Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 239

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 239
Catherine’s heart thumped when she thought about it.

“I won’t dare to in the future.” She shook her head weakly.

Shaun smiled. “Look at how timid you look. When will you be able to give me a child, hm?”

Catherine’s little face immediately turned red.

She hugged his neck and buried her face in his chest. She was so shy that she could not speak for a long time.

“Forget it. You’ll be my woman sooner or later.”

Shaun’s tone when he hugged her was very bossy.

Catherine found it sweet and felt very blessed.

When the two fell asleep, they did not know that news regarding the charity event that night had spread throughout Melbourne. Everyone knew about it.

At that moment, in the Jones’ residence, Jeffery once again received a call from a partner.

“President Jones, have you seen your daughter’s lowly appearance?

“Hehe, let your daughter stay with me for one night and I’ll work with you on a project.”

“Shut up!” Jeffery’s body shook with anger as he cursed, “Keep your mouth clean.”

“Hehe, how could I be cleaner than your daughter? Who would dare to want trash like that?”

“F*ck off! Don’t call me ever again.”

Jeffery smashed his phone.

He had lived for decades and already spent half his life, but he had never been as humiliated as he was today. Originally, he thought that he would easily obtain Hudson, but it only went further and further away from his hands. Not only that, he even lost the last of his reputation.

He was so angry that he lost his rationality. He grabbed a broom and went upstairs to give Rebecca a beating.

“You b*tch, it’s all your fault! Ever since you came back, we lost Summit and our reputation. I even have to be humiliated at this age. You jinx!”

“No!” Rebecca screamed repeatedly and kept hiding. “Dad, I did it for the Jones family. It was you who asked me to please Young Master Hill.”

“I wanted you to please him with gifts, not to sleep with him.”

Jeffery screamed. The more he said, the angrier he got and the more vicious his hands became.

“Are you crazy? She’s our daughter!” Sally rushed in and pushed him away. Seeing Rebecca’s bruised and battered appearance, she cried out in heartache.

“I’d rather not have a daughter like her!” Jeffery pointed at her and scolded, “I should’ve known that I shouldn’t have brought you back in the first place. If not for you, would I have fallen out with Catherine? If you hadn’t encouraged me, would I have killed my mother with my own hands? If it weren’t for you, even if Catherine had entered Hudson, she would listen to me and let me be the chairman.”

Rebecca turned pale, and her body trembled as she was scolded.

Sally could not listen to him anymore. She hugged Rebecca tightly and yelled, “That’s enough! It’s clearly Catherine who forced us to this point, but you’re still blaming and hitting Rebecca. You only know how to take your anger out on your family.”

“You still have the nerve to say that? The good daughter you brought up yourself has no sense of propriety or shame. What I regret most is that I married you and gave birth to her!”

“Fine, since you regret it, we’ll leave!”

Sally cried and grabbed Rebecca’s hand before walking out.

Before long, the whole villa became empty and eerie.

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