Love the Second Time Around Chapter 112 by NovelsYou

Love the Second Time Around Chapter 112

Chapter 112 I Remember

Holding my phone, I rushed back to the living room to check on Dominic, but I was puzzled when I saw that there was no one on the couch. Wasn’t he lying there two minutes ago? Where is he?

At that moment, I heard the sound of water splashing coming from the bathroom. I hurried over and knocked on the door. “Dominic, are you in there?”

There was no answer. I asked a few more times but did not get any reply.

“Hey, cat got your tongue? I’ve been standing here for a long time asking if you’re in there, but you don’t even bother answering.” I was on the brink of launching into a heated tirade when the door opened.

“Domin… Y-You…” My voice faltered. That was because he was standing at the bathroom door, naked as a jaybird.

He did not have a single piece of clothing on him, not even his underwear!

Despite that, he did not seem the least bit ashamed. He crossed his arms over his chest calmly and said, “It’s not anything you haven’t seen before.”

What’s that supposed to mean? Even though we’ve done it, I have never looked at his naked body so directly.

When I returned to my senses, I covered my face with my hands and turned my back to him. “Y-You’re a pervert. Why did you take all your clothes off?”

“Do you shower with your clothes on?”

“I… Well, then you shouldn’t have opened the door,” I mumbled.

“You kept knocking on the door.”

“Dominic Hartnell! That was because you weren’t giving any response. You should’ve just answered me!” I rushed out of the room, feeling uneasy.

I was livid.

To think that I took such good care of him for so long. I wiped him down, tucked him in, and I even slept on the couch for the whole night! I was worried that he was feeling unwell. However, now it looks like I shouldn’t have done all that. All he does is annoy me as soon as he wakes up. I should’ve thrown him out yesterday. Who cares what happens to him!

I had made my decision. After he was done with his shower, I would kick him out.

When the sound of running water stopped, I got off the couch immediately and ran to open the front door, waiting to usher him out the door.

I heard the bathroom door open, and I turned around yelling, “Dominic, you…”

Once again, my voice trailed off. I slammed the front door shut.

“Where are your clothes? Why didn’t you put on your clothes after you’ve showered? And that’s my towel! Mine!” I yelled furiously, my hands and lips trembling.

How dare he use my Doraemon towel? That’s my beloved Doraemon! And its eyes are covering that spot! That bulging spot!

“Why are you so upset? Here, I’ll return it to you then,” Dominic replied.

When I saw him calmly removing the towel, I quickly shouted, “Don’t move!”

Looking puzzled, he asked, “Don’t you want it back? You’re still not happy even if I return it?”

What the hell! He must be doing it on purpose! He has ruined a perfectly good towel, so why would I want it back?

I took a deep breath and said through clenched teeth, “Consider it a gift from me. I want you to put on your clothes right this instant and get out of my sight!”

With the towel wrapped around him, Dominic sauntered over to the couch and sat down. “Those clothes are so dirty. Do you seriously think I’m going to put them on?”

I was on the verge of tears. My voice wavered as I said, “Can’t you just put up with it for a while? When you get back to your house, you can wear whatever you want.”

Dominic looked up and glanced at me. “No, I won’t put up with something like that when it comes to clothes… And people.”

What the heck? He’s always nitpicking about something! So what does he mean? He can’t be thinking of staying here! If I have to spend any more time with him in the same room, I’m going to explode!

I waved my hand, admitting defeat, and grumbled, “All right, fine. I’ll go and get some new ones for you now, happy? After I return with your clothes, you have to change into them and leave. Do you hear me?”

Dominic shrugged with a noncommittal smile.

I glared at him, then turned and went to my bedroom, locking the door behind me.

I was afraid he would barge in while I was changing if I did not lock it.

After changing, I went to him and held out my hand. “Give me money.”

Although I had agreed to go out and buy him some clothes, I was not going to use my own money.

Thankfully, Dominic was well off and did not mind it at all.

He rummaged through his coat on the floor for his wallet, then took out a credit card and gave it to me. “Don’t get me a cheap outfit,” he said.

I grabbed the card and clicked my tongue. “Don’t worry. Those ‘cheap’ stores only open in the mornings.”

Just as I was about to reach the front door, he suddenly called out, “Wait!”

Furious, I spun around and yelled, “What else do you want?”

“My size. Do you know my size?”

Is that all? I waved my hand as I replied, “It’s not like I haven’t bought clothes for you before. I remember your size.”

As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I froze.

The first time I bought him clothes was because I wanted us to wear matching outfits. However, I was afraid that he would be unwilling to wear it. After much probing, I finally managed to get him to tell me his size, and I had remembered it since then.

After that time, he had told me with a smile that he would only wear the clothes I bought for him.

Haha! What a childish promise, but those words sounded so sweet and melted my heart at that time. I wonder how many clothes Camille has bought for him.

As I gazed at Dominic, who was silent, I suddenly felt like bursting into tears.

I wonder if he remembers what I said to him before.

“Right, I’ll be going out then,” I said and hurried out without a backward glance.

After the door closed, I looked back. A feeling of dismay crept into my heart.

Forget it. Why am I thinking of all this? It’s all in the past. I should just quickly get him some clothes so that he’ll leave.

There was a supermarket nearby where I could have bought his clothes. However, when I thought of how nitpicky he was, I decided to take a taxi to the commercial district in the city center.

I wanted to avoid any chances of him being overly critical about the clothes I bought and refusing to leave.

After arriving at the commercial district, I headed straight to the most expensive menswear boutique there.

I had never gone into that store before, but thanks to Dominic’s expensive tastes, I got to broaden my horizons.

Dominic had a good figure, so he was sure to look good in anything.

I raised my hand and signaled for the sales assistant, then told her grandly that I wanted the most expensive clothes in the shop, from innerwear to outerwear.

When she heard that, she beamed.

With the shopping trip done and dusted, I headed straight home.

As I stood at the door fishing in my handbag for my key, I could not help gritting my teeth as I thought about how he would react. If he dares to utter a single complaint about these clothes, I’m going to chase him out of the house and let him run around naked!

I unlocked the door and walked in. As soon as I saw the people on the couch, my knees buckled.


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