Love the Second Time Around Chapter 114 by NovelsYou

Chapter 114 It Is Only Acting

Seeing that Dominic remained silent and looked somewhat gloomy, I could not help grumbling inwardly.

What’s up with him now? Wasn’t everything all right earlier? Why do I feel a sense of coldness radiating from him?

I waited for a little while, but he still did not say anything. “Dominic, did you hear what I said?”

When Dominic looked at me, it seemed as if there was a smoldering glint in his dark eyes.

Huh? I was stunned for a moment, wondering what I had done to anger him.

“Let’s go back out,” he finally said.

I breathed a sigh of relief, thankful that he did not object to my request. As such, I would take it that we had a verbal agreement.

Yes, we should go back out. We’ve been in the room for almost twenty minutes.

The moment I placed one hand on the doorknob, he took my other hand.

I froze, then decided to let him hold my hand. Holding hands was still within the acceptable range of actions.

I opened the door and said with a bright smile, “Dad, Mom.”

Dad looked at me sternly and said, “I almost thought that you weren’t planning on coming back out.”

I chuckled. “I’m sorry, it’s my fault. Dominic and I are indeed back together, but I didn’t mean to keep it from you. We just got back together not too long ago, so I wanted to wait until things are a little more stable before telling you.”

As expected, Dad’s expression relaxed when he heard that. Mom smiled.

She walked to me and took Dominic’s and my hand in hers. “With Dom looking after you, your dad and I won’t have to worry about you as much.”

I felt the urge to sigh. Even after five years, my parents’ liking for Dominic had not lessened. In fact, it seemed like it had only grown.

If it had been some other guy who was half-naked in my house, they probably would not have let it slide that easily.

Dominic’s face broke into a tender smile that I had not seen in a long time. “Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of Lian. We have let go of each other once before, and I won’t let the same thing happen twice.”

When I heard those words, my heart began racing.

Taking a few deep breaths discreetly, I reminded myself that we were only acting. No matter what sweet nothings Dominic uttered, I should not take them seriously. Alas, my parents were utterly charmed by Dominic.

Since we had managed to cover things up, I did not want the conversation to continue revolving around Dominic and me.

I pulled Mom over to the couch and asked, “Why did you come here so suddenly? You didn’t even give me a call beforehand.”

If you had called, all this wouldn’t have happened.

Mom smiled as she replied, “Your dad came to give a speech at a nearby university, so I decided to accompany him. Besides, it would give us a chance to see you.”

I said rather gloomily, “You still should’ve given me a call. I could’ve gone to pick you up. What if you came all the way here and I wasn’t home? Wouldn’t that have been a waste?”

My dad piped up, “We came with a few other teachers, and we did try to call you when we arrived. You were the one who didn’t even bring your phone out with you, yet you have the nerve to say that we didn’t call you. Check your phone and see how many times we have called. You’ve always been careless since you were little. Fortunately, Dom was home. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to get in.”

Surprised, I ran my hands over my pocket, then searched my handbag that I had tossed onto the coffee table. So, I really didn’t bring my phone with me.

At that moment, Dominic walked over and gave me my phone. “You dropped it in the bedroom while you were changing.”

“Oh,” I mumbled as I took the phone, shooting him a displeased look.

If he knew I didn’t have my phone and found it on the floor, why didn’t he answer Dad’s call? If he had, we wouldn’t be in this mess!

Dominic seemed to guess my thoughts because he explained that he had not known my phone was in the bedroom.

He had been in the living room all the time and did not realize anything. It was only after my parents arrived and told him that they had been trying to contact me that he found my phone.

It sounded reasonable and logical, but I was still unhappy.

As for my parents, they kept telling Dominic that it was no big deal. They even told him not to worry about it.

Tsk! If it’s not a big deal, then why blame me for not answering the phone?

Seeing them so biased toward Dominic was making me feel uncomfortable. Who’s your biological child here?

I glanced at the time. Since it was almost five o’clock, I changed the topic and said, “Dad, Mom, are you hungry? Why don’t I take you out for dinner and book a hotel room for you?”

“No need to bother about a hotel. The school has arranged our accommodation. Let’s go for dinner.”

I nodded. Then I gave Dominic the clothes I had bought and told him to go and change.

Although I still felt uneasy around Dominic, I could not help being captivated by his handsomeness when he stepped out of the bedroom in his new outfit.

And it was not just me. Even Mom stared at him admiringly.

With his good looks, well-built physique, and that exorbitantly priced outfit… Hmm, not too shabby.

When we were outside, I was about to hail a taxi. However, Dominic said that he had brought his car.

Dominic and I led the way while Mom and Dad trailed a few meters behind us. I was not sure if they were doing it on purpose, but at least it gave me a chance to talk to Dominic without being overheard.

“When did you get someone to send a car? Isn’t your phone missing? I searched everywhere for it last night, but I couldn’t find it.”

He glanced at me, then said lightly, “I drove here.”

I gazed up at him in surprise for a few seconds. “You drove here? When? Last night?”

He gave a grunt of acknowledgement.

His response made my blood boil. Without thinking twice, I grabbed his arm and scolded furiously, “Are you crazy? You drank so much last night, yet you drove here yourself? Do you have a death wish?”

Dominic looked down, his gaze falling on my hand that was grabbing his arm. Then, he asked in an indifferent tone, “Weren’t you the one who wanted me to die sooner? Why are you saying all this now? Have you come to care for me?”


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