Love the Second Time Around Chapter 128 by NovelsYou

Chapter 128 Let Me Remind You

Well? I just knew it! I only brought a small handbag here this time, so I’ve got nothing else besides my cell phone, purse, and keys. Found something of mine? Hah! From the looks of it now, it’s merely a petty trick of Camille’s by making some deliberate excuse to get me to meet with her! I always thought that she had no self-awareness, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. At least, she knows that I would never entertain her if she were to seek me out directly. Anyway, this is quite an interesting turn of events. Are she and Dominic trying to hem me in?

I snapped my head to Dominic and demanded, “What’s the meaning of this? One of you lies in wait for me while the other coerces me to meet?”

Dominic, however, frowned. “I didn’t know that Camille would seek you out.”

He doesn’t know, he said? Hmph! What a joke!

Curling my lips, I spat, “Whatever! Go and deal with her. I’m going back to my room.”

Nonetheless, Dominic grabbed me. At that, my brows furrowed, and I impatiently snapped, “What now? Camille is here, so I’m doing this for your good to spare you a conflict with her.”

“Why do you hate Camille so much now? The two of you were very close in the past and were once good friends.”

I was stunned for a moment, staggered at his shamelessness in asking me that question.

How ridiculous! My boyfriend and best friend were having an affair and stabbed me in the back together. How close would two people have to be that they wouldn’t become enemies in such a situation? Or do I really seem that much of a saint?

Livid, I sneered and retorted, “You were also once my boyfriend, and we were very close. But what are we now?”

Dominic’s face instantly darkened, and he shot daggers at me with fury etched on his face.

Jeez, why are you glowering at me? I didn’t say anything wrong!

Just then, Camille came over. The moment she opened her mouth, her voice sounded wholly anguished. “Dom, Liliana, why… why are you two together?”

I said nothing, merely turning and casting Dominic an icy look.

Hah! Serves him right! I wanted to leave; yet, he just had to grab me. Well, he can explain things himself now!

However, I didn’t quite understand why he was still holding on to me when Camille was standing right in front of us.

Is he overly confident that she’ll never leave him? Or… does he not care at all?

Dominic then asked in a terse voice, “Why are you here, Camille? Didn’t I tell you to rest earlier?”

Camille’s expression turned slightly awkward, and she stammered weakly, “I… I couldn’t sleep, and I found the room stuffy, so I came out for some air.”

Despising her pitiful and fragile act, I demanded, “Then, why did you call me out and even claim that you found something of mine? Take it out and show it to me right now!”

Camille was startled for a moment before she murmured, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to deceive you deliberately. I just wanted to talk to you.”

Hearing that, I unceremoniously sneered, “Talk? What is there to talk about between us? Don’t you know that I hate you?”


I cut her off abruptly. “Don’t say my name. My name is actually melodious, but it sounds odious coming from you. You really shouldn’t be so pretentious in life, Camille. You abhor me, so why are you so persistent in hounding me? Why must you bug me?”

Then, I swung my gaze at Dominic in chagrin since he forcefully yanked on my arm just now.

“You’ve gone overboard.”

I stared at him before shifting my eyes to Camille, who seemed a moment away from bursting into tears. Curling my lips, I countered, “Overboard? I don’t think so. I didn’t utter a single swear word, after all.”

Besides, I know her, and she’ll only hem her act up if I were to go overboard.

As I regarded the man’s indiscernible expression, I inwardly rolled my eyes.

I really don’t understand why he can’t see Camille’s real colors. Don’t tell me he has exhausted all his usual acuity at devising ways to sabotage me?

Irritated, I snarled, “Whatever! Just forget it and take her away quickly. I’m leaving!”

Ugh! If it weren’t for the two of them making trouble for me, I’m probably having sweet dreams right now!

Nevertheless, Dominic acted as though he hadn’t heard me. He was still clutching my arm with no sign of letting go anytime soon.

He then ordered, “Go back by yourself, Camille. It’s not early, and staying up late isn’t good for your health.

All at once, I was stupefied. What does he mean by that? Is he not planning to go back with her?

Similarly, Camille wore an astonished expression, and I even seemed to have glimpsed a trace of panic.

“What about you, Dom? Are you not coming with me? The way back to the room is dark, so I’m a bit scared to go back alone.”

I silently turned my face away, truly nauseated at her pretentious look right then.

Afraid of the dark? Haha, I truly laud her for coming up with that!

Surprisingly, Dominic didn’t seem to be taken in by her deception. But still, his words resonated with concern.

“I’ve got something to discuss with Liliana, so I’ll have a staff member walk you back later. When you’re back, rest earlier, okay?”

When I heard that, I inwardly doubled over in laughter.

Haha… As long as the woman is sane, she’ll never allow her fiancé to be alone with his ex-girlfriend in the middle of the night! She’ll never agree to that…

That was what I thought, but about a minute of silence later, I heard Camille acquiescing softly, “Okay.”

What? Is she for real? She actually concurred just like that without kicking up a fuss?

While I was still in shock, Dominic was already dragging me away right before Camille.

Midway, I couldn’t resist looking over my shoulder, only to lock gazes with Camille.

The resentment and malevolence in her eyes were so intense that fear enveloped me. I instinctually tugged at Dominic and motioned for him to look back.

He dubiously glanced back over his shoulder before promptly turning back around. Then, he questioned in bemusement, “What was that?”

“Good Lord, you’re really dense! Didn’t you see that Camille isn’t pleased? In fact, she looked as though she wanted to devour me!”

As he continued dragging me forward, he placidly riposted, “Are you talking about yourself? Your attitude toward Camille seems to fit that description better.”

At that, I was instantly rendered speechless. Ew! I’m not going to devour her even if you were to pay me to do so! Her heart, liver, spleen, and kidneys may be all black considering her evilness, and I’m afraid of poisoning!

I initially wanted to glance back for another look, but we had already arrived at the elevator doors. And the elevator just happened to be on the first floor, so we didn’t even have to wait.

Only when I had entered the elevator did I remember to worry about my own predicament. Oh God, I’m doomed now!

Thinking that it was never too late to make amends, I immediately said to Dominic in a fawning voice, “Um… Mr. Hartnell, as you’ve seen earlier, I was truly there to retrieve something. I wasn’t lying to you! Also, I do remember that I’m your woman.”

Gah! I’ll just bear with the embarrassment since I’ve got no other choice but to be subservient as I’m at a disadvantage here!

The corners of Dominic’s mouth slowly tilted up. Leaning close


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