Love the Second Time Around Chapter 107 by NovelsYou

Chapter 107 An Imaginative Woman

Upon hearing the script supervisor advising everyone to step backward, I conformed without realizing how close I was to the lake.

Alas, in a split second, I missed a step and fell on my back.

“Ahh!” Astonished, I let out a shrill scream while waving my hands frantically in the air.

Panicked, I grabbed whatever was nearby. I had no idea what I held onto, but I clung to it as if it was my only life-saving straw.

Unfortunately, it slid off my hands and I fell into the lake with a loud thud.

I did not know how to swim, so all I could do was throw my hands around with the hope that I could stay afloat. Ironically, the more I did that, the more I sank into the depths of the lake. I even swallowed a fair amount of the water.

Right when I was about to pass out, I felt that my body was being dragged upward.

I could hear Nicholas’ voice clearly. “I got you, Liliana. Relax and don’t struggle.”

How could I relax when I was extremely scared? It was very difficult to heed his instruction, yet I tried my best to follow.

Subsequently, he pulled me up.

As soon as I got on land, I started to gasp for air relentlessly and coughed severely.

Shannon came over and covered me with some dry clothes. She patted on my back to console me.

Moments later, another person was also saved from drowning. To my surprise, I realized that I mistakenly pulled the supporting actress into the water just now.

Looking disheveled, she was still wearing the traditional costumes and make-up from the shoot.

I was still in shock and could not apologize to her right away.

Drenched, Nicholas asked, “Are you all right? How did you fall into the lake?”

“I… I didn’t notice what was behind me. Achoo!” I was shivering and sneezing at the same time.

Then, I saw Nicholas stretching his arms wide as if he was about to give me a hug.

Meanwhile, Scarlett came over and assisted me along with Shannon.

She informed Nicholas, “I have some spare clothes with me. I’ll bring her over to get changed immediately. Otherwise, she may fall sick in this weather.”

I appreciated Scarlett’s good intentions. However, all I could think of at that moment was my losses. I spent fifty thousand on that dress the last time. This time… Oh no, another fifty thousand… gone? I only have that much in my bank account. It seems like another one-third is going to be deducted after this episode.

When I arrived at Scarlett’s private dressing room, she took out some clothes from her bag, passed them to me, and left.

I changed into her dry clothes in a flash.

“Ah… Achoo!”

Seeing that I was sneezing non-stop, Shannon urged, “Let’s go, I’ll drive you back to the hotel. Go get a hot shower and take some cold medicine as prevention.”

Naturally, I could not refuse as I did not want to catch a cold either.

Before leaving, I felt that I should notify Nicholas and Scarlett. More importantly, I must apologize to Jean Lannon, the supporting actress.

Standing outside Nicholas’ private dressing room, I heard a voice. “There have been so many untoward incidents recently and Liliana is always the cause. Nicholas, don’t you find that strange?

“What are your thoughts on this? Do you have feelings for her?”

Shannon nudged me and tilted her head toward the room. There was something behind her expression.

I glared at her as a warning.

Nicholas has helped me a lot because we’re friends. I doubt he likes me.

The nosy Shannon tried to eavesdrop through the door. Hurriedly, I pulled her away before we were found.

In the end, I did not get to make it up to Jean and left the filming set instead.

I could not be bothered about how Shannon felt when I shoved her into the car. I just knew we had to leave as soon as possible.

During the journey back, she grumbled, “Why didn’t you let me listen to their conversations? I haven’t heard the heartthrob’s reply. Aren’t you curious what he would say?”

“Why are you being so inappropriately inquisitive? It’s not right to pry into people’s privacy. How embarrassing if we get caught!”

Shannon rebutted, “What are you talking about? I did it for your sake. I mean, I like Nicholas and Scarlett as an on-screen couple, but what if he has fallen for you? Have you ever thought about that?”

How delusional is she! Oh, this is unbearable.

“Do you think we’re in a drama series or something? How could there be so many surprises in life? Given a choice between Scarlett and myself, anyone with a sane mind would know who he would choose. Nicholas and I are merely friends. Don’t you go around and spread rumors about us.”

Shannon made a face at me and dropped the topic.

Back in the hotel room, I took a hot bath.

When I came out, Shannon was holding my phone with a smug on her face. “Do you know who just called you? Nicholas. Do you want to know what did he say? He reminded me umpteen times to take good care of you, get you some medicines, and even cautioned me not to starve you nor let you fall sick.

“Well, it’s definitely not quite a match to picture you and my gorgeous heartthrob together. Then again, you’re my best friend. So, Liliana, I’ll support you all the way!”

Chuckling, I tossed the towel at her.

“Although I’m not an absolute beauty, I don’t look too bad, do I? What’s wrong with my girl-next-door look? Nicholas is just being nice as a friend. It’s no big deal. Weren’t you also very worried about me just now? You’re so caring to me too. So, does it mean that you like me?”

The next moment, Shannon tumbled out of bed and darted toward me.

She jabbed on my head a few times and stated firmly, “Believe it or not, I can guarantee that my heartthrob has developed feelings for you.”

I ignored her and went to blow my hair dry instead.

Whatever it is, I’ve said my peace.

The next day, Flash notified me that I was no longer needed to join the crew at the filming set but to continue submitting my scripts on time.

I recalled leaving some belongings behind with the crew, so Shannon and I planned to make a detour to collect it after leaving the hotel.

I thoughtfully brought along some snacks and beverages as I felt that I needed to bid farewell to the team on a good note and leave with a good impression. After all, I had stayed with them for a month and even caused some trouble. Moreover, the director, who was quite fierce toward the other actors, had never been angry with me.

I asked a staff where Jean was and got ready to approach her and apologize sincerely.


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