Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 247

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 247
Catherine fetched a basin of hot water. She took off his coat, unbuttoned the collar of his shirt, and wiped his exquisitely handsome face with a towel.

“Sarah…” The man suddenly grabbed her hand, and a low murmur escaped his thin lips.

Catherine froze as if a bucket of cold water was dumped on her.


Who was that? Was it his ex-girlfriend?

A woman’s heart was always sharper than anyone else’s

Catherine pulled her hand away from his grip forcefully. The man’s hand grabbed the air, and he called out to Sarah again.

She turned around and sat on the edge of the bed. Her eyes reddened, and her heart was pricked as if it was being stabbed. It hurt.

The next morning.

Shaun woke up with a hangover. His head hurt, and his stomach felt uncomfortable too.

He looked at the surroundings and realized that it was his bedroom in the villa.

Why did Chase send him back here? He really did not want to face Catherine now.

However, he had drunk too much last night and was feeling very uncomfortable now.

Looking around, he suddenly saw a cup of warm water and two stomach pills sitting by the edge of the nightstand. His dark eyes widened.

Aunty Linda would never be so attentive, and she did not know what medicine he usually took either. Only that woman…

He took the medicine with a distracted heart. He only went downstairs after washing up and when his stomach felt a little better.

Aunty Linda was cleaning when she saw him come down. She smiled. “The madam is making breakfast for you now.”

Shaun went to the dining table. There were plates of steamed buns, light vegetables, apples, and yogurt.

The kitchen sliding door opened, and Catherine came out with a pot of freshly cooked millet porridge. She wore pink loungewear with an apron tied around her waist. Her hair was tied in a ponytail, revealing her clean and pretty little face. It made her look gentle and serene.

“You drank too much last night, so it’s better to eat something light in the morning. Porridge is easy to digest and won’t be a burden on your stomach.”

Catherine said while scooping a bowl of porridge with a ladle, placing it in front of him.

Shaun glanced at the porridge and then at her. The image of her holding Wesley’s neck and kissing him hard suddenly appeared in his mind.

A string in his heart seemed to snap hard.

He got up and dumped the porridge directly into the trash can. He then stared at her with cold eyes. “The things you c**k are dirty.”

Catherine’s face suddenly paled. After a long time, she blinked her eyes that were about to overflow with tears. “Since you think I’m dirty, why don’t I leave?”

He had called out another woman’s name when he slept, anyway.

In fact, maybe he did not love her that much.

Shaun froze when he heard her. His bloodshot eyes suddenly glared into her. “You want to leave? Are you going to Wesley Lyons to stay with him now? Everyone on the internet is telling you two to be together. You’re the most compatible pair in the business world.”

“No.” Catherine had not been able to sleep all night as she felt powerless. “I’m leaving because you don’t want to see me.”

“Even if you disgust me, you need to stay in this house,” Shaun yelled in anger, “As long as I’m around, you can only dream of being with Wesley. Let me tell you, Catherine Jones, since you’ve provoked me, don’t even think of getting away from me intact!”

Then, he left.

Catherine smiled bitterly. How was she still intact? She had already lost her heart.

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