Love the Second Time Around Chapter 117 by NovelsYou

Chapter 117 Bunking With The Big Bad Wolf

I was slack-jawed at his implied request to stay, and it took me a good while to regain my composure.

Once I did, though, I shoved the face towel at him and eked out, “I can’t host two people here. Dry yourself off; I’m going to make some ginger tea.”

Once I reached the haven known as my kitchen, I went through the motions of making ginger tea like a robot, chopping the ginger stiffly.

When Dominic called out to me about his intention to shower, I lost my attention for a split second and cut myself. The pain was enough to jolt me out of my trance.

The water began running in the bathroom, and I stared out the window and sighed.

I guess he can continue couch-surfing in my place for one more night.

After I plastered the cut, I dug through my pantry for a fresh piece of ginger and got back to work.

Dominic was still in the shower when I had finished brewing the ginger tea. Just then, a thought struck my mind. He got caught in the rain, as well as all the new clothes he bought. What’s he going to wear, then? I don’t want him parading around naked in my house.

I ran back to the bedroom in search of the clothes he was wearing earlier. It turned out he had thrown the entire set into the dust bin.

Ah, it must be nice to be rich; his clothes aren’t that cheap.

Frowning, I pondered what to do next. What on earth can he wear? My clothes?

Flinging my wardrobe open, I turned its contents upside down in search of suitably large clothing for him to wear. Alas, my efforts were futile.

Just as I was knee-deep in concern, I suddenly remembered a parcel Calvin had dropped off earlier. Didn’t he say that there were Dominic’s clothes in it? Yes, yes, I think he did. Now, where did I place that parcel?

I searched high and low before locating the parcel on the balcony. A thin layer of dust had settled on it.

After I dusted the parcel down, I opened it and began digging through the items. I pulled out a long-sleeved T-shirt and a pair of sweatpants triumphantly. Oh right, his underwear too. Can’t forget that.

I walked back to the bathroom and placed his clothes on a rack outside before shouting through the door. “Dominic, I put your clothes outside. You can wear them after your shower. Don’t take too long, or the ginger tea’s going to cool down.”

Once I finished my sentence, I scuttled out immediately. The morning’s events remained fresh in my mind, and I was legitimately worried about the door opening without warning.

His body’s pretty hot, but I might have to wash my eyes if I keep ogling him.

Only after settling everything at home did I pull out my phone to text my mom. Initially, I had planned to call her, but I thought my parents might already be asleep at this time.

It was not an important message anyway; I just wanted to tell them that we had arrived safely.

A moment later, Dominic emerged from the bathroom.

I hurried to the kitchen and got a glass of ginger tea for him. Relief flooded my body as I watched him gulp the tea.

“Why do you have my clothes?”

Did he forget that he arranged for his clothes to be sent here in the first place? I enlightened him about the situation.

After that was over, I cleared my throat and said, “You can bunk here for one more night on the couch. I’ll get you some blankets in a bit.”

Dominic pulled me into him in response. I blocked him and said hastily, “Hey, we agreed on this. You can’t lay a finger on me.”

His lips curved into a smirk. “You said we can’t be touchy in front of Mom and Dad. We’re alone now.”

Bewildered, I retorted, “Get your head right. They’re my mom and dad, not yours. Don’t go around calling them your parents; others will get the wrong idea. And I said we can’t get handsy with each other anywhere, not just in front of my parents!”

Dominic seemed contemplative as he asked, “Is it?”

I nodded immediately to make my point.

A sneer appeared unexpectedly on his face. “So what? You think you can get away from me?”

I was struck by an epiphany. I’ve invited the big bad wolf into my house.

Meanwhile, Dominic’s hand had begun roaming across my body. Panicking, I yelled, “Stop! Y-you, can’t you wait for me to shower first? Ok, I’m going to the bathroom now.”

He stared at me briefly before releasing me. A lazy smile stretched across his face. “Go on, then. Give yourself a nice, clean scrub. You’re not escaping anywhere.”

I shuddered at his ominous declaration. A moment later, I sprinted into the bathroom and locked the door behind me.

Leaning against the door, I took a couple of deep breaths to compose myself.

Stupid! Why did I mention a shower of all things? I sound like I’m trying to clean myself for him to feast on! How could I be so easily seduced? He just braved the rain to send me home, for God’s sake! A moment’s weakness, and now I’m the sacrificial lamb.

More annoyingly, I realized after I showered that I had not brought any clean clothes in with me.

And Dominic brought the towel out in the morning. What am I supposed to do now? Do a nude run?

I seriously contemplated the possibility of spending the night in the bathroom.

That would have been a viable option if the steam from my shower had not all but dissipated a few moments later, leaving me shivering and sneezing from the cold night air.

A knock sounded on the door, and I heard Dominic’s voice. “I’m going to kick the door down if you don’t come out.”

I muttered my request timidly, “C-could you get my pajamas for me? They’re right near the bedhead.”

He came back quickly. “Open the door. I’ll pass it to you.”

Once again, my brain demonstrated its unfailing ability to let me down at the most critical of moments. I opened the bathroom door instead of having him place my pajamas outside.

One little gap was all it took for Dominic to come bursting into the bathroom. My naked form was now under his scrutiny.

Stunned, I stood frozen to the spot.

Dominic took advantage of my shock and carried me straight to the bedroom. I only managed to regain my ability of speech when the two of us tumbled onto the bed. “Y-you! Dominic! You *sshole!”

He smirked and lifted my wrists above my head, swooping down to devour my lips.

At that moment, only one thought seemed to cross my mind. You brought this upon yourself.

His hands roved as he deepened his kiss. I had long given up on fighting back. Instead, I comforted myself at the thought that this was not our first roll in the hay anyway.

In the heat of our passion, a phone began ringing loudly. It was a call for Dominic.

I thought he would ignore the call since we were about to get hot and heavy.

To my surprise, he got up and answered the call. He even sought the privacy of the living room.

I lay on the bed, puzzled. After some thought, I covered myself with the blanket and walked to the door.

I wanted to know who was calling him at this hour.


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