Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 237

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 237
After returning home, Catherine carefully took off the diamond necklace after sitting under the desk lamp and stared at it lovingly. “It’s so beautiful. There’s no flaw at all.”

“I thought you said you didn’t like jewelry.” Shaun walked behind her and teased, “You even said it was just second-hand goods.”

Catherine blushed and stammered, “I… I just think it’s too expensive. It’s three billion dollars. How long would it take to earn that much?”

“Ethan Lowe was willing to give that much for his woman, so why would I care about this amount?” Shaun scoffed condescendingly. “For me, money doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you like it.”

Catherine blinked, instantly understanding that he was trying to compete with Ethan.

However, that did not matter. The more he minded Ethan, the more it showed that he cared about her.

“Shaunny, Ethan really doesn’t have anything to do with me. I also don’t like him anymore. The one I love is you.”

She turned around and hugged his neck, kissing him on the face.

His heart itched. In the past, although he earned a lot of money, the action merely seemed like an instinct. Now, it seemed like he had finally found the meaning of earning money.

His thin lips curled as he gave her an ambiguous look. “Is that all?”

Catherine seemed to know what he was talking about and lowered her head. Her ears had turned red.

Shaun laughed and picked her up. “Didn’t you say you wanted to stare at me?”

“No…” Catherine’s face flushed red in fright. She was the kind of person who said big words, but inside, she was just a pure cowardly lion.

“Were you lying to me just now?” Shaun gently rubbed her chin. His voice was husky as if it was a cello.

Catherine’s heart raced faster, and she grew shyer. She hurriedly pushed him away. “Didn’t you say that you didn’t have enough to eat at dinner? I’ll go c**k dumplings for you.”

She hurriedly made her escape and gave a helpless smile under Shaun’s eyes.

When he came out of the shower, Catherine had cooked a bowl of fragrant dumplings and came up.

He had not eaten supper cooked by her for a long time and immediately took it to savor it. The dumpling filling was also made by her. He did not know how she did it, but the taste was always very special.

Catherine helped him blow-dry his wet hair while watching him eat the dumplings. She pouted and laughed. “My cooking is obviously very delicious, yet you said you didn’t like it when I made it for you the first time. You’re such a hypocrite, but you’re a big softie too.”


Shaun was embarrassed. It was a bit too much for a man to be described as a ‘big softie’.

He pulled her to his lap and showed his displeasure. “Who are you calling a big softie? I dare you to say it again.”

“I’m talking about you. You still refuse to admit… Mmh…”

Before Catherine could finish, the man’s domineering kiss fell on her lips. He kissed her breathlessly, and when he finally let her go, she hammered him on the shoulder. “You’re the big meanie, you…”

This time, she was kissed hard again. His big hands clasped her tightly to prevent her from dodging.

Catherine was both angry and happy at the kiss.

This man was too overbearing and would not let anyone talk about him.

Soon, her vision spun as she was carried to the bed.

Shaun was wearing a bathrobe. His arms pressed on her sides, and strong and handsome lines loomed under his clavicle.

He looked at her and said in a husky voice, “Didn’t you say you wanted to stare at me to wash your eyes? You can do it now.”

Catherine’s face burned hot. She never thought that he would remember it even now.

His figure was really good. He was not overly muscular but s**y and powerful. Furthermore, he had just come out of the shower, so his masculine scent and the fragrance of the shower gel made him smell great.

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