Love the Second Time Around Chapter 108 by NovelsYou

Chapter 108 A Beautiful Couple

The staff told me that Jean had fallen sick and was resting at the hotel.

Considering the fact that her hotel was just nearby, I planned to head over myself. I did not inform Shannon as she was happily engaged in a conversation with others.

Upon arriving at the hotel, I first found out which room Jean was in and then went to her.

Within seconds after ringing the door bell, Jean’s assistant answered the door.

Smiling, I inquired, “Is Ms. Lannon here? I came by to apologize to her.”

“Come on in, Jean’s inside.” Her polite assistant moved aside for me to enter.

I went in with the things I brought and saw Jean lying on the bed.

She did not seem too pleased to see me and I perfectly understood why. After all, she would not have fallen into the lake if it were not for what I did.

Last night, I made an effort to look it up on the Internet and got her something she liked as a gift.

Placing the gift on the table, I said earnestly, “I’m so sorry about yesterday, Ms. Lannon. I didn’t mean it.”

“Forget it. I don’t know if you did it intentionally, but I’m aware that you have the backing of Nicholas, the superstar. Thus, no one dares to do anything to you.”

Completely baffled, I did not know how to respond to her remarks.

Anyhow, I doubted she would want to listen to my explanation. “I’m going to rest for a bit.” Her tone was seemingly impatient to send me off.

Feeling awkward, I smiled. “Oh, okay. Please take care. I’m going to take my leave now.”

As soon as I got out of the hotel, Shannon called and I told her my location.

She came to get me. “Why did you come alone? Did Jean say or do anything to you?” Shannon was concerned.

I could not help but laugh. “I was there to apologize to her. What could she have done to me? It’s okay.”

I felt uneasy spitting out those words. I guess it doesn’t matter anymore since nothing is affected on my end.

I sent Nicholas a text message as I felt like I needed to give him an update. When I was at the filming set, he was acting with Scarlett, so I did not disturb them.

Right after that incident, my life returned to normal. Dominic and Camille did not look for me. On the other hand, Nicholas was busy filming and barely contacted me.

Besides eating and sleeping, I spent the rest of my time drawing.

I was cooped up in the house for almost half a month until Shannon dragged me out into the sun one day.

To put it nicely, she wanted me to bask in the winter sun. In actual fact, her real intention was for me to accompany her shopping.

Actually, I was quite reluctant to go out. I would rather laze in bed and catch up with some beauty sleep.

As a single lady, I had no significant other to show off my beautiful clothes and delicate make-up to.

Women would always doll themselves up for men whom they love. However, I lacked an opportunity to do so at the moment.

On the contrary, Shannon was thrilled to go on a shopping spree. She entered into every single shop we passed by and desired to purchase everything she laid her eyes on.

Sitting on the couch in one of the shops, I watched her check herself out in the mirror, simpering. “Ms. Shannon Harper, you’ve been staring at yourself since forever. Have you made up your mind?” I asked languidly.

“I’m done. Wait a minute, which one is nicer? This or the one I tried previously?”

I sighed helplessly. “Just get both and end this dilemma of yours. “

She contemplated for another ten minutes. Suddenly, she pulled me up on my feet and stuffed the clothes she was holding into my hands.

“I think this one suits you best. Go ahead and try them on, Liliana.”

“No, thanks. You just carry on.” I don’t want to go through such a troublesome experience.

Shannon insisted that I do as she said. Pushing me into the changing room, she shut the door and warned me not to come out unless I put the clothes on.

She’s quite a character, isn’t she?

I acquiesced in her decision.

Then, she scrutinized me from all angles and exclaimed, “You look great! I’ll buy you this dress.”

A gift for me? What’s the catch?

Narrowing my eyes at her, I felt that she had an ulterior motive.

“Shannon Harper, you’d better come clean with me. What are you planning?”

“Nothing. I’m just gifting my best buddy a dress.”

As if I’d believe that excuse…

In the end, she succumbed to my pressure and revealed her true purpose. Shannon wanted me to accompany her to an eight-minute round table date later that day.

I rejected it right away.

In multiple ways, she continued to persuade me persistently, but I stood my ground.

She was still going at it after browsing through an entire row of shops whereas I had started to grow impatient.

“For the very last time, Shannon Harper, I’m not going. No means no.” I hated blind dates.

“Oh, come on, Liliana, come with me. Just this once. It’s my first time. I’d freak out if I go on my own.”

How can I dismiss this annoying lady?

“Shannon Harper! You…” Going ballistic, I wanted to give her a piece of my mind.

Yet, my words fell dead on my lips.

Standing in front of a bridal shop, I saw Dominic and Camille.

The latter was wearing a white tube dress. A blissful smile emerged on her face while she held Dominic’s arm.

I could not see his expression, but I bet he was as gleeful as Camille.

I recalled asking them to get married soon, but my heart wrenched in agony when I finally witnessed that moment.

“What’s wrong, Liliana? Why did you keep quiet all of a sudden?”

I trailed off, having nothing to say.

“Hey, isn’t that Dominic? Is he getting married?”

Instantly, I withdrew my gaze from the couple, held Shannon’s hand, and scurried away.


My body stiffened upon hearing my name. I did not look back but kept storming ahead.

The voice called out to me a few more times. I ignored it until someone pulled my arm in an opposite direction to stop me from going forward.

“Are you deaf? Camille has been calling you several times. Didn’t you hear her?” displeased, Dominic reprimanded me coldly.

Camille was panting. “Dominic, don’t… don’t be so fierce to Liliana. We’re in a public area and my voice wasn’t loud enough. I’m sure she didn’t hear me, that’s why she walked away.”

The two of them looked like a match made in heaven; one was suited up while the other put on a silky white dress.

I smiled wryly. “You think too much. I simply didn’t want to respond to you.”

“Hey, don’t get overboard, Liliana,” Dominic chimed in.

I looked him in the eyes and replied, “Am I being too much? What are you going to do about it?”


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