Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 244

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 244
Originally, Catherine did feel slightly suspicious, but after hearing Wesley’s tone, she felt that she was being too pessimistic. Wesley was a gentleman. He would never spread photos like that.

“He’s angry now. You’ll only make it worse if you call him.” Catherine smiled bitterly. “Didn’t you say that you destroyed the camera back then? Why…”

“I did destroy it. I even checked it at that time.” Wesley’s tone showed how distressed he was. “I think the photos were transferred to Rebecca Jones in real-time. I was negligent. I found out that the photos online were spread to a reporter by Rebecca.”

Catherine smiled wryly. She had underestimated Rebecca. These photos were too provocative.

“I’m sorry.” Wesley apologized again. “I’m fine since I’m a man, but it’ll really affect your reputation. If there’s anything I can do for you, just let me know and I’ll try my best to make it up to you.”

“Thank you. I have a call from the company I need to take. Let’s talk later.”

Catherine quickly hung up on Wesley and picked up the call from her assistant, Kacey.

“Chairwoman Jones, come to the company quickly. Rumors about your scandal are buzzing and the company line is getting held up by reporters. You have to deal with this matter as soon as possible.”

“Okay, I’ll come over right away.”

Catherine could not care anymore and quickly changed her clothes before going downstairs.

When she went out, she realized that Elle was not there and no longer followed her around to protect her.

Her heart grew dark. Shaun was the one who had arranged for Elle to protect her. Now that he wanted to leave her, he sent Elle away as well.

After reaching the company, many reporters stood at the entrance. She entered from the parking lot.

When she went upstairs, several executives were already waiting in the office.

“Chairwoman Jones, there are many netizens on the internet scolding you for being very… Very ‘open’…” Freddie Wolfe’s forehead was covered in a cold sweat. He had already used a very euphemistic word. “In short, the situation isn’t good. The company’s stock price has been falling since the market opened, and your reputation as chairwoman of the company can’t get any worse.”

Catherine’s already gloomy face became even more unpleasant. She often read online tabloids and knew very well the malice of netizens toward women in scandals like this.

“Does the PR department have any ideas?”

General Manager Wolfe said, “The department held a meeting early in the morning. We think the best way is to officially announce that you and Wesley Lyons are dating. In fact, Golden Corporation has been developing well over the years. Although Wesley Lyons is a nouveau riche, he’s handsome, has an excellent image, and has great leadership skills. The two of you are about the same age too, and you’re well-matched in social status. You’ll certainly receive blessings from others.”

“Yes, yes.” The manager of the PR department quickly smiled and said, “At that time, we can also promote Hudson. With your image as the chairwoman of the board, you can become the ambassador of the company.”

The executives agreed with this idea.

The more Catherine listened, the more speechless she got. “No, I already have a boyfriend.”

General Manager Wolfe flushed in shame. “Well… But you were photographed with President Lyons. If you deny it, it’ll be bad for your image, and everyone will chastise you for having a chaotic private life. If this matter isn’t handled well, Hudson’s image will be greatly affected.”

“I was drugged at that time. You can explain it directly on the official website.”

Catherine stood up and looked at the executives’ disapproving eyes.

“We’re a real estate company. As long as our properties are built with good quality, we can still find stars with good images to endorse us. If we’re really affected, then it can’t be helped. I can’t hurt my lover because of the company, just like how some of you won’t abandon your wives for the sake of profits. Everyone has their bottom line.”

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