Love the Second Time Around Chapter 10 by NovelsYou

Chapter 10 The Fallout

  • No matter how aggressive Coraline was, she was still a housewife at the end of the day, so she gulped at my threat. But in the next moment, she grabbed me.
  • “I don’t care! You’ve got to take responsibility when my son has suffered such great indignation, and his eye is even injured! Come with me to the hospital right away! You’re going to pay the hospital bill and not a cent less at that!”
  • Her shrill voice drew the neighbors over, and I heard a lot of vile comments from them.
  • It just happened that I was planning to go to the hospital to confront Julius about how he knew about the offer for my copyright, so I readily agreed.
  • The moment I pushed open the ward door when we arrived at the hospital, Coraline started wailing as though she had lost her son, tears pouring down her face at will without the slightest warning. In fact, even an actress might lose to her.
  • “Oh, my poor son! Can you still see me when you’re so badly injured? I’ve brought your cruel wife here, and we’ll have her compensate you today!”
  • Julius was lying on the bed with one eye securely bandaged. How nice if it’s a black bandage. I can just add a few strokes, and he’ll appear just like a cyclops!
  • For some odd reason, Julius wasn’t bothered though I kept silent. His expression was as calm as ever, but his uninjured eye glinted. “Darling, there are no overnight grudges between couples, no? I was also at fault yesterday, so I apologize. Are you okay?”
  • Perhaps his attitude was too bizarre that Coraline got up in arms before I had even reacted.
  • “Julius, have you been gotten your wires crossed from her blow? Why are you showing concern for her? It was her who injured you, causing you to be in pain now! She may not appreciate it at all even if you’re considerate of her now!”
  • Chuckling, Julius took his mother’s hand and patted it lightly. “Mom, don’t involve yourself in our matters, okay? It was just a squabble, and arguments are common between couples. As long as we love each other, all that isn’t a problem. Don’t you agree, Liliana?”
  • As he spoke, the pieces of the puzzle slotted into place. Haha, this is all a show for my copyright! Sneering, I strode forward and pinned my gaze on him.
  • “How did you know about the offer for my copyright?”
  • “Oh, your editor, Shannon, phoned you last night. Since you didn’t answer, she rang me up instead. We’re a family, after all, so who else would she notify if not me?”
  • Ah, so it was Shannon. I fell asleep curled up on the sofa last night, so I indeed didn’t hear my phone ring.
  • “What’s this about copyright, Julius?” Coraline hastily inquired when she noticed his strange attitude toward me. Ultimately, she was no fool.
  • “You have no idea how amazing your daughter-in-law is, Mom. An entertainment company took an interest in her comic and offered to buy the copyright from her. I’m just about to discuss the price with her, so don’t blindly poke your nose into this.”
  • At the mention of money, Coraline’s eyes lit up. Her expression shifted so quickly that it was comparable to the speed of light. She was promptly all smiles as she rushed over to me.
  • “Why didn’t you tell me when it’s such wonderful news, Liliana? If Julius hadn’t received the call, you would’ve had such trouble negotiating for a good price with those big bosses.”
  • I was so nauseated at their hypocritical demeanor that bile rose up my throat. Well, I wonder how nasty they’ll be when they learn that I’m not going to sell the copyright.
  • Ignoring her, I fish out my cell phone from my handbag. As soon as the call connected, I stared right at Julius and drawled, “Shannon, I’m not going to sell the copyright, so please turn the company down.”
  • Right when my words fell, Julius sprang out of bed. Coraline reacted swiftly as well, pouncing over to s****h the cell phone in my hand. Hurriedly dodging, I pulled open the ward door to sprint out.
  • But just after I had opened the door, my leg hit something hard. The pain was so great that tears almost escaped my eyes. When I lifted my gaze, the sight of Dominic in his wheelchair greeted me.
  • At that moment, his gaze was terrifyingly chilly.

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