Love the Second Time Around Chapter 118 by NovelsYou

Chapter 118 My First And Only Love

Lurking at the doorway, I heard Dominic utter Camille’s name.

I froze in surprise. My whole body felt like it was in pain, most of all my heart.

Ah, how could I forget that Dominic has a fiancée? I must be the silliest woman on earth. The only people who could contact him at such a late hour are either his family or his partner, the enviable Camille.

The ache in my heart was unbearable, and I felt suffocated by the immense sorrow in my being.

I slammed the bedroom door firmly and locked it before laying back in bed.

That phone call served as a timely reminder of the impropriety of my actions and eliminated all thoughts of Dominic’s ambiguous and heart-fluttering actions earlier that day.

Soon, I heard a few knocks on the door. Dominic was asking me to let him in.

That was fast.

Instead of getting up, I yelled, “My period suddenly came!”

There was only silence on the other side of the door. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to pull the wool over his eyes.

Alas, my relief lasted but a couple of minutes. Dominic began knocking on the door as he declared coldly, “If you don’t open the door, I’ll kick it down myself.”

I buried my head into the blankets to block him out.

Slam! My ears rang painfully from the loud noise. When I lifted my head, it was to the sight of my bedroom door hanging weakly on its hinges. One more kick, and it’ll completely detach from its frame.

Since I did not own the house I was living in, I obediently opened the door for Dominic. My wallet would weep if I needed to get a new door installed for my landlord.

Once the door was open, Dominic pinned me down on the bed and placed a hand between my thighs, catching me unawares.

I immediately shuddered under his touch and screamed angrily, “Dominic, that’s enough!”

He arched a brow in response and asked, “Is your period a passing visitor or something?”

Pettily, I turned my head to the side and muttered, “It was just an excuse.”

He forcefully turned my head to face his and teased, “Excuse? Lying about one’s desires isn’t a great habit.”

“I’m not lying about my desires! I can’t continue sleeping with an engaged man! Dominic, aren’t you ashamed of your actions? Didn’t Camille call you just now? How could you bring yourself to pounce on me immediately after ending the call with your fiancée? I may not like her, but as a fellow woman, I can’t make her suffer a cheating partner, even if she’s the most immoral person on earth.”

Dominic fell silent at my virtuous outburst. An ugly sneer, however, soon appeared on his face.

“Liliana, aren’t you being a hypocrite? If she hadn’t called, what do you think we’ll be doing right now?”

I pursed my lips, flushing in anger. Stiffly, I replied, “Well, now’s a good time to start fixing our mistakes. We can’t sink further into the rabbit hole.”

Tears pricked at my eyes, and I had to look away from him as I continued, “Plus, you’re about to marry Camille.”

This last bit struck him dumb, and he stared at me wordlessly for a long time.

I struggled against his hold to no avail. Finally, I pleaded, “Let me go.”

Instead of freeing me, he tightened his hold on me. Anger seeped into his features.

It was my turn to be surprised; I had no idea what had invoked his ire.

He lowered his body further, plastering our fronts together. With his face barely inches from mine, he growled, “Are you bothered about me dating Camille?”

I bit my lips and arranged my features into a calm expression. “Of course I am! I told you before in the hospital that I didn’t want to be attacked by anyone. Camille’s anxious about you, and your mother forbade me from approaching you. If they knew about our rendezvous, they’re going to give me h*ll. I can’t and won’t want to deal with that.”

Just as I ended an explanation, there was a sharp pain in my shoulder. That *sshole bit me!

“Hey, Dominic! What’s wrong with you? That hurts!”

He dialed back on his force, though he kept his teeth on my shoulder. He mumbled, “Is that all?”

Infuriated, I shouted, “What do you mean that’s all? Why don’t you let me bite you instead? It hurts like sh*t!”

Dominic merely clamped his teeth down on my shoulder once more before demanding, “Is your fear of being chewed out by them the only reason for rejecting our arrangement?”

Only then did I understand the context of his earlier question.

“Well, of course. What else could I be bothered about? Jealousy over you? Stop daydreaming.”

I even smiled to put my point across.

Dear Dominic Hartnell, the only thing I can do to save myself is a constant reminder that you’re no longer mine.

I had come to realize that no amount of time or pretense could diminish the fact that Dominic was my first and only love.

That was partly the reason I had married Julius in such a rush; it was but an attempt at numbing myself in the wake of our breakup.

Dominic lifted his head and narrowed his eyes at me.

“Whatever bothers you is of no concern to me. Listen carefully.” He paused as a chilling smile appeared on his face. “No matter who I marry in the end, as long as I intend to keep you by my side, you have no choice but to obey. I hope you haven’t forgotten what I told you before; you owe me this.”

I was dumbfounded by his demands. Does he mean to make me his mistress?

Once I regained my faculties, I gritted out, “Dominic, you’re despicable.”

His hand had begun trailing across my body as he grinned wickedly at me. “What does it matter to you whether I’m despicable or not? You have no choice but to accept my demands, anyway.”

I kept my mouth zipped since there was no arguing with him.

Dominic was particularly rough in our lovemaking session that night. I pinched him on the back and muttered, “Hey, go easy.”

He merely grinned devilishly and said, “I guess I’m not working hard enough if you still have the energy to talk back.”

His response made me fume.


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