Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 233

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 233
Everyone began to talk about it.

“It’s Ethan from Lowe Corporation. How generous of him.”

“I heard that he’s in a relationship with the young lady from the affluent Steele household.”

“I see. The Steele family is quite popular in Melbourne. Looks like he’ll be aLet me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 232
Several women who were married to wealthy businessmen soon surrounded Catherine and buttered her up.

“Chairwoman Jones, where did you buy this gown? It’s beautiful!”

“The necklace you’re wearing is from Tiffany and it’s the newest design, right?”


“Good evening, everyone.”

All of a sudden, Janet held a glass of red wine and walked over to Catherine with ill intentions. “Ah, Chairwoman Jones, I didn’t expect that you’d have the leisure to participate in the auction. Hang on, I’m not sure if I should still call you Chairwoman Jones now.”

“What do you mean, Miss Campbell?” one of the women, Madam Clark, asked in a huff.

Janet sighed. “Perhaps all of you aren’t aware of what happened. I heard that Chairwoman Jones beat up Willie, who came from Canberra, during Hudson’s anniversary celebration last night.”

“What? Are you referring to that Willie from the Hill family?”

“Yeah, it’s him.” Janet nodded. “My friend told me that Chairwoman Jones caused Young Master Hill’s face to become swollen, and Young Master Hill got mad. That was very impulsive of you, Chairwoman Jones. How could people like us possibly provoke the Hill family? Hopefully, you’re still safe and sound the next time I see you.”

All the women gasped and retreated one by one.

“Hey, my husband is calling me.”

“It’s been a while since we last met, Madam Wolfe.”

Shortly afterward, the bunch of women gave excuses and left the spot promptly.

The incident was no joke. Now that Catherine had offended the Hill family, she was doomed to death. It would be pointless to fawn over her.

Without bothering to clarify the matter, Catherine stared at Janet as if she was mentally disabled. Given that she was on friendly terms with Rebecca, why had Rebecca not told her the truth?

“You must be panicking, right? You probably didn’t expect that you’ll lose the position of chairwoman when you’ve just begun to enjoy it.” Janet smiled complacently and then turned to look at the handsome Shaun. “Mr. Hill, I advise you to stay away from her so that you won’t be dragged into this mess.”

Shaun raised his eyebrows indifferently

Janet assumed that her words had aroused his interest, so she immediately said, “Willie’s great assistant is a relative of mine. If you come and ask me for help, I’ll certainly lend you a hand.”

Somehow, Catherine felt like giggling. Even Willie was terrified of Shaun. Clearly, a poor assistant would mean nothing to him.

“Shaunny, just ignore her. Let’s grab a seat.” She walked forward while holding Shaun’s arm. At that point, she continued to hide the truth from Janet.

Watching them leave, Janet scoffed behind them. She might be complacent at the moment, but what would happen next would leave her crying later.

Once they were seated, Shaun glanced at the woman beside him in a lighthearted manner. “Why didn’t you clarify it just now? Does it have something to do with your claim about there being a good show?”

“You understand me so well, Shaunny.” Catherine grinned.

Shaun noticed that ever since Catherine became the chairwoman, she was more skilled at playing tricks on others. Having said that, it was not a bad thing at all. She had to be meaner and crueler to qualify as his wife in the future.

The auction commenced very shortly after.

In fact, tonight’s auction was a disguised fundraising event. Catherine raised her bid card for two paintings worth several million dollars.

The last item was ‘The Queen’s Necklace’.

It was a glittery necklace with a shiny ruby diamond pendant sitting on top of the black satin. The necklace was exquisitely designed. Even the chain was embellished with tiny diamonds, which resembled an array of stars.

All the women were astonished at the sight of the necklace, and it had also caught Catherine’s eye.

Shaun glanced at Catherine with a deep gaze.

At this moment, the host introduced enthusiastically, “Now is the most spectacular moment. In the past, the former king of Country F found the most brilliant designer to design the necklace, and it took him two years to complete it. This masterpiece contains 383.4 carats of diamonds. Rumor has it that if one gives The Queen’s Necklace to his beloved woman, the two of them will be together forever.”

“This is the necklace that every woman dreams of. The starting bid for this item tonight is 1.6 billion dollars.”

The astronomical price caused an uproar in the hall.

Nevertheless, someone soon shouted, “1.7 billion.”

Curious, Catherine looked in that direction, only to discover that it was Ethan.
ble to turn things around.”

“Exactly. But the current chairwoman of Hudson, Catherine, is his ex-girlfriend.”

“Catherine’s boyfriend isn’t taking action at the moment. I guess he can’t bear to buy this expensive necklace for his girlfriend.”

Absorbed in the spectacle, everyone suddenly shifted their gazes to Catherine.

Little did Catherine expect that she would be involved in the discussion. She quickly held Shaun and said with a low voice, “Don’t bother about what others say. Comments are just like ornaments. Basically, they’re of no use except for drawing admiration from others. They’re like second-hand items which are not worth spending on.”

Shaun gazed at her seriously. He actually noticed her fascination for The Queen’s Necklace through her eyes. He thought that she would ask him to buy it for her, considering that she had found out about his identity. Against all his expectations, her reaction came as a surprise.

It was no wonder that they said a woman would help save a man’s money if she was truly in love with him.

He curved his mouth into a charming smile. He raised his bid paddle and said in a manly, arrogant tone, “2.5 billion.”


Dazed, Catherine felt as if her head was about to explode. “Are you out of your mind? I told you not to bid for it.”

“2.6 billion.” Janet, who was nearby, suddenly raised her bid paddle.

Catherine gripped Shaun’s hand. “Stop raising your paddle. She definitely can’t afford it. She’s just driving up the price on purpose.”

Shaun could not be bothered about her. He used another hand to raise his paddle. “Three billion.”

The hall was in an uproar.

With 2.3 billion dollars being his limit, Ethan glared at Shaun intently. How cruel Shaun was! Ethan clenched his fists with dissatisfaction as not only did he fail to win Shaun’s lover, but he had failed to win the necklace as well.

Tracy, who was beside Ethan, sighed. “Fine, enough of it. A necklace worth three billion is a bit of a stretch.”

“Yeah.” Ethan looked downward, suppressing his pain deep down.

Again, Janet raised her hand. Shaun gave her a strange gaze all of a sudden. “You can raise your hand, but I won’t bid for it anymore. Think carefully whether there’s enough money in your pocket.”

Janet’s arm froze, and she hesitated at once. Indeed, she was just trying to drive up the price.

Stephen swiftly took away her paddle and warned her angrily, “Don’t be f*cking crazy. If you really spend several billion dollars on the necklace, believe me, I’m going to slap you to death.”

Petrified, Janet kept her mouth shut.

Nevertheless, she was indeed jealous at the thought of someone’s readiness to spend several billion dollars on a necklace for Catherine. “Brother, why is Shaun so rich that he can easily spend several billion dollars? Could it be that he’s from the Hill family in Canberra…”

“Shut up. That’s impossible.” Stephen did not buy it at all.

“I’ve never heard of that. Unlike him, we need a large amount of money for the company’s cash flow. I reckon he’s using up his earnings to buy the necklace. Perhaps he’s under the impression that Catherine’s position as the chairwoman of Hudson has been consolidated and that her net worth will be worth several hundred billion. As such, he’s trying to touch and capture her heart with merely several billion dollars. Unfortunately, he fails to realize that Catherine’s going to lose the position in no time.”

It finally dawned on Janet, but she remained annoyed. “Brother, didn’t she offend Willie yesterday? Why hasn’t he taught her a lesson?”

Stephen was stunned. When he recalled not being able to reach Willie’s assistant today, he suddenly had a sinking feeling.

Soon, he felt that he was just overthinking. “I heard Young Master Hill wasn’t feeling well last night, so he probably hasn’t recovered.”

“It’s all Catherine’s doing. She’ll be dead for sure.” Janet gave a smug smile.

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