Love the Second Time Around Chapter 103 by NovelsYou

Chapter 103 Nearly Drank Himself To Death

You can’t get the cork back into the wine bottle once it came out, and the same concept applies to certain things in life.


In my case, the news of Dominic being hospitalized was the cork, and my mind was the bottle. I couldn’t stop myself from worrying about him, and my condition only worsened with each passing second.

After staring long and hard at my phone on the kitchen counter, I clenched my teeth and decided to give Dominic a call anyway.

My logic at the time was simple. If Dominic answers my call, it means he’s perfectly fine, and that nothing has happened to him!

I made the call, and it got through, but the person on the other line was not Dominic.

“Why are you calling him on his phone? I told you to come over to the hospital and see for yourself, didn’t I?”

I froze when I heard Benjamin’s voice again and even though I had called the wrong number.

“Why would I want to go visit him? For all I know, you two could be in cahoots and are simply trying to trick me into going there!”

Given what James had done in the past, it wasn’t exactly my fault for being a little paranoid.

“Us trying to trick you? I don’t have that much time and energy for such nonsense, Liliana! Anyway, I’ve said everything I should, so it’s up to you whether you choose to come over. I just hope you won’t make a decision you’ll come to regret later on!”

Benjamin hung up on me once again, and I placed my phone back down on the kitchen counter.

D**n it, Benjamin! Why do you keep hanging up on me without telling me what happened?

I then turned the tap back on and wet the dishcloth before scrubbing hard on the bowl.

“D**n it! D**n it all to h*ll!” I cursed in frustration and threw the dishcloth into the sink. I then grabbed my phone and ran out of the kitchen.

Nicholas and the others were having a conversation in the living room, but I couldn’t care less about that and interrupted them, “I need to head out for a bit, can you give me a lift?”

“Where to?” Nicholas asked.

“City Hospital.”

“Oh, wow! You’re going to the hospital just because you’ve scrubbed dishes? Nic made us all lunch! You don’t see him going to the hospital because of that!” Jake said sarcastically.

I didn’t have time to argue with Jake, so I simply kept my gaze fixated on Nicholas as I asked, “Can you take me to City Hospital?”

Nicholas got up from the couch and said, “Sure, come on. I’ll get you a hat and a pair of sunglasses.”

Naturally, I had no reason to refuse his offer as it was for my own good.

“What if the journalists see you guys, Nic? Things could get really problematic!” Scarlett objected.

“We’ll just have to be careful. Wait here, Liliana,” Nicholas said as he ran up to the second floor.

I knew it was a bad time for me to go outside, but I was so worried about Dominic that I couldn’t help it.

Since Benjamin refused to explain the situation, I couldn’t rest until I confirmed it for myself.

“Ms. Zanetti, you should be more considerate about Nicholas’ situation.”

This was the second time I had met Scarlett in person since yesterday, and she had been very polite to me the whole time.

However, I could tell that she was angry from the tone of her voice just now.

“I’ll be extra careful…” That was all I could say.

Nicholas came back downstairs shortly after and handed me the hat and sunglasses. “Jake, Scarlett, you guys can either wait here or head on home. Bye now!”

Nicholas then drove as quickly as he could toward the hospital.

While driving, he asked me, “Why are you going to the hospital in such a hurry now? Is it because of Dominic?”

“Yeah, I’m just going to check on him and see if he’s okay,” I replied with a nod.

Not knowing for sure if he was okay was exactly what made me so worried.

Nicholas parked his car in the hospital’s underground parking lot. “Make sure you call and find out which floor he’s on. Don’t go running around searching every floor like a headless chicken.”

I then gave Benjamin a call and asked, “I’m at the hospital now. Where is he?”

“Level 16, V1606.”

Benjamin was surprisingly cooperative this time, and that made me a lot more suspicious.

I had wanted Nicholas to wait in the car while I went upstairs by myself as it would reduce my chances of drawing attention to myself.

However, Nicholas insisted on going with me, so I had no choice but to do as told.

The elevator leading to the VIP wards was isolated from the others and required a password for activation. I entered the password that Benjamin had provided me with earlier, and the two of us took the elevator up to the sixteenth floor.

It didn’t take long before we found Dominic’s ward, and Nicholas offered to wait outside by himself before I even said anything.

I pushed the door open and saw Benjamin standing in a corner, followed by Dominic who was lying on the hospital bed.

“Hmph… I guess you do have some conscience in you, after all,” Benjamin said coldly.

I walked up to the hospital bed and saw that Dominic’s face and lips were as pale as a sheet.

He was h****d up to an IV drip, and a clear liquid was slowly flowing into his body through the tube.

It took me every ounce of willpower I had in me to keep myself from crying when I saw how lifeless he looked.

“What happened to him?”

“Nothing. He just nearly drank himself to death, that’s all.”

“Why did he go drinking?”

He called me “used goods”, so why did he try to drink his sorrows away? Shouldn’t he be happier without me?

Benjamin eyed me from head to toe and said, “You wait here. I need to go make a phone call.”

He then walked out of the ward, leaving me all alone with Dominic.

How much did he drink to nearly dying from it like this?

“Why did you go drinking, Dominic? Was it because we got into a fight yesterday? Or was it because you got upset after hearing Nicholas call me his girlfriend?” I mumbled to myself as I sat by the hospital bed.

Nah, who am I kidding? He doesn’t love me anymore, so there’s no way he’d be upset about that!

I let out a wry chuckle at the thought of that and reached out to hold his cold hand in mine, hoping it would warm him up a little.

“What are you doing?”

I looked up in surprise and saw that he had woken up.

“Nothing!” I quickly let go of his hand.

“Why are you here? Who told you to come here?”

Dominic was rude, but I couldn’t be bothered to get mad at a patient.

“Benjamin told me you were hospitalized and asked me to come to see you.”

“There’s nothing much to see, so hurry up and get lost!”

My goodness, talk about attitude!

I clenched my fists and forcefully suppressed my anger as I asked, “Tell me, why did you go drinking?”


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