Love the Second Time Around Chapter 111 by NovelsYou

Chapter 111 A Torture

The knocking continued as I scrambled to get out of bed and put on a coat.


The noise grew louder as I got to my living room. I had no choice but to answer the door before the neighbors filed a complaint against me.

I could have sworn I was this close to biting Dominic’s head off when I saw him at my entrance as soon as I opened the door.

“Are you out of your mind? I need my rest even if you don’t. You’re so inconsiderate.”

Standing under the dim light, Dominic did not say a word but merely stared into my eyes.

He actually looks quite scary.

No, I shouldn’t cave. I need to look imposing since I’ve started a fight with him.

Straightening my back, I continued scolding him, “What are you looking at? Your actions have successfully unleashed my wrath. If you’re thinking of finding faults with me in the wee hours, please do so in the morning. Bye!”

As I was about to shut the door, he slammed his fist on it.

“Hey… What are you trying to do? What’s this all about? Hey, Dominic, don’t pretend!”

I thought he wanted to throw a punch at me, but he just fell on me unexpectedly.

Panic-stricken, I hugged him and realized that he reeked of alcohol.

Did he hit the bar again? What’s up with him? Is he drunk again?

For a while, I shook him, patted him, and yelled his name, but he did not move a muscle nor give me any response.

Subsequently, I painstakingly pushed him toward the wall so I could see him face to face. D**n it, he has dozed off!

This is ridiculous! What am I supposed to do now with a drunkard?

Recognizing the fact that I had no other option, with all my might, and dragged him to my couch. Then, I sat panting on the floor.

Geez, he’s so heavy. Oh my poor, frail body.

After catching a breather, I kicked him twice and slapped him on the face multiple times. Like a corpse, he was so still.

I mumbled, “He never fails to create trouble for me even when he’s drunk.”

No, I can’t allow him to put up a night here. I must get help.

I searched his body for a long time and yet I could not find his phone.

When I was about to return to my room to get mine, he grabbed my hand.

“Don’t go… Please don’t go…”

I faltered at his soft request. Who is he asking to stay? Camille, I bet. Wow, what a pair! He misses her so much albeit being as drunk as a skunk.

I tried to wriggle my hand out of his grip. However, no matter how hard I struggled, he would only tighten his vice-like grip while repeating, “Don’t go…”

“Hey, are you putting up an act here? Let me go, you’re hurting me. I’m not Camille, okay?”

Out of strength, I sat down on the couch.

Perhaps it was because I stop resisting him, he loosened his grip, and it was less painful for me.

Seeing that he was trying to take off his tie, I helped him untie it. I think he must be feeling uncomfortable.

Seriously, why don’t you go home when you’re drunk? Why did you come to me?

I was really angry to see him so wasted; I pinched him twice.

Doesn’t he know how bad his health is? Yvonne and Benjamin say that he almost died due to intoxication. Look at you now, don’t you care about your life?

I had no clue what made him drink excessively. He’s got everything. So, why?

“Don’t go…”

“Okay, okay, fine. Stop talking and go to sleep.” I found his repeated utterances very irritating.

My words seemed to work like a charm. Moments later, he fell asleep.

After so much torment, I was exhausted. Whatever, let me get some shut-eye too.

Yawning, I sat on the floor and leaned toward the couch.

The position was rather uncomfortable; my neck was sore and the floor was chilly. I tried to adjust myself subconsciously.

Peeking through my bleary eyes, I saw Dominic sleeping like a baby.

Little by little, I carefully moved my hand out of his palm. Thankfully, he was not awakened by my movements.

Heaving a sigh, I went to my bedroom and picked up the duvet.

Forget it, I’ll put up with this just once.

When I returned to the living room, I saw him attempting to remove his clothes. After pondering, I decided to fetch a pail of warm water from the bathroom.

I helped him to remove his jacket, necktie, and lastly, I unbuttoned his shirt.

Using a wet towel, I wiped his face and upper body.

Then, I covered him with the duvet.

Taking a deep breath, I said under my breath, “You should feel more comfortable now since you look so at ease.”

Leaning on the couch, I plopped down on a soft cushion.

After monitoring him for a while, I was relieved to see him sleeping peacefully. I should go back to my room too.

Before I could stride forward, he gripped my hand once again.

Frustrated, I turned around only to find him snoozing away. However, his hand was clasping on mine tightly, as if he was very determined to keep me by his side, knowingly.

“Hey, what game are you playing? I want to go back to bed too.” I was exasperated.

I gave up after fighting with him silently for about five minutes. Fine, I’ll stay, okay?

I went back to my lonely spot, shared the duvet with him, and slept by the couch.

When I got up the next day, the sun was already shining brightly.

Stretching my aching body, I struggled to stand on my feet. Privately, I promised not to let myself suffer in this manner ever again.

Oh gosh, I have pins and needles all over. The soreness on my neck is killing me! I should be grateful that I didn’t get a stiff neck.

Rubbing my eyes, I noticed that Dominic was still sleeping like a log on the couch. I channeled my frustration at him and kicked him in the leg.

Seriously? How could you enjoy a deep sleep while I was tortured all night long? What a jerk!

I went back to my room and turned on my phone. It was already one in the afternoon.

Suddenly, a scary thought came upon me and I started worrying about Dominic.

Is he all right? He isn’t dead, is he? He’s been sleeping for so long and yet showing no signs of waking up.


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