Love the Second Time Around Chapter 127 by NovelsYou

Chapter 127 Are You Jealous

I was skeptical, but since the front desk had made a call, I decided to go and check it out. After informing Shannon, I then left the room.

While waiting for the elevator, I recalled Dominic’s incensed expression when he left. All at once, my heart clenched.

Perhaps I should go back to my parents’ house and stay for a day or two until he calms down…

Just while I was contemplating that, a ding heralded the arrival of the elevator.

But when the elevator doors slowly opened, my calf started cramping as Dominic’s smiling face came into view. I stood there dumbfounded, unable to move for a long time.

C**p! Why the h*ll am I so unlucky? I was just ruminating about avoiding him, yet I’ve bumped into him in the next second! Ugh! Why on earth is he not keeping Camille company at this hour but wandering around instead?

“Haha, what a coincidence! Where are you going?” As Dominic said that, he even helped to hold the elevator for me.

Snapping back to my sense, I blurted, “Oh, I’m not going anywhere. I just walked past, so please excuse me.”


Right after I turned around, I heard Dominic enunciating my name in an ominous voice.

Hearing that, I froze at once. My legs started disobeying me, and I couldn’t even take a single step forward despite my brain urging me to flee quickly.

Frustrated, I inwardly cursed myself out for being so such a coward.

“Are you waiting for me to go over and escort you?”

When I heard that, I forced myself to turn back around. My footsteps were so heavy that it was a miracle I didn’t dent the ground with every single step.

Seeing that I had entered the elevator, Dominic dropped his hand from the button and leaned back against the elevator wall languidly.

After the elevator doors closed, I leaned against the elevator wall where the keypad was situated.

Upon noticing that none of the buttons were lit, my heart immediately skipped a beat.

Don’t tell me he deliberately came to look for me? My expression turned sullen. But isn’t this too soon? He should just put it on my tab and settle the score with me later.

I swiftly pressed the button for the first floor before remaining motionless against the elevator wall. Although the elevator was rather spacious, I still wanted to keep a distance from him.

Nonetheless, my avoidance was of no use since Dominic had already leaned over himself.

Extending a hand, he propped it beside me to trap me between him and the elevator wall.

I lifted my hands and shoved at him as his warm exhale was now brushing against my face.

However, it was obviously ineffective, for he continued pinning me without moving an inch.

Then, he murmured with a fake smile, “You’re going to the first floor? I thought you were going to seek out that boyfriend of yours who can back you up. Or is he currently waiting for you on the first floor? Do you two have plans for a romantic night out?”

Clocking the faint murderous undertone in his words, I didn’t dare hesitate for even a moment. I instantly explained, “I lost something, so the front desk phoned me to go down and retrieve it. Also, Royce isn’t my boyfriend. Don’t listen to Shannon’s nonsense, for she was merely joking.”

“Royce?” the man drawled. “What an intimate address. Are you very close with him?”

At his remark, I almost choked on my saliva. Argh! He’s doing this deliberately, no? That’s his name, so how is it intimate?

Nonetheless, I promptly replied, “No, not at all.”

Still, Dominic continued asking persistently, “So, why are you calling him by his name if you’re not close with him?”

I threw him a strange look, for such a conversation felt truly familiar.

Before I started dating him, he always appeared cool and arrogant every time I saw him. In fact, he seemed particularly aloof.

After I started dating him, however, I realized that he was actually a stubborn man who was prone to being jealous over the smallest thing.

Once, a male coursemate asked someone to ask me out shortly after we had made our relationship official. He gave me flowers and confessed to me below my dormitory, but Dominic happened to come by just then.

I directly rejected the coursemate right before him and left with him.

Not wanting him to misunderstand, I voluntarily explained things to him. I told him it was a coursemate I wasn’t all that close with, and it was someone else who asked me out today. I also asserted that I wouldn’t have turned up had I known the purpose of the meeting.

He asked me the exact same question back then, demanding to know why I was referring to my coursemate by name if I wasn’t close with him.

At first, I felt that he was a tad unreasonable. But when I later realized that he was jealous, I was actually quite thrilled.

After all, jealousy meant that he cared about me. Thus, I uttered a whole load of saccharine words to flatter him.

Later, he even proclaimed domineeringly that I wasn’t to simply address another man by name, saying that a simple “hey” was more than enough.

At that time, I felt that he was truly handsome. I was so mesmerized that I lost my heart to him.

He’s actually asking me the same question now? What does that mean? Is he jealous?

I stared intently into his eyes and inquired hopefully, “Are you jealous, Dominic?”

Dominic seemed a touch surprised that I was asking such a question, his expression freezing for a moment. But in the next second, he murmured in amusement, “Jealous? You think too highly of yourself. I just want to remind you that you’re now my woman, so stop flirting around.”

I ducked my head as a bitter smile bloomed on my face.

Ah well, why did I just have to make things difficult for myself when I know full well that he no longer has any feelings for me? I really shouldn’t let my imagination run wild. I’m now his lover, and our relationship will only last until he gets married.

Despite that… I still couldn’t help the waves of disappointment that washed over me.

“Liliana, you’d better mark my words earlier. You know that I’ve got a short temper.”

I glared at him morosely. The elevator arrived on the first floor right that moment, so I just pushed him away and stalked out without responding to him.

Da*n you, Dominic Hartnell! Are you the only one with a short temper? I’ll have you know that I’m not all that patient either!

I stormed up to the front desk furiously and related the phone call I received. The receptionist then came out from behind the desk, saying that the person who picked up something of mine was waiting at the lounge, so she would lead me over right away.

As the receptionist led the way, Dominic and I followed behind her.

“Why are you following me? I told you that I’m coming down to retrieve something of mine, so you don’t have to worry that I’ll go and look for R… another man. I’m going back to my room right after,” I huffed.

“What do you care? This is a public space, so what can you do about that?”

Annoyed, I ignored him and started mulling over other things.

Now that I think about it, it’s really bizarre. How can the person who found something of mine be so certain that it’s mine? I checked my things before coming down, so I know for sure that both my purse and cell phone are still there.

“Ms. Zanetti, that’s the lady who found something of yours.”

As my eyes followed the direction in which the receptionist was pointing, my head instantly started pounding.

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