Love the Second Time Around Chapter 125 by NovelsYou

Chapter 125 Memory From Old Days

It was a message from Royce asking for our whereabouts. He said that he had finished his work and could come to fetch us noI was about to reject him, but the scene of Dominic and Camille holding hands appeared in my mind the next moment.

Since Shannon had gone out with Quinn, I figured it was reasonable that I invited another friend.

Hence, I changed my mind and replied to Royce’s message immediately.

“Wait for me at the lobby.”

“Okay.” Royce’s reply came in a second later.

I swiftly tidied myself up and left the room with my phone and the key card.

On the way down, I called Shannon asking her to meet me in the lobby.

I intended to find her in person, but I feared running into Dominic and Camille.

It was not because I feared it would be awkward, but I felt whenever I met Camille, something terrible would happen.

As soon as I got out of the elevator, Shannon and Quinn walked out of another elevator too.

I immediately waved at them.

Shannon saw me and pulled me to a corner while whispering. “Why do you come out? Didn’t I tell you that Dominic and that woman are here?”

I knew Shannon was concerned that I might be sad to see Dominic with Camille. Nonetheless, it was not good timing for me to tell her that Dominic had come to our room.

On the other hand, I did not plan to tell her about my dirty secrets with Dominic.

Hence, I displayed an unconcerned expression and tried to ditch the topic.

“It’s fine. It’s none of my business. After all, this resort is so huge.”

Quinn waited for us to finish our conversation before he walked over to join us.

Initially, I felt he was a nice guy. But after what Dominic told me, everything about Quinn seemed wrong to me.

I was unsure if it was my misconception towards him, but his smile looked fake to me.

By the time I was trying to brush Quinn off, Royce had arrived at the resort.

At that moment, Shannon secretly pulled my shirt. I knew what she was implying, but I did not respond.

As I did not tell her that I was the one who invited Royce, I understood why she was acting so agitated.

Honestly, I did not have any intention other than pure antagonism towards Dominic.

As Dominic had asked me to stay obediently in the room, I deliberately wanted to do the exact opposite.

After all, I only dared to stand up to him in such a discrete manner. If I were to confront him face to face, I would most probably flee in fright.

At first, I wanted to introduce Royce and Quinn to each other out of courtesy. But before I realized it, the two of them had already engaged in a conversation.

Looking at their relaxed gesture while chatting, I nearly believed that they had known each other for a long time.

While I was still trying to comprehend the situation, Shannon opened her mouth. “If you two want to chat, at least find a place to sit down. Do you expect two ladies to stand here waiting for you?”

Upon hearing that, the two men stopped their conversation and apologized with embarrassment.

Royce suggested that we go to the music bar inside the resort. He said that there would be some event at night. Thus, it would be happening.

Shannon and I were interested, as we did not have anywhere else to go.

As such, four of us headed towards the music bar.

Before we reached the bar, we could already see some blazing lights from afar, and the noises of the crowd caught our ears.

Arriving at the bar entrance, we realized it was more like a bonfire party.

A huge bonfire was lit up in the middle of the open space outside while pairs of men and women were dancing wildly around the fire.

At that very moment, such a bonfire reminded me of the past.

It was the summer break during high school when the school organized a summer trip that I joined.

During the last night of the trip, it was a bonfire party exactly like this one.

At that time, I was sad because I was going to part with Dominic for more than two months.

We would be in the final year after that summer break, supposedly the year where most couples broke up.

With that concern in mind, I ended up offering myself to Dominic that very night after guarding my virginity for years.

It was the most unforgettable night in my life.

It was so many years ago, yet the memory was still able to make me solemn. Even though everyone on the scene was excited about the bonfire, my mood was ruined completely.

Seeing Shannon having a great time, I did not want to spoil her night. Thus, I tried hard to disguise my sorrow.

I thought of going back to the room by myself, but remembering what Dominic said about Quinn, I was not willing to leave Shannon alone with him.

In the end, I stayed with them.

I tried to join in the bonfire dance. But after going around the fire a few times, my body could not take it anymore.

I did not realize when my body had aged to this extent.

At that moment, I noticed Shannon panting heavily, too, even though she was enjoying it. Hence, I decided to pull her out and grab a drink.

Spotting the two of us leaving the dance, Royce and Quinn came to join us too.

They accompanied us to our seats, but they did not sit down, as they decided to buy some food and drinks for us.

Shannon waited for the men to leave before she opened her mouth. “Liliana, listen to me. Royce seems like a nice guy. Why don’t you give it a shot? After all, there’s nothing to lose.”

I was lost for words at that instant. I wanted to talk to her about Quinn, yet she initiated the topic towards me.

“Forget about me. Maybe you should think twice about Quinn since you’ve only known him for not long. Who knows he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing?”

Hearing that, Shannon burst into laughter. “A wolf in sheep’s clothing. You’re so funny.”

I petulantly responded, “I’m not joking with you.”

“Alright, alright. I’ll remember that. I’ll keep an eye.”

Feeling helpless, I figure I should probably find Dominic to talk about this matter another time. It was best if I could get some proof.

Right at that moment, Shannon suddenly grabbed my arm and shook forcefully. “Liliana, look over there!”

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