

I pursed my lips and kept quiet for a moment. Feeling uneasy at his frank perusal while I was in my birthday suit, I curled into myself and shielded my b*****s with both hands.

Only after having done that did I nervously stutter, “We… We just got acquainted.”

Grasping my chin, the man turned my face back to him. “How exactly did you get acquainted with him?”

I gulped quietly, fairly certain that he would kill me if I were to speak the truth.

When I merely kept silent, Dominic suddenly chuckled coldly.

“I can investigate it even if you don’t tell me, but are you sure you want me to investigate it myself?” he drawled unhurriedly.

I shuddered at his blatant threat though I was quite used to it by then.

“I… Back then, Shannon asked me to accompany her for a meal, so… so I got acquainted with him.”

I contemplated for a long while, but I decided not to mention the word “blind date.” I simply couldn’t shake off the feeling that those two words were particularly dangerous.

Harrumphing, he sneered, “Cut off all contact with him and never meet him again.”

Jeez, here he comes again! He’s simply too domineering, always asking me to sever all contact! Is he planning to have me cut off ties with every single man in my life? We’re only going to be together for a few more months at most, so I can contact whoever I want after that, no?

Despite my thoughts, I still nodded swiftly before him.

Honestly speaking, I didn’t plan on having a relationship with Royce, and I had already made it clear to him previously.

If Shannon hadn’t dragged me here today, I wouldn’t even have bumped into him.

Out of the blue, I felt that I was even more wrongly accused than the greatest villain on earth.

Subsequently, Dominic continued in a frosty voice, “Liliana, you’re quite popular with men nowadays. Before this, it was Nicholas, and now, it’s Royce. Who else is it going to be next?”

“I’ve got you, so rest assured that there won’t be anyone else!” I blurted without even thinking about it.

Quirking a brow, he stared at me with gleaming eyes. “Are you sure?” he repeated.

Without further deliberation, I asserted, “Yes, I’m sure.”

Perhaps appeased by my sincere attitude, Dominic’s expression finally eased.

However, that didn’t mean that he was going to let me off easily. After having been tormented the entire night, my entire body ached as though a huge truck had run me over more than a dozen times.

Worse still, Dominic woke me up at the crack of dawn the next morning. He wanted to check out, and it seemed as though he was in a great hurry.

He even said that it was fine if I didn’t want to wake up, but I would have to pay the extra money.

When I heard that, I was truly gripped by the urge to kill him.

Having no other choice, I dragged my tired body that was on the verge of falling into pieces out of bed.

Upon seeing that it was still early, I went back to the room I shared with Shannon.

The moment Shannon saw me when she opened the door, she started interrogating me about my whereabouts last night.


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