Love the Second Time Around Chapter 124 by NovelsYou

Chapter 124 How Does He Know

I did not think much and told him the whole story about how Shannon and I ended up in the resort.

A moment later, Dominic let out a chuckle. “Thanks for being honest.”

Upon hearing that, I was stunned momentarily, as he sounded like he already knew where I was.

As I was trying to clear my thought, I heard him speaking again. “Open the door now.”

“The door? Which door?” I could not wrap my head around it.

He asked me back with a hint of teasing in his tone. “What do you think?”

Sitting up on my bed, my eyes locked on the door of my room. Does he mean this door?

Hesitating for a moment, I heard Dominic impatiently tone again. “Hurry up. Are you asleep again?”

Only then did I come back to my sense. Jumping down from my bed, I ran towards the door.

I opened the door swiftly and saw Dominic standing outside with a wide grin on his face.


He waved at me and entered the room as though it was his house.

Stunned momentarily, I abruptly closed the door and began interrogating him. “How did you know I’m here?”

Before he could answer, I let out a suspicious scream. “You’re stalking me!”

“Do I need to do that?”

Dominic shot me a disdainful glance.

With that, I furrowed my brows. “Then, how did you find this place?”

Right then, he leaned lazily on the bed. “Stop flattering yourself. I didn’t come here purposely to find you. I’m here for work, and I ran into Shannon coincidentally.”

So Shannon was the one who told you the room number.

Upon hearing that, I got even more confused as I thought Shannon detested Dominic. She had told me numerous times to forget about him.

I could not figure out why she would give him our room number.

At that instant, my phone on the bed suddenly rang. It was Shannon.

Right after I picked up the phone, she uttered excitedly, “Liliana, guess who I met just now?”

She did not give me the chance to reply while she kept on talking. “I met Dominic at the party. But I did not talk to him. Liliana, you should stay in your room. Or else you might run into that jack*ss.”

I froze on my spot. “You said you didn’t talk to him?”

Shannon replied firmly, “Yeah. I didn’t want to ruin the party. If I weren’t with Quinn, I fear I would have approached Dominic and slapped him in his face.”

So if Shannon did not tell Dominic the room number, how the h*ll did he know which room I was in?

Before I could figure it out, Shannon spoke again, “By the way, he was with a beauty. I wonder who’s that next victim of his.”

A beauty. The first guess that came to my mind was Camille.

With that, I instinctively cast Dominic a glance. So the two of them came to work together.

“Liliana, listen to me and stay in your room. Quinn’s here. I’m hanging up now.”

“Alright, I got it.”

Hanging up the phone, I stared at Dominic rigidly. “Shannon did not tell you our room number.”

Upon hearing that, Dominic shrugged his shoulder indifferently. “I didn’t say it was her.”

I regarded him with suspicion. Why is he constantly beating around the bush and never getting to the point?

“I know the man that’s with Shannon. I got the number from him.”

Dominic replied casually, but I was left in befuddlement. How the h*ll did he know Quinn too?

Just then, a thought came to my mind. Since Shannon is serious about getting into a relationship with Quinn, maybe I should ask Dominic about Quinn, trying to know him better.

With that, I decided to play nice with Dominic. I walked over and sat beside him. “So, are you close with Quinn? What is he like?”

Dominic looked at me with a half-smile on his face. “Are you curious about him?”

I nodded right away, eager to get some information from Dominic. “A little. Just tell me what you know about him.”

Even though I knew I should not blindly believe everything that others said, I guessed Dominic would probably not be lying in this matter.

Yet, he was staring at me without saying anything. What does he want?

I impatiently pushed him a few times. “Speak now…Ouch! Dominic!”

Before I could react, he leaned towards me and bit my lips.

Beyond exasperated, I shouted, “Are you a dog? Why did you bite me?”

A second later, he charged towards me again. I responsively leaned backward and covered my mouth with both hands.

The next second, my whole body fell onto the bed.

Grabbing the timing ideally, Dominic pressed me down with his hands. I panicked and started blocking him with my hands.

This room belonged to Shannon and me. Thus, I would not want anything shameful to happen here.

At that moment, I was confounded. Weren’t we talking about Quinn? How did it become like this?

“Please behave yourself. I merely want to know about Quinn. Let’s talk properly, okay?”

At that instant, Dominic’s eyes flashed with a hint of envy. “Why do you keep mentioning Quinn? Are you interested in him? I thought Shannon’s with him. Are you trying to betray your good friend?”

I was at a loss. What nonsense is he talking about?

“Are you out of your mind? How could I possibly be interested in him? I’m asking for Shannon’s sake as I want to know if he’s a good man.”

I really could not comprehend how Dominic’s brain worked.

To my puzzlement, Dominic suddenly let go of me and stood up.

“Quinn’s not a good person. You’d better warn Shannon to keep her distance from him.”

Upon hearing that, I jumped out from the bed and grabbed his arm. “Are you serious? Is he a bad person?”

“Believe it or not, it’s up to you. I’m leaving now. I still have another errand. Liliana, you’d better stay here and don’t wander around.”

Dominic left the room abruptly upon finishing his sentence.

Enraged, I threw a pillow towards the closed door.

D*mn it! How could you come and leave as you like? What errand is so urgent? It’s just Camille.

After collecting myself for a while, I figured I should give Shannon a warning call about Quinn.

The moment I picked up my phone, I received a message.


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